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Stay Out Of The Attic Review- Fear Salts The Meat In Shudders Ultra-Gory Film

The next weekly release from Shudder is Stay Out Of The Attic, an ultra gory, blood-soaked night in a house of horrors.

As part of Shudder’s commitment to keeping horror fans busy, Stay Out Of The Attic drops Thursday. If you like your horror films wild and not overly “think,” you won’t find a more enjoyable one. It’s the kind of easy horror movie that requires a great deal of cringing, yelling at the screen, and laughing. This film presents as a B movie with a tired premise but loads of potential. Luckily it delivers on that potential while not destroying the appeal of an indulgent B movie.

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A trio of ex-cons turned movers have taken a job at a creepy house. The house is owned by an odd older man who offers a considerable pay increase if they agree to pack overnight. The only catch is they are to avoid the basement and the attic at all costs. Despite the weirdness of the homeowner’s behavior and appearance of the old dwelling, they agree to his terms because they need the money. As they uncover more of the old Victorian mansion, they reveal horrible human experiments, Nazi propaganda, booby traps, and worse. Who will get out alive and how will they be changed?

There is a lot to like about this film. The meticulous set design is layered and creepy. It is reminiscent of the fantastic set work of Preacher’s Angelville farmhouse. The gore is explosive, wet, and hard to watch. The hinges come off relatively early, but the first act makes you pay. An especially nasty eyeball gag extends the fear for nearly twenty minutes. This pacing keeps the viewer on edge and paying attention once the action starts. The ending is oddly satisfying and leaves room for future films. Director Jerren Lauder has a knack for dragging out the good bits while not annoying the viewer for making them wait.

Stay Out Of The Attic isn’t perfect, but what the first third lacks it makes up for in the final act, which is pure high octane tension. The final scene, in particular, is not only really cool to look at but oddly satisfying. It is rare that the payoff exceeds your mid-movie expectations. This movie is the exception.

What Cactus Jack did for the hate mongers who broadcast filth from their momma’s basement. Stay Out Of The Attic does for nazis. It isn’t nearly as hard-hitting as Cactus Jack, but it is gloriously amusing. There is virtually no gore in Cactus Jack, but there is a gratuitous amount in Shudder’s latest premiering on March 11th, 2020. For lovers of the disgusting, ooey-gooey gore of things like Castle Freak, you won’t be disappointed. While the storyline is straightforward and there are no big twists you don’t see coming, this film is still a ton of fun. In the future, if someone tells you to stay out of the attic, STAY OUT OF THE F**KING ATTIC!

Watch the trailer here and be prepared to be grossed out. Stay Out Of The Attic premiers March 11th on Shudder.