Utah Monolith

The Utah Monolith at 38°20’35.0”n 109°39’58.0”w Explained- Its Been Stolen, And 5 Things It Could Be

The silver monolith that was mysteriously discovered on November 18th in Utah’s Red Rock Country has fascinated the world. In all fairness, those of us who elected not to travel for the holidays and are instead staying home with those we live with are easily distracted. Give us a shiny weird 2001: A Space Oddesy obelisk in the middle of a remote landscape, and we are obsessed. Biologists discovered it while tracking bighorn sheep in the area. It was first spotted by a helicopter. Later, a more close encounter with the structure revealed it to be metal, hollow, non-magnetic, and welded and screwed with decidedly Earth-like building materials. Is it alien technology? Are the Russian’s spying on us?

It was placed around 2015, so whatever it is, it’s not very old. Someone tell Ancient Aliens they don’t need to investigate. Of course, this is probably some art installation, but until John McCracken, Banksy, or some other clever trickster takes credit for the bizarre object, here are the best pop culture-inspired options out there. The internet is on fire with weird ideas and theories. Here are the coolest and scariest possibilities out there.

It is a twin of the Mars Phobos monolith.

Mars’ Moon Phobos structure is a large boulder structure that is roughly 279 feet across and 300 feet tall. The metal monolith in Utah is about 10 feet tall and 23 inches wide. The surface of Mars has many formations like this. The one appearing on the Phobos is not related and thought to be very different. Phobos means fear in Greek, and that is all we need to know to be completely freaked out about the possibility of a corresponding structure here on Earth. Alien abductees commonly report seeing similar structures just before being taken. They stipulate the monoliths beam their consciousness into the creation for communication purposes. Whether the monolith is a twin of the one found one Phobos linking the idea of abduction across our galaxy or something made in someone’s garage is debatable.

It’s a Stargate.

Okay, mostly I want this one to be the answer because I loved the movie and the Syfy series. I’m totally down for James Spader to decipher the ancient language of otherwordly Egyptians who are being enslaved by glowing-eyed aliens who use pyramids as parking spots for their massive flying Delorians. Who would not be entirely down with discovering entire races of aliens and their remarkable technologies? Sure, there is the possibility that they could be the Wraith and try to kill us all. They could also be Atlantians or Satedan like the glorious Jason Momoa. I’m willing to risk it to get another Momoa.

It is an advertising stunt just in time for Christmas.

What better way to excite the masses for yet another Xbox or Playstation, than placing a shiny metal rectangle in the middle of nowhere? Obviously, this would require someone to have major foresight into the companies’ strategic planning over the next several rollouts. If that’s possible, this marketing plan would simultaneously suck and be genius. It’s not okay to deface a national park to sell some tech, but the idea that this is a five-year long con is not just brilliant but hilarious. It might even make me want to get another gaming system.

It is a spy device used to connect a complicated web of surveillance.

Utilizing some kind of bizarre wireless technology, this device could boost signals from Earth to either other places on the planet or to something completely alien. The potential for interplanetary or extraplanetary surveillance would be huge. Are countries spying on each other? Are alien races watching and waiting for us to be vulnerable and swoop in to take over? If that’s the case, 2020 seems like a great time to get us. Unless the aliens can get Covid-19 or are allergic to murder hornets. The monolith could also be a wireless energy grid. When activated, it taps into all the other monoliths on this world and others to create the mother of all power plants. That could be some exceptionally green energy.

The Monolith is a doorway to another dimension.

This is one of the scarier ideas. Instead of being a mystical, romantic tool to whisk attractive women into 1700’s Scottland, it pulls people into a pure chaos dimension ala Event Horizon. As much as I would prefer a roll in the hay with a hot Scottish warrior, it would be more likely it is a door to someplace we never want to go to. A black hole that once opened, can never be closed. A Pandora’s Box with a ticket to a nightscape you can never escape from. If that’s the case, we need to dismantle somehow and remove it immediately. Libera te tutemet ex inferis indeed. We all need to save ourselves from Hell.

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A new structure was just discovered in Transylvania, nearly 6000 miles away. This one was hastily made by someone who has minimal skills. Unless there is a redneck alien race out there who are just cobbling things together with space trash and depositing them on our planet, the more plausible conclusion is this one is 100% human-made for publicity only. Supposedly the Utah monolith is gone now. According to Reddit detectives, it has been taken, leaving only tire tracks in its place.

Many have trekked out to the site, and as of 10:45 this morning, they are reporting it has disappeared. Who took it is almost as intriguing as what it was. Did the artist come back to retrieve it? Is the US government hiding a dangerous secret? If someone or something is trying to tell us something, what is the message? Should we be scared? Likely some weirdo snagged it and is placing their eBay ad as we speak. We may never know who or what built the monolith, but with the dumpster fire that has been 2020, at least we aren’t in Hell.

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