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Silo Episode 6 The Relic Explained- The Man Who Knows Everything, Pez Dispensers, And Billings’ Secret

Silo Episode 6 is a walk down memory lane for Juliette. Like in life, sometimes those memories are comforting and kind, and others are painful and challenging. Everything Juliette thought she knew about George might have been wrong. Was he the man she loved and thought loved her, or was he a manipulative man obsessed with the past? As the episode unfolds, we see the subtle shift from crusading girlfriend to champion of the truth. The only problem is, in the Silo, truth is a commodity that is bought and traded by power players only.

Juliette is baiting a trap. She needs to follow the information and the relic to better understand what happened to George and the big questions he was asking. She planted the Pez dispenser she found in George’s lair in Trumbull’s apartment for Billings to find. We know he killed George, Marnes, and Jahns, but we don’t know who gave the order. Judge Meadows and Judicial, Bernard, or Robert Sims acting in some covert capacity are all possibilities. Those who read the books know Bernard did it, but in the Wool series, Sims was not nearly as fleshed out as he is in Apple TV +’s series, leaving room for him to be much more than a henchman and errand boy.

Silo Episode 6
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Newly minted Deputy Billings may be more than we first thought. He has a strength and depth that we didn’t see at first. He isn’t a simple yes man who was put in place to spy and deceive. Instead, he is an honorable man hiding a devastating secret. Billings may know the Pact better than anyone, but as we learn in Silo Episode 6, he isn’t above breaking it when necessary. Although he pushes Juliette to request an investigation into the Pez dispenser, he doesn’t betray her.

He has doubts about how the relic got into Trumbull’s room, but he is keeping her secret if she keeps his. There is an uneasy alliance forming here that could be as strong as any partnership in the Silo if they learn to trust one another. Billings’ disease makes him vulnerable. Juliette’s lack of political savvy makes her vulnerable as well. They could help shore up each other’s weaknesses. He is motivated by a child to protect.

One of the more exciting things from the meeting with Judge Meadows wasn’t made important until later when Billings’ disease was discovered. Judge Meadows complained she wasn’t feeling well. Does she have a simple cold, or does she also suffer from the syndrome, and what does that mean for others with it? The DNA strand that is shown in the opening credits is essential. The Silo exists for a specific purpose that we along with Juliette, are just beginning to discover. Illnesses are literally the kiss of death in this place, and as the series progresses, they will become even more crucial to manage or hide. There are reasons everyone is watched, and only a selected few have babies. Genetic perfection is necessary for Silo survival.

We see George and Juliette’s relationship through a set of tender flashbacks. It was lovely and sweet. Juliette is the practical, pragmatic mind, and George is the dreamer. They were an easy pair that made us ache along with her for what could have been. However, All of that changed when she and Billings visited an old acquaintance of George’s who turned out to be an ex-girlfriend. She paints a much darker picture which causes Juliette to question everything she thought she knew about George and her purpose as Sheriff.

Taciturn but reliable Patrick Kennedy pointed Juliette and Billings to Regina Jackson. Unfortunately, Regina paints a very different picture of George. She claims he used her for relics, and when she had none left to give, he moved on to Juliette. That information is especially troubling because what she felt for George was real to her. He gave her hope when she had none. He gave her humor and happiness long after she thought she would never feel content again.

Who is the Man Who Knows Everything in Silo Episode 6?

Regina claims a man came to her at night and threatened her. She calls him the Man Who Knows Everything. Bernard and Sims seem to know more than anyone, but it is strange for her not to know their names. Although Regina told this man about Geroge, she kept his most prized possession hidden. It is a family book passed down from before the Silo existed and contained pictures of State Parks. Regina may have kept that hidden from the sinister man until now, but Juliette’s apartment is recorded, and almost certainly, Bernard is about to learn what George was hiding.

Is he the Man Who Knows Everything, or is there another more powerful person out there who knows everything about the Silo and why it works the way it does? The Wool series has several power players, including those who pull strings behind the scenes. However, since Hugh Howey has said the series is true to the books with some tweaks, we can assume the secrets of the Silo follow closely with the novels.

Regina makes her question everything about her relationship with George, which is devastating. She lost George, but he wasn’t ever a real partner. His death makes room for a partnership with Billings and a romance with Lukas, who is more connected than she knows. He is interested, but we will have to see if he is interested in her romantically or for what she knows. The novel gives him a satisfying character arc I would love to see play out.

Sims has secrets. He is the keeper of the relics. We now know what lies behind Janitorial’s door. Every forbidden relic is stored and cataloged in his office. It is locked away from everyone else. He told Juliette the relic wasn’t one of his, but he has records on it and knows it came from George. When he and Bernard confront her about it, she quickly points out Billings’ found it, and Bernard backs off. By the end of Silo Episode 6, it is apparent that he is baiting his own trap, and Juliette falls right into it.

What is the truth, and what is a lie? If they have been lied to, why? How long do they have left to figure it out? What was on that hard drive, and where is it now? These are the questions that consumed George and ironically will now consume Juliette. Knowing Regina wasn’t paranoid changes everything. Everyone in the Silo is being watched all the time? Juliette will need every ounce of wisdom Walker can give her to stay alive. Love had her wanting to do the right thing, and anger had her thinking the opposite. Before the series is over, she will likely be controlled by both emotions. There are only four episodes left, and if the series ends with a likely cliffhanger involving another cleaning, we will see just how resourceful Juliette is. Find all of our Silo coverage here.