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Servant Season 4 Episode 8 Tunnels- The End Is Near When Julian And Sean Take Their Shot

Perfectly paced with macabre humor and plenty of action, Servant Season 4 Episode 8 declared it was saving the best for last.

There is no turning back now. Servant Season 4 Episode 8 led us to the abyss and dared us to stare into it. The problem is, it stared back. If all of Season 4 was the beginning of the end, then this is the final conflict. The bell has rung, and Rocky Balboa is yelling for Mick to cut him. Leanne might have won the battle, but the war is just getting started.

It is no longer an anomaly. All of the weird occurrences from the freak storms, sinkholes, and infestations can’t be explained away. The end of the world is upon us. A bizarre powerful storm has rocked Philadelphia, shutting down the airport and threatening roads in and out of town. The reckoning is upon us, and everyone has chosen a side. God is weeping for us, and there is very little that anyone can do to stop the impending disaster. That doesn’t mean Sean and Julian shouldn’t try, though. In one of the funniest, most ineffectual, and strangely heartwarming plans, they came together with jokes, jabs, and collective love for Dorothy. They tried to get rid of Leanne. Unfortunately, they only succeeded in hurting themselves and getting sent out of the house in an ambulance.

When Julian and Sean knock her out and wheel her down the stairs in Dorothy’s wheelchair, they think they have finally got their home back(such that it is). They leave her in the basement with Uncle George and the Church of Lesser Saints. Whether you still aren’t convinced Leanne is the AntiChrist, an angel, or a deranged girl, everyone can agree that she is insane and very dangerous. She has become so unhinged she thinks the world revolves around her, literally. Maybe it does. Perhaps she is a fallen angel that marks the coming of the end days. The four horsemen of the apocalypse that are riding through Philly sure seem like a sign.

Uncle George is unsuccessful in getting Leanne to end her life and complete the purification ritual. He begged her to do it for the Turners if she truly loved them. George pleads with her to understand that she came to them originally out of love, but it was a selfish love. Leanne has always needed to be loved by Dorothy. Even with all that has happened, that is evident in the conversation she has with her in Jericho’s room. Leanne is thrilled when Dorothy says Leanne reminds her of herself. It’s short-lived, though, when Dorothy explains her tenacity isn’t always a positive trait. The power dynamic that has always been apparent is obvious when Dorothy demands she clean up the rain from the floor, and Leanne instantly does as she wishes. Like an obedient child, Leanne loves her and wants to please her.

Uncle George might have gotten through to Leanne if he hadn’t called her wicked. But, instead, her lifetime of abuse came rushing back at that moment, and she snapped. The petulant child reared her head, and she rebelled. In a fiery blaze of glowing knives and burnt skin, Leanne killed George and hunted down the other church members. It is a very effective scene that embraces its horror roots. Tense and perfectly edited between Leanne in the basement and Dorothy crawling upstairs, it highlights each woman’s strengths and weaknesses.

There are so many callbacks to classic horror this week. Everything from odd crib angles reminding of Rosemary’s Baby, Poltergeist thunder counting, and tense determined scenes of Doroothy crawling through the house reminiscent of Wait Until Dark wound their way into Servant Season 4 Episode 8. Even a Stephen King reference made its way in. In King’s The Storm Of The Century, something evil brought the storm, but in the world of Servant, it appears God has. We also got an extended look at the basement. It is a nightmarish conglomeration of Esher staircases and catacombs-esque stone halls. It’s a terrifying place befitting of the horror that takes place there in Servant Season 4 Episode 8.

Leanne tells Sean he isn’t coming back into the house, and she means it. Both men will have to stay at the hospital for at least a few days. Leanne doesn’t need more than a few minutes to destroy everything they love the most. As many have predicted, Dorothy will have to be the one to take care of business. These two have circled one another from the beginning. It was inevitable. I can’t help but hope that somehow, some way, Sean and Julian get back into the house if only to cheer Dorothy on.

And then there were two. Servant Season 4 Episode 8 ends with Dorothy and Leanne on the stairs preparing to face off. The boys are gone, and Dorothy is on her own. Dorothy is the only one who can get through to Leanne now. She will have to save herself. As powerful as Leanne seems to be, my money is on Dorothy. Never make a redhead mad, or you will have hell to pay. Find all our Servant coverage here.

Stray Straw:

  • We now know what was behind the door in the basement that Roscoe was so scared of. Of course, it’s a scary place on its own, but knowing that the cult probably grabbed him down there and forced him to watch and participate in a ritual behind that door would be enough to freak out anyone.
  • Conversion Disorder or Functional Neurologic Systems Disorder(FND) is real. It can cause numbness in addition to blindness, mutism, or lack of hearing. It is almost always preceded by psychiatric conflict or trauma. It is sometimes called hysterical blindness, depending on how it affects the person. Julian wants to believe that everything that happened has a rational explanation, but after tonight he is going to have a hard time doing so. Maybe they are all suffering from grief and guilt so intense it manifested as FND, among other things, but after everything we have seen; it is just as likely that Leanne is a fallen angel striking down everyone who gets in her way.
  • Leanne tells her park cult to go out into the world and be her voice. She is positioning herself as a Jesus-like figure preaching her gospel.