The Irregulars

The Irregulars Explained- The Wild Ending, Ipsissimus, Hemophilia, And All The Sherlock Holmes References

Netflix’s latest Sherlock Holmes-inspired supernatural thriller The Irregulars is a surprisingly gory, well-made story that completes Season 1 nicely while still leaving room for Season 2.

The Sherlock Holmes series told from the perspective of the street kids Holmes and Watson employs looks like a tween drama but is far scarier and bloodier than you would expect. The teens themselves are all engaging and likable, especially unofficial leader Bea and the Big Bad The Linen Man is mysterious and deceptive. The eight-episode arc is well constructed and full of reveals that propel the story to its eventual satisfying conclusion. Here is everything you need to know about The Irregulars.

Which characters in The Irregulars are from the Sherlock Holmes novels?

None of the stories come directly from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels. However, many of the characters do-slum lord Mrs. Hudson, brother Mycroft Holmes, and Inspector Lestrade are all from the stories. Obviously, Sherlock Holmes is the gifted investigator, and Dr. Watson is his guy Friday and genius in his own right. In this updated version, Watson is in love with a drug-addled Holmes who has retreated from life into a sea of drugs and alcohol. Holmes checked out when his love and Jessie and Bea’s mother Alice sacrificed herself to seal The Rip years ago.

Watson manipulates the teens into helping with an investigation in hopes of pulling Holmes out of his depression and convincing him he is as special as Alice was. The teens roped into helping Dr. Watson, and Sherlock Holmes are from many of the Holmes mysteries. In the novels, a group of street teens helps investigate because they have unique access. The Netflix version swaps the group leaders’ gender making Bea(Thaddea Graham) the Irregulars boss and emotional glue. It also gives one of the members Jessie(Darci Shaw), the power to communicate telepathically. A magical ability engages her dreams, both waking and otherwise, to get inside the minds of those affected by The Rip.

What is The Rip?

This thin veil in the seam between our world and that of a nightmare landscape is called The Rip. This is not from any story but, in all likelihood, is a nod to Sherlock Holmes’ hunt for the elusive Jack the Ripper. The Linen Man, who initially appears to help Jesse but is using her abilities to access The Rip, is not from any story. He is a unique creation from Tom Bidwell.

The veil is the weakest at points of high human traffic; thus, the site of a plague pit being excavated for what will eventually be The Tube is a prime location for this spot. Alice, a powerful psychic, willingly entered The Rip to close it and save the world fifteen years ago. Flash forward fifteen years later, and she is less inclined to sacrifice herself again.

What Is Hemophilia?

The rich young man who becomes part of The Irregulars gang Leo, suffers from Hemophilia or Haemophilia. It is a disease that prevents the body from producing blood clots. As a result, even minor injuries could cause the person to bleed out and die. Both are forms of the same disease and relatively rare. Haemophilia B is less severe than A. This genetic disease has a real-life history in the British Royal Family. Queen Victoria, along with a whole host of other male descendants, including her half-brother, all suffered from it. Leo’s blood disease would make for an exciting vampire story in Season 2.

Who is the Linen Man?

The Linen Man is a dapper gentleman in all white who appears to Jesse in the first episode to save her, the plague doctor who was haunting her dreams. This genteel man is channeling Jessica Jones’ Kilgrave. He tells her he is in Louisiana and wants to help. However, he is lying, as revealed later; he is on a ship traveling to London. He planned to use Jesse to find out where The Rip was and harness its powers to become all-powerful. The Linen Man planned on going all over the planet, sowing chaos and torment everywhere he went. The Linen Man could control humans using their fears and nightmares.

He also planned on forcing an unseen son and Jesse to have a child, ensuring that the psychic bloodline would produce a super psychic. This superior race of people would rule next to him over the world. The Linen Man said his son was a powerful psychic called an Ipsissimus. When the group investigates with Mycroft Holmes the murder of the previous leader of The Golden Dawn, we learn Jesse is one of these Imsissimus or true psychic.

What happens at the end of The Irregulars?

At the end of The Irregulars, The Linen Man made everyone’s greatest fears come to life. Simultaneously monsters from The Rip were attacking everyone, and Jesse harness all her power to make The Linen Man feel all the pain, and he caused others. This caused him to fall to his death and The Rip to leave him and jump into Jesse. Right before he died, though, he warned Jesse that Alice was the one who opened The Rip the second time. She had opened The Rip because she was lonely and willing to destroy the world to get back to her family.

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Jesse used her powers to show happy memories to Bea, and the sisters let their mother go. At the last second, Sherlock Holmes went into The Rip with Alice, and Watson was forced to decide to save the world or his love. he chose the world and let Holmes go. The Rip was closed, and all of the monsters, including Sister Anna, who was attacking Leo, returned to normal. Leo and Bea separated as he had to marry the European princess per his agreement to save Billy from execution. Bea and Watson, who were both grieving lost loves, promised to be there for each other, and Spike and Jesse confessed their growing attraction.

What could happen in Season 2?

There is still plenty of ground to mine in a possible Season 2. The likable characters have more than a little romantic drama with royal weddings that should be stopped, and the absence of title character Sherlock Holmes. There is also the nagging question of The Linen Man’s son. Does he share his father’s megalomaniacal ideas? Will he want revenge for his father’s death? There are also plenty of villains from the novels that could get paranormal treatment. In The Devil’s Foot, the victims all have been poisoned with a compound that leaves them smiling in death. There is a creepy villain named Jephro Rucastle who is obsessed with blue dresses and hair clippings, and of course, the Hound Of Baskervilles features actual ghosts. We will have to watch and hope for Netflix’s announcement.