The Sinner Season 4 Episode 3

The Sinner Season 4 Episode 3 Review- A Prestige Crime Thriller With No Equal

The Sinner has stood out from other crime thrillers because there is always an element of weirdness to every story. Nothing is ever as simple as bad people doing bad things. There are always strange pieces that don’t quite fit in a traditional story. The original Broadchurch and Mare of Easttown are fantastic crime dramas, but neither has the same innate weirdness as The Sinner does. That weirdness could be annoying if not for Bill Pullman’s subtle doggedness. The Sinner Season 4 Episode 3 gave him the chance to remind us why he is one of the best characters on television.

I love Harry Ambrose when he has the scent of a killer. His single-minded focus is like none other. It is prestige television when every series is jockeying for position with a thousand other distractions. The Sinner Season 4 Episode 3 reveals more of Percy’s story, and the emerging picture is not good. Her family has secrets, and there is a darkness chasing her. Hopefully, Harry can solve this mystery before the darkness catches up to him.

Harry is such a good detective because he sees the shadows others don’t. He is drawn to the darkness even when it is dangerous. Sonya sees the danger he is in. She may not understand the physical threat that chasing Percy places him in, but she sees the toll it is taking on him. Harry will undoubtedly solve this mystery but will it be too late for him and Sonya? Jessica Hecht(Sonya) continues to impress with her strong stoicism. She is empathetic, where Harry is stubborn, and she is a good foil for his obsessions.

A very intense meal instigated by Harry’s questions proves the Muldoons are troubled. Brothers Sean and Colin are not friendly. Meg and Colin share a bond that doesn’t seem to include Sean. He is always left out of the decision-making partly because of his substance abuse and because of a perceived notion that Colin is the “better” son. Meg cares about her family, but she is also a tyrant who rules with an iron fist. From a brief flashback when Percy returned home months ago, it is obvious she cares for Percy. However, she also cares for the business, the family reputation, and her precious son Colin. What is most important to her? Frances Fisher is great this week, displaying all sides of Meg’s personality. She is a complex woman who is at times terrifying, worried, and commanding.

Harry is relentless in his questioning of the Muldoons in The Sinner Season 4 Episode 3. Not even Sonya can convince him that too much confrontation is a disastrous thing. By the time the evening is over, Sonya left Harry in anger, and the Muldoons are in crisis. The only thing we know for sure is they are keeping secrets, and it won’t take long for Harry to find them all.

We now know what happened to Percy in the months she was away from Hanover Island. After Harry follows Meg, he finds Percy’s biological mother. Percy came there nine months ago asking for help. She said she had nowhere else to go. She only stayed one night, but she sent her new address to her mother. Harry was able to track Percy to her apartment with a roommate she met on Craig’s List.

The roommate paints a picture of someone who is running. Percy initially has fun with her roommate, but even early on, she is haunted. She thinks some people are cursed and sees a person wearing a dark hoodie like the one in the surveillance video from the night of her disappearance everywhere. Just because Percy was paranoid does not mean someone wasn’t out to get her. We know someone with that description scared her on the night Harry saw her jump. We also know Colin wears a similar hoodie. If Percy is scared of Colin, why?

The bigger question in The Sinner Season 4 Episode 3 is if she is afraid of Colin or someone else on the island, why does she run back to Meg? Did she realize there was no sense in running? Meg has lied about a lot of things. She has lied to Harry about seeing Percy that night after sustaining her head wound, and she has lied about Percy’s mother. What else is she lying about? When Sean comes to Harry’s house, he admits to all of them seeing Percy. He tells Harry he drove Percy’s car to Diez’s that night. He is a drug addict and went for a fix after Percy, and he fought over his use. Percy was never seen after Harry saw her jump.

There is no sense in running. Our demons catch us no matter how hard and fast we run. You would think Harry would know this by now. Harry is chasing Percy, but his demons are chasing him as well. In the final moments, the dead body floating in the water looks like Percy, so now Harry will have to catch a killer before the killer catches him. As per usual, nothing is ever simple in The Sinner, and Harry will have to decipher a maze of clues and suspects, all with murky motives. Darkness constantly swirls around Harry. Hopefully, he turns into the light before it is too late. Find all our The Sinner coverage here.

Stray Kettle Of Fish:

  • Who is leaving all of the ceremonial shrines? What is their importance, and why was it so crucial to Percy?
  • Are the dancing witch women involved in Percy’s disappearance?
  • Sean intimates Meg is blinded to Colin’s behavior. What does he mean?
  • I have a wild theory that Colin abused Percy as a child and convinced her the abuse was her fault. Mental instability coupled with drug abuse and repressed memories could break even the strongest minds.
  • Is it possible Colin raped Percy’s mother all those years ago and Meg has covered it up? Could he be Percy’s real father?
  • The last bonkers theory involves the boody hands imagery Percy keeps seeing. Was she involved or did she witness an accident or a crime? If so why can’t she remember it, and what happened to make her so disturbed. All of her talk about being cursed makes me think she may feel guilty about something.