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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 10 Into The White- Everything You Need To Know About The Finale And Melanie In Season 3

The ending is a new beginning for Snowpiercer, who is now 10 cars long. Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 10 opens a world of possibilities for Season 3.

Wilford has a PR problem. It’s actually the same problem he always has. When you are a total monster, your facade is bound to slip. You can’t maintain control based on fear and lies. Eventually, people learn the truth and fight back. In Snowpiercer Season 2, Episode 10, the resisters fought back hard. Some paid the ultimate price when the dust settled, and others were left out on the cold. Here’s everything you need to know about the action-packed finale that changed everything. Look out, Wilford, Layton’s coming, and Hell’s coming with him.

Layton and Ruth managed to escape from the compost car and made their way to both engine rooms. They rallied their troops and staged a coup. Javi managed to switch the track, and the train headed back to Melanie’s location. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold Big Alice’s engine, though, and Wilford sped the train back up, forcing a new plan. While Wilford ordered Josie outside to remove Ben from the other engine, Alex came up with a plan to disengage the trains at the aquarium car. That would allow them to go back for Melanie and hopefully return to the larger train and take it from Wilford. Not everything went to plan, but enough did to consider it a success.

Who is on which train?

After Boscovic was attacked and stopped from decoupling the J-Link, Josie destroyed the aquarium car from the outside. She forced a decoupling by wrecking the car. The smaller ten-car train with Snowpiercer as the engine has Alex, Layton, Bes, Ben, Miss Audrey, presumably Sykes, and Josie, who boarded once they separated. On the larger train powered by Big Alice’s engine is Wilford, Ruth, Kevin, Zara, LJ, the Headwoods, Osweiller, and everyone else. There are integral people from both camps on separate trains. Javi gave his life for the cause. Wilford ordered his dog to stop, but he was being carried away the last time we saw him. I’m assuming he is dead, but anything is possible with the Headwoods. It does raise serious questions, though. Alex and Ben are on the smaller train, so who will run Big Alice. Wilford doesn’t like work and can’t do everything by himself.

Ruth and Zara are on Wilfords’s train. Zara is a prized possession carrying a baby. That allows her certain privileges that Ruth will not have. As excellent it was to see Ruth embrace her inner warrior, I am worried for her. She is resilient, but Wilford is angry. Her attack on Kevin will not be punished probably, but her slicing her way through the engine room will. Wilford may make Ruth a plaything for Kevin to abuse. The sad Hospitality toy of Wilford’s is a sadistic lunatic. Wilford made him that way. He hates Ruth for everything she represents. She is loyal to Wilford’s enemy, and she is a strong, competent person. Kevin is just a simp.

Josie is a hero.

Wilford made a major miscalculation thinking Josie would betray her group for her own life. He has no idea what she endured in the Tail and what they sacrificed to save each other. She is loyal to her group, even with her own life on the line. She was instructed to breach the engine room, but instead, she and Ben devised a plan to decouple the trains one way or another. Thanks to the Headwoods experiments, she is a powerful weapon Layton can use. Will Wilford choose another to experiment on among those left on his train? With Snowpiercer running so hot and Josie’s altered anatomy, will that be a problem in Season 3?

Is Melanie dead at the end of Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 10?

Melanie appears to be gone. Layton and Alex didn’t find her body, but they did find a journal which seems to indicate she froze, keeping the data drives warm. TNT has been very protective about information regarding Season 3, so we don’t know who is returning beyond those we actually see in the finale and the leaked addition of Archie Panjabi, who will play Asha. There is no word on who Asha is and which camp she identifies with, but Panjabi has a long history of playing tough as nails pragmatists. For Melanie, Snowpierecer was always about hope for the future. That hope now resides with Alex and the small contingent of rebellious democrats who want to liberate the train from Wilford’s tyrannical rule. We may see Melanie yet. Anything is possible.

When does Snowpiercer Season 3 premier and what will happen?

There has been no official word yet, but production schedules call for a winter 2022 release. This would put Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 1 debuting in January next year. However, it was officially renewed for a third season, so rest assured there will be more coming. Everything at this point is speculation, but some assumptions can be made. The two trains will race after each other, and Wilford will continue to taunt both the lower classes on his own train and those still on Snowpiercer.

A look at the graphic novel that is the basis for both the movie and the series could provide inspiration. Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette expands on the themes of classism, industrialism, and environmental hubris. In some of the future novels of the series, the residents of the train can now explore the outside, which opens up a literal world of possibilities. In the final novel, Terminus, there is plenty of storylines to explore, including the Headwood’s human experimentation and an outside contingent of humans who might be worse than Wilford. Considering Snowpiercer did detect a signal coming from Chicago, this is a distinct possibility.

What a difference a season makes. Snowpiercer Season 1, although good, wasn’t quite the heart thumper Season 2 was. There were so many highs and low it truly felt like a thrill ride I never wanted to get off of. Find all our Snowpiercer coverage here while we wait to board the train again.