SurrealEstate Episode 9

SurrealEstate Episode 9 White Wedding Review- What Does It Mean For Luke And August?

SurrealEstate Episode 9 asks when weddings are on the line and ghosts in the air, who ya gonna call?

SurrealEstate Episode 9 brought wedding bells and jilted lovers to the storyline. The high stakes penultimate episode brought the heat, while not losing space for each character’s ongoing growth. That is what the Syfy series does so well. It deftly nvigates the needs of the individual with the needs of the entire series. It is a tricky balance to achieve but one SurrealEstate does so well.

After the events of last week, the agency is bouncing back. Rita has six homes she needs help with. It’s an embarrassment of riches for the beleaguered agency that is struggling to maintain their place in the market after the unforntnaute news from two episodes ago. Rita is a greedy monster, but she does have business for them and it gives everyone a chance to earn some money. In no time the group was able to “clean” the houses and sell them to grateful buyers.

Susan’s childhood best friend, Priya is getting married to Leon. The two are deeply in love,, but something is attacking Priya. She has more than an average amount of accidents,, and when her shower cake drips blood and her corsette literally attacks her, it’s time for the team to come together. Of course, it also means Susan will get a hefty commission when she later sells the house. With weddings on the line and ghosts in the air, who are you gonna call? SurrealEstate, of course. The often ghoulish real estate market is the perfect setting for Susan and the rest of the Roman Agency to do what they do best.

In between bouts of corsette attacks and scary accidents, Susan and the others need to solve the mystery in SurrealEstate Episode 9. Who is attacking Priya and why? Priya’s father is dead and was a spiritual person who the family still has a shrine to his Hindu religion. He is a red herring though as the ghost who is after Priya is tied to Leon, not her. When Leon’s grandmother Ruby shows she has power similar to Luke, the group realizes there is something else at play. Thanks to Father Phil’s well timed research they learn Johanna was a jilted lover and practiser of the dark arts. She has cursed all of Leon’s family. The first love of the men will always die. That means Priya is doomed unless the group can find away around it. This time Father Phil’s religious training allowed them to impromptu marry the couple thus circumventing the curse.

With the curse broken it should have been the end of all things spooky for the Roman Agency, but things are rarely simple in the world of SurrealEstate. Augie who had gone to Megan’s house to do research and take pictures before the house goes on the market finds himself in trouble. Whether he was endangered by Megan’s outburst or the malignant nature of the house we may never know but the end result is the same. He is in danger. When his worrisome texts are received by Luke he runs straight there only to be thrown violently across the yard. Where things go from here we will have to wait until next week to find out. Just because Megan is out of the house, doesn’t mean the house is done with Luke and Company.

One of the best things about Surreal Estate is the unexpected characters and surprisingly profound dialogue. This group has a way of speaking to one another that is whip-smart, humorous, and utterly unique to the series. Quick talking characters who rattle off facts and sardonic wit are the norm anymore. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer made the quick cadence and quippy banter an artform. Many shows have tried to duplicate it. Some with more success than others, but SurrealEstate excels at it. Perfect pacing both in the narrative complexities, and the speech patterns of our group define who they are together and apart from one another.

That was never more obvious than Augie’s conversation with Megan in SurrealEstate Episode 9. His vocal complexities are very different than the others and could be grating because of their oddness. However, However, Maurice Dean Wint infuses the character with just enough humanity that the gravity of his words never feels forced they are wise and impactful. He is a wholly organic person who has a rich life despite his differences. Augie isn’t just the tech wizard of the team. He is a lived-in person with history, backstory, and talents beyond his intelligence. He was tasked with taking pictures of the family at the wedding family dinner to capture who or what was being haunted. Sure his pictures may have helped the group know where to look but that is not the biggest thing he brings to the table.

The hyper-intelligent man hides a wealth of life truth behind his brain. He brings a philosophical kindness to the how that should be explored further assuming he surrives the next episode. His words to Megan, “The sweetest rewards, only sing to us on the other side of hardship.” are both beutifuul and insightful. They are also wholly his as he explains he thought of it while feeding his cat. There is nothing more Augie than that. Surprising moments of such poignant clarity are a dialogue lover’s dream. ‘

The SurrealEstate Season 9 sets up a cliffhanger that leaves two members of the group in danger. Augie is somewhere,, having been sucked in by the house. His final words that the house is a way in not out is intriguing as well as the massive reaction to Luke raise all kinds of questions. Not only that, but Phil has some news about Luke’s family tree that I’m sure will change everything. Is it possible the family ghosts that have haunted him, aren’t blood related? Could he somehow be related to Susan? There are so many possibilities left to explore, let’s hope at least a few get answered before the season ends. Find all our SurrealEstate coverage here and until then. Remeber Susan has a theory. I’m guessing it has nothing to do with bunnies.