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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 Our Answer For Everything Review- Miss Audrey Is Terrifying, Bess Confronts The Spy, And Ruth Faces Her Past

In an explosive Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7, no one has answers for any of Wilford’s ploys, and Layton is losing control of the train.

Violence and death shouldn’t be the answer to anything, but as Bess Till finds out, it is our answer to everything. Humans are violent. We can’t seem to help ourselves. Even when we are happy, we look for trouble. When we are scared, we are dangerous. After the mass execution of the Breachman, Snowpiercer is reeling. Wilford is trying and succeeding in starting a civil war. Chaos is good for Wilford, and the train is ripe for a coup. Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 sets the stage for the beginning of the end.

Tensions are running high on Snowpiercer. Hope is a fragile thing. All it takes is one opportunity to be destroyed by fear and anger. Wilford provided both when he orchestrated the Breachmen’s execution. His influence runs deep within the train. Those who have always been privileged don’t want to sacrifice, and those who had just a little can’t afford to give up anything. That leaves only the Tailies behind Layton, who are free for now. Order is appealing, even if that order comes at a steep price. It looks like more of the train than Layton would like wants the order Wilford promises back.

An interesting side character is explored this week. She is a self-made curator of sorts. This older woman was a neighbor when he was just a boy. She has built a museum for this man that speaks of the lies most believe. It contains all things Wilford’s history, and it is a fascinating look behind this megalomaniac’s mythos. The extended look inside her space is educational and fascinating.

Visually, Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 was stunning. Between the addition of the new spaces and the engrossing look at graffiti throughout the train, it feels real. Additionally, the final scene of the train looping on the track as it glows red for Wilford is both gorgeous and terrifying. The sheer size of the train is often forgotten within the context of the small story. It’s nice to remember there are hundreds of stories left to tell.

As predicted, Pastor Logan is a cancer on the train who has been spreading Wilford’s word. He has quietly propagated his message. Instead of being a man of peace, he preaches Wilford’s order. He has been the one behind the attacks, and he has been feeding Wilford information. When Bess confronted him, he tried to kill himself while she was being attacked. She managed to save him, but he is in bad shape. What information, if any, will he tell Bess and Layton? Will any of it help, or is it too late?

Ruth continues to grow as a person. She has to face the consequences of her actions from Season 1. When Ruth de-armed her mother in Season 1 it terrified Winnie. Just because Ruth is on their side now doesn’t mean Winnie forgot. Alison Wright has delicately navigated Ruth’s progression from an automaton to a hero. Her voice saves Pike and Layton, and it is her strength that Layton will need to rely on.

The women of Snowpiercer are quickly becoming powerhouses. While Layton and Wilford square off, Ruth Bess, Audrey, and Melanie are taking charge. It may be quieter, but maybe that’s better. Wilford doesn’t respect anyone. He would be wise to heed their power. He should be wary that his appeal might not be as strong as he thought. Interestingly, in a series that is so obviously male-centric, the emerging forces are all women. It brings a fresh viewpoint to a tired perspective without feeling false. We see how these characters have developed instead of being spoon-fed their change.

Lena Hall(Miss Audrey) transitions from a haunted woman to a chilling manipulator in Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7. There is more to her story than just a sick obsession with Wilford. It appears she was a willing participant in his abuse in the years before the freeze. He controls her, but she revels in controlling others on his behalf. Her behavior is reminiscent of Charlie Manson’s girls. They did terrible things for him, and Miss Audrey seems to enjoy doing horrible things for Wilford. Is it all an act, or has she gone back into the darkness?

Wilford uses pain and pleasure to control his victims. Surprisingly Kevin isn’t dead, just broken from his experience in the tub. He demands Audrey “fix” Kevin as proof that she isn’t a spy. Tom Lipinski(Kevin) and Lena Hall(Audrey) sizzle in a psychosexual scene that speaks volumes about who and what Wilford is. By the time she conditions Kevin, it is hard to tell who is in control. She is one scary person who could be a weapon for whoever she is loyal to. Is she enjoying this too much, or is it a well-played act?

Wilford demands ironclad control from his disciples. Layton only demands respect for human life. Wilford thought nothing about asking Kevin to commit suicide because he doesn’t value anyone’s life beyond his own. Those that adore him are playthings to Wilford. To Layton, Snowpiercer represents hope. Hope for justice. Hope for a better future. To Wilford, it only means expanding his control. One thousand thirty-four cars of playthings for him to toy with. Kevin wasn’t the first person he broke. It appears Miss Audrey learned her therapy skills by being involved in his sick games. I sure hope she hasn’t completely succumbed to his dark charm.

Love is important. The love of family, both born and chosen, can be one of the most powerful and positive influences in a person’s life. Unfortunately, that loyalty can be warped, tainted by pain, abuse, and fear. Wilford trades in fear-based devotion. Snowpiercer was vulnerable directly following Layton’s revolution. Wilford had the benefit of good timing and inside information. His acolytes are willing to do anything to turn the entire train red. Layton won’t be able to hold onto the train much longer. Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 7 was just the beginning. There’s a monster knocking on the door and bringing Icy Bob with him. Follow all our Snowpiercer coverage here.