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The Ark Episode 6 Two By Two Review And Recap- The Crew Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of No Secrets

After last week’s stunning surprises, the Ark I is a ticking timebomb. If Sharon being a clone wasn’t interesting enough, the addition of William Trust doing his best Peter Weyland should be enough to keep viewers sticking around. Mad geniuses always make for good storylines, and Trust is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable. He’s a hot head with a history of explosive, troubling behavior, and now he is on board a ship with a small crew of very young and stressed-out people. That won’t be a problem at all. The coming conflict is going to be epic to watch. Syfy’s space drama isn’t resting on its laurels, and The Ark Episode 6 proved it isn’t even close to being done with us.

The Ark Episode 6
THE ARK — “Two by Two” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Tiana Upcheva as Eva Markovic, Richard Fleeshman as Lt. James Brice — (Photo by: Aleksandar Letic/Ark TV Holdings, Inc./SYFY)

The Ark Episode 6 opens with a relatively quiet ship. Ever practical, Felix is worried about that, but the most significant concerns are a lack of fuel and Dr. Kabir’s increasingly erratic behavior. We don’t have to wait long for her pill use to come out. Felix is an intriguing character with his stoic face and rich voice. He is a duck on a pond. So much is going on below the surface of his calm face. His medical experience is helpful, and Dr. Kabir needs a friend badly. He initially agrees to keep her secret, but by the end, Dr. Kabir tells Garnet herself. Honesty is the only way through. It’s too bad the rest of the crew doesn’t feel the same way.

The fuel problem is another matter. Before anyone can panic, though, Alicia says that Uranium is plentiful in the universe, and they should be able to locate some quickly. While spirits are still high, Angus keeps the positivity going with a feast or at least a small plate of fresh veggies. Ryan Adams(Angus) is the most likable of all the characters. His Angus is always so eager, and with his loopy smile and sweet puppy dog eyes, there is a lot to like.

After a much-needed meal, Lt. Brice heads off to search for Uranium, but he collapses before he even gets down the hall. This is the medical secret he has been keeping from everyone. He shouldn’t fly anymore because he is sick. As The Ark Episode 6 plays out, we learn his disease is terminal. Eva knows his secret and is keeping it for now, but their chemistry is strong, and I predict his condition will be a source of the season’s most emotional beats. Tiana Upcheva(Eve) and Richard Fleeshman(Lt. Brice) are electric together, and the Scot we love to watch plays well off her more thoughtful approach.

When the two of them have to take a shuttle together to investigate a potential source of Uranium that also has the mysterious substance that melted part of their ship and Brice’s glove, their flirty banter gives way to an inner peak at what makes Brice tick. He doesn’t have a death wish so much as he wants his life to matter. He may have weeks, months, or even years to live, but he wants to make his time count. Their time wasn’t wasted on this adventure because instead of finding a planet full of resources, they find a ship hiding behind the dwarf planet. We don’t know if they are friends or foes, but likely we won’t have to wait long.

As predicted, Sharon Garnet’s Tardigrade DNA is a treasure trove of opportunity. It allows her to go places and do things the others can’t. When one of their solar sails fails, and the ship starts drifting dangerously close to a star, she does the spacewalk and endures the radiation. This is the entire reason Dr. Hall designed her. Her purpose on the ship was this. Lane knows she is a clone, and their relationship is better for this bit of honesty, even if he is keeping a whopper from her.

Lt. Lane isn’t a bad guy. He’s a worrisome one. He has a strong desire to make his dead father proud and a nasty stubborn streak. He is also intensely ambitious. I worry about Kat’s influence on him. She is a manipulative opportunist and encourages Lane to keep quiet about Trust’s presence on the ship. Is she doing it because information is power and gives her leverage, or is she truly worried about Trust’s safety?

The closet-sized DNA ark next to Trust and his wife is even more interesting. Why was that hidden? I’m also curious why he was on Ark I when he wasn’t supposed to be included until Ark 5. What went wrong to speed up his departure? He will be woken up at some point and must address the faster-than-lightspeed engine issue. I can’t wait for him to see what has happened to his ship run by a bunch of kids. The volatile genius should be fun to watch as he wreaks havoc with the careful hard-earned equilibrium on board.

Despite everyone’s promise that there will be no secrets, there are now more than ever. Secrets aren’t good for anyone but the viewers. For us, they are dramatic gold that will become more valuable over time. These secrets will erode trust and allow for failure each day that passes. We don’t know who is on the other ship or who else might be out there. This crew needs to put everything on the table or risk being torn apart.

The formula has been set. The Ark Episode 6 does an excellent job of establishing the immediate crisis and furthering the ongoing issues of Trust and the mysterious compound. Both are fascinating storylines that could be mined for seasons of content. The Ark is reminiscent of Dean Devlin’s other SYFY shows, and that means we are headed for alien involvement, both positive and negative. Additionally, get your tissues handy because there will be an extremely emotional episode before the season is over. For now, I’m content listening to Brice be offended on behalf of all Scots that he passed out from too much alcohol. Find all our The Ark coverage here.