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The Dark Zone’s Lizzie Borden Murder House And Queen Mary Haunt News

The Dark Zone’s second venture into the 24-hour live streaming experience, the Lizzie Borden Murder House, ended after four days of unexplained paranormal activity and always captivating live discussion and interviews. Another hugely successful live weekend found more than 20K curious fans watching. While The Dark Zone’s first event from the real Conjuring House was very intimate, happening during the height of the pandemic lockdown. The second was a much more cerebral gathering of experts, scientists, journalists, and paranormal specialists.

Claustrophobia gave way to the expansive universe of internet sleuthing. The Conjuring House stream was an intense seven days in a very haunted house that held a terrified family captive. The Lizzie Borden Murder House brought a mix of things designed to pique your interest and fill the continuous hours of daylight wall watching. It was an entirely different beast. Lizzie’s journey to Lizbeth and a true-crime element made the Borden Murder House intriguing. While The Conjuring House showed the real-time terror of a quarantined family, The Lizzie Borden House told a complete story.

The biggest shocker came from the remote viewer’s experiment, according to The Dark Zone. They had ten trained viewers from the CIA’s Project Star Gate team. For those unfamiliar with that group, it is a special psychotronic program developed by the CIA. All ten were given a blind target and told to focus on an event surrounding death. Eight of the ten individuals saw two victims killed by a male/female team. They also saw a sharp handheld weapon that was used to inflict blunt force trauma. The viewers believed the man involved was tall and lanky and probably subservient to women.

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One of the most exciting things to come from the live feed was the constant live chat. The endless conversations helped keep everyone up to speed on anything they may have missed during breaks and share theories. Fans and amateur historians combined forces to discuss everything the experts had to say. New clues and theories were presented making America’s oldest and most famous unsolved mystery exciting again. Video clips and stills from the live cameras were shared across social media platforms detailing any paranormal activity. If you were up for a four-hour marathon, it was worth your time and the scant amount of money needed to gain access. There were even a few surprising scares.

The story of Lizzie Borden and her famous ax endures because the crimes were so grisly and the clues so scarce. Blood found in the basement, testimonies that changed and multiple co-conspirators are more than enough for all of the researchers involved to believe we still don’t know everything there is to know. She may have acted alone or with one or more killers. She might have gotten help cleaning everything up or doing the actual deeds. Even all these years later, we don’t know. The hybrid aspect of this event was so successful because all of the different components were allowed to shine. There was something for everyone.

I was lucky enough to get feedback from the inside on all the most exciting things you probably missed. When the event was finally done and dusted, I asked The Dark Zone several behind the scenes questions I’m sure everyone wanted answered. Here’s all the best intel on the Lizzie Borden Murder House Live Event.

Over 96 hours, we saw doors that opened and closed and heard unexpected noises. The staff of The Dark Zone saw even more. I asked about the creepiest things to happen on and off-camera. On camera, host, Susan Slaughter saw a bundle of wires lift up and drop back down on a table. Off-camera, something happened that was even scarier. Stacy Brown, a camera operator, and investigator ran into a woman in Victorian attire on the first floor. Ken DeCosta’s team from Rise Up Paranormal had just entered the house. Stacy assumed the person came in with them. No such person entered with any group. Additionally, Susan was very uncomfortable on the third floor. On the second night, she was touched inappropriately by a spirit. She refused to go up there by herself and constantly felt predatory male energy.

I was also curious about the dark history of the murders. The Dark Zone reported most of the extensive investigators believe Lizzie committed a crime in some capacity. The scientific and paranormal investigators all believe she was probably involved with the surviving household members. There was a specific interest in Uncle John Morse as an alternative suspect. Almost everyone thinks Lizzie either had a hand in killing the two victims or in the coverup.

Finally, I asked about the viewers and what they reported. With so many collective eyes, it is no surprise the viewers caught things even the professionals didn’t. Two particular pieces of evidence couldn’t be debunked. One was a strange light anomaly that Susan Slaughter saw with her own eyes. This anomaly I saw first hand and then later in fan footage shared across Facebook. The second came from Psychic Chris Fleming’s footage. He captures a female voice saying, “It wasn’t me!” in answer to telling Andrew Borden that Chris knew he died a painful death. The Dark Zone investigators could not dispel the authenticity of the recording.

My biggest takeaway from the event was the large and very friendly fanbase The Dark Zone has. These are informed and enthusiastic fans that like nothing more than to share their experiences and knowledge. Right now, more than ever, we could all use a little inclusivity. The world, living or otherwise, could sure use that kind of positive feedback from beyond or through your laptop screens. The good news is you don’t have to wait to experience this for yourself. They have already announced their latest event scheduled at the Queen Mary in October 2020.

At the Queen Mary, the Dark Zone will have unprecedented and unrestricted access to this historically haunted ship for four days, 24 hours a day. There’s a story to tell – war-time history, and tragedy, and trying to get to the source of the haunt.

The Dark Zone

Once again, they will be introducing supernatural voyeurism, hauntings, and history in an entirely fresh angle. You can find more information at The Dark Zone and follow us for continued coverage of this unique experience.