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The Boys Season 2 Episodes 1,2, And 3-The Music, The One-Liners, Fresca, And Why Stormfront Is Most Dangerous

Amazon’s dropped the first three episodes of The Boys Season 2 today, and it is everything we have been missing about the worst superheroes ever, and the most unlikely foul-mouthed vigilante’s that stand against them. Between the pop culture references and endless Easter eggs like the beleaguered grapefruit-flavored pop reference Fresca, there is a ton to unpack. We only got a taste today with the first three episodes and will have to wait a whole week for the next one with an additional episode each week until all eight have been delivered to our hungry eyes. If you’re curious if Season 2 can finish as strong as it starts, read our full review here. Spoiler alert….it does!

Why do we love The Boys? We love them because they are the perfectly flawed versions of ourselves. They are precisely what it would look like if supercharged humans were treated like Gods until they actually believed it, and ordinary people took justice into their own hands. It would be a mess, but what a glorious, raucous, hysterical mess. Here are all the best lines, all the music, and why Stormfront might be worse than Homelander.

All The Music In The Boys Season 2 Episodes 1, 2, 3

One of the things The Boys does so well is combine the most unlikely of things like incomprehensible mixed tapes where Billy Joel, Goo Goo Dolls, The Rolling Stones, and the Talking Heads can raise their collective voices in bizarre but heartfelt harmony. It’s utter chaos most of the time, but it’s so well designed every odd bit fits.

The Boys Season 2 Episode 1 started with a bang. The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For The Devil sets the tone for the season to come. Old villains, new heroes, and welcome faces greet us. Some will become sympathetic, and others will stay the same old dick they have always been. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Next up, Starlight(Erin Moriarty) herself sings her original Never Truly Vanish, spotlights what Vaught is about. Vought and the Seven are capitalism at it’s worst. Amazing Grace gets the bagpipe treatment, and Medicine’s Double Audition can be heard in the background of the gang’s hideout. The real cherry on top is Billy Joel’s Pressure from 1982. It both serves as a series theme song and episode end. It won’t be the last time we hear a Billy Joel song. Someone is a fan.

Episode 2 gave us Don McLean’s sublime 1971 classic American Pie, right before Guizmo’s Inde-structible. It’s a jarring combination. Somehow it works, though. That is the method behind the madness of Eric Kripke’s vision. God love Hughie, but the guy is drowning in emo-tears. The Goo Goo Doll’s 1998 hit Iris from Nic Cage’s City Of Angels is designed to for maximum cryage. He needs to pick better choices for his mental health. Bringing the mood up is Hatin Toney’s driving Day One. If that wasn’t enough, The Deep and Patton Oswald serenaded themselves with their lovely rendition of Joe Crocker’s You Are So Beautiful. Kimiko got the perfect theme song in the Talking Head’s Psycho Killer. There is not a better capper for The Boys Season 2 Episode 2.

Episode 3 brought us the 1985 cheese-fest that was Billy Joel’s Your Only Human, otherwise known as Second Wind. We got a second of it in Episode 2, but Episode 3 gave us the video to go with it. It was Billy Joel’s answer to the teen suicide epidemic. Instead of 13 Reasons Why, we had a trenchcoat-wearing alcoholic singing about not jumping off a bridge. Just keep it together because soon you will get your second wind. What can I say? The 80s weren’t exactly known for their subtlety.

The Best One Liners

It’s a tie this week for the best line of the week. The always pithy Billy The Butcher has some competition with social media savvy Stormfront. This chic has an agenda, and it isn’t about being anybody’s pimped out pin-up supe. After she and most of the Seven are presented a big-budget storyboard for the latest Avengers-style movie Dawn Of The Seven, she unleashes a sugar lipped torrent of truth on the toxic filmmaker.

She says, “You write all women like unknowable Hitchkock bitches or Michael Bay f@#kdolls.” This is so true. Hitchcock women are beautiful, usually icy blondes who are almost always someone other then they present themselves to be. In comparison, Michael Bay’s leading ladies are basically Megan Fox. No offense to Megan, but her picture is in the dictionary next to f@#kdoll. In all fairness, Stormfront is a walking, talking-point, and fount of quippy retorts. “Chicks and dick are in it together” could easily be a top-three line.

You write all women like unknowable Hitchcock bitches or Michael Bay f@#kdolls.

Stormfront, The Boys Episode 3 Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men

She also tells Starlight, “If someone sticks a dick in your mouth, bite it off. Pippy Longstocking would bite a d. That’s for damn sure.” Truer words were never spoken. Preach sister!

“If someone sticks a dick in your mouth, bite it off. Pippy Longstocking would bite a d. That’s for damn sure

Stormfront The Boys Season 2 Episode 2 Proper Preparation And Planning

Billy The Butcher is good for the next delicious line of the first three episodes. He never fails to bring the verbal heat, and Episode 3 was no exception. The walking brute does have a way with words. As much as I love hearing him call everyone c@#ts all day, I prefer his more lengthy retorts. Political Correctness is not his thing, as he demonstrates when he asks Hughie, “How long are we going to be sulking around like some punk scene, eyeliner wearing twink”? It’s by far and away not the most delicate of comebacks, but just like the coarse man himself, there is an undeniable flavor to his speech. When he accuses his gang of having “a raging case of vagina,” I want to be mad, but he can’t help himself. Plus, he should be so lucky.

How long we going to be sulking around like some punk scene, eyeliner wearing twat?

Billy The Butcher Episode 3 Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men

Stormfront Might Be Worse Than Homelander

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Our righteous feminist may be all about the lady power, but she is also a lying, scheming, manipulative racist. Stormfront is also, unfortunately, brilliant when it comes to branding herself and creating a buzz. In the week’s to come, we get her backstory and see her true colors. If you thought Homelander was bad, Stormfront could be worse. At least the devil we know is a sociopath. Stormfront is a poser who uses her pulpit to betray others, all while pretending to care about the people she is destroying. She didn’t care who she hurt when she was going after Kimiko’s brother. They are all inconsequential to her regardless of how woke she appears to be.

She tells Starlight that the world is wrong for confusing “nice with good” in The Boys Season 2 Episode 2. We should have listened. She isn’t a nice person or a good person. She’s just a powerful one. Also, what’s up with Pippy Longstocking? The Swedish child heroine first made her cinematic appearance in 1949. She has had films and television programs over the years. The novel by Astrid Lindgren was published in 1945. There haven’t been any Pippi Longstocking reboots since 1997 in the animated Pippi Longstocking. For a Millenial like her, this is a curious and old fashioned girl to idolize.

Next week the Homelander continues his reign of terror, and everyone is hiding a secret. The Boys Season 2 Episode 4 drops next Friday. Find all our ongoing coverage here.

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