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The Walten Files Explained Part 2 Tape 2 Relocate Project- All The Hidden Clues And Codes

The second in our series on the wonderfully weird world of Martin Walls and the Walten Files takes us once again to the first three uploaded videos. Just like in The Walten Files Part 1, hidden clues in close captioning, reversed imaging, and video manipulation are necessary to find every little detail. For instance, The Walten Files Tape 2 Relocate Project contains four separate tapes. The dates on those tapes are 7/2/1978, 8/13/1978, 7/9/78, and unknown. The first is a training tape. The second is a tech support tape. Third, in the grouping is found footage from three technicians in the K-9 storage facility, and the final one is from August 1978 and is an instructional video on reprogramming.

As usual, the description of the tape is provided by Anthony, who says The Walten Files 2 Relocate Project is a compilation of tapes that were exceedingly rare and all but destroyed since the mysterious event that caused the permanent closure of the company in 1983. A handy little time place card tells everyone to stay safe from COVID-19. Here are all the details, clues, and codes within The Walten Files Tape 2 Relocate Project

Tape one

The tape begins with a detailing of the events following the first Bon’s Burgers. Felix was finally enacting his backup plan, which involved relocating the robots and merchandise from the K-9 to a new restaurant location. Tape one of the grouping is very short, with only a few details of importance. The V/H/S tape Bon is holding is title The Disappearance of Jack Walten, and Jack shows up a couple of times, notably as the truck driver and a warped appearance in a nearly darkened screen at the end.

By 1982 Felix had wrangled Jack and his family out of the legalities of Bon’s Burgers. He had pivoted away from the restaurant to the television show we saw in Tape 1: Company Introductory Tape. According to the narration, the time had finally come to reopen Bon’s Burgers in a new location but with the same animatronics stored in K-9 all these years. There is zero mention of Jack, and he has been cut out of the founder picture. Felix clearly has some screws loose, and like most delusional leaders, he needs affirmations constantly, even if he has to give them to himself. The video claims he has as big a brain as he does a heart. There are a few minor clues in these first two minutes. The file cabinet labeled Jack Walten at 00:56 has these files visible:

  • Bon’s Burgers 6/28/1974 Jack Walten
  • Storage K-9 7/23/1975, Felix
  • Relocate X/X/1975, Felix

In the next minute, Jack shows up no less than six times appearing as an animated character, on a V/H/S tape, as a shadow figure in the background, and as the truck driver. Try as he might, Felix seems to be unable to shake Jack, dead or alive.

Section 2 Reprogramming Phase

The tape next shows Banny and gives instructions on checking both pre-programmed mouth movements and re-programmed eye blinks. The new movements are eye movements that are likely to accommodate the frantic blinking of the near-dead people inside the characters. Next, the employee is asked to look for each of the expressions the robot is capable of. Those include an eye roll for boredom or annoyance, a small jaw drop when surprised, and eye scanning for finding friends. Finally, Banny’s face blinks back and forth between the bunny and Susan Woodings, who also has a missing flyer appear in the darkened frame. After brightening the image, Susan went missing in 1974, the same year the original Bon’s Burgers opened and promptly closed.

During this segment, an animated purple bunny is running through doors over and over with narration in the background which says,

The bunny rabbit is trying to find a way out. The bunny rabbit needs to catch the owner’s attention. The bunny rabbit needs to get out. The rabbit is starving.

Directly following the repeated message that she is starving until her eyes turn black actual footage of rabbits running from something as a line of humans in silhouette can be seen. Lastly, Banny’s bloodied body is superimposed over the bunny footage until a close-up of her face, a purple cartoon bunny in a birdcage, and the very dark missing flyer are shown. That nasty little bit of nightmare fuel makes it clear the soul and body of Susan Woodings are trapped inside Banny, having evidently starved to death inside the robot. As this first portion of the video concludes after the credits, the line “The Shadow Man feeds me when lights go off” appears. Is the Shadow Man a real person or a soul taker who exchanges supernatural sustenance for your life?

Section 3 of The Walten Files Tape 2 Technical Support

The third tape in the upload begins with snapshots of the robots looking happy and entertaining guests and the Bunnyfarm video game. This is an instructional tape for K-9 Storage Facility Caretakers. The employees are asked to have all tools necessary, including a full backpack, and to be in the Bunny Smiles Uniform. The infamous purple uniform that Brian is wearing in the first upload and Sophie is similarly wearing(only hers appears red?) in the first video shows up, and Brian Stells’s nametag. Next, Bon packs a backpack with the items he needs to perform his job. Those include a lantern, snacks, key, and camera. The screen darkens, and Jack’s face appears in the backpack. It seems Jack is not done with Bon yet.

If that isn’t enough to deter you from putting in the application to Bunny Smiles Inc, Sha’s insistence that you should turn on the light definitely will. Cartoon characters for children should never get so panicked they begin urgently telling you to turn on the fucking light. Sha doesn’t say these actual words because the light comes on before she does, but the implication is clear. Sha is panicked. After the lights come on, she tells the viewer to remember which rooms they have been in as it is easy to get lost. She further reminds you to keep the resting room clean, and it is the place for talking and resting with friends. After she leaves the room, a shadow figure appears in the center of it.

She next introduces three doors off of the main hallway. The first is a cleaning supply closet and holds all products needed for cleaning the robots. The second contains all of the old merchandise and toys from the original store. The third room is used to hide something that Sha is cut off from saying. She looks sad and scared as she frowns into the camera.

Sha shows us the basement through the subsequent cuts and warns us to never shine a light in there unless you are a facility technician. Finally, back in the resting room, the lamb in the back has been replaced with a picture of a woman with dark hair who I am presuming is Rosemary. She says, “Sophie, where am I.”

Sha now provides voiceover that Rosemary would go to the restaurant every night, hoping her beloved husband would reappear after being missing for weeks but no response. Until one day she heard a voice saying I know where he is Rosie coming from backstage. Backstage she found only Bon, who dismembered her and stuck her inside Sha while the Shadow Man watches.

The Walten Files Tape 2
Courtesy of The Walten Files Screengrab

Rosemary is Jack’s wife, and she has been dismembered and stuffed into Sha the Sheep by Bon, who menacingly tells her He can fix her and make her beautiful. As the scene ends, she says she was beautiful, but on the inside, every single part felt like it was bleeding. There is yet another missing poster, this one for Rosemary Walten. She was lured backstage by someone who knew her well enough to use a nickname but probably not Jack as he wouldn’t say “he” about himself, and he presumably loved his wife and wouldn’t want her dead. Bon is luring people back there, though, so the question is who is in Bon, and why are they killing everyone?

Found footage tape from July 12-14, 1978

Facility workers Ashley, Hilary, and Kevin agree to stay in the K-9 Storage Facility for three days to prepare the entertainers for their relocation. In a conversation between the three, we learn Bon’s Burgers closed after neighbors reported hearing a woman screaming late at night, and the animatronics inside the facility are badly damaged. Their endoskeletons have been destroyed, and Bon’s eyes looked to be intentionally harmed. Hillary and Kevin give a final analysis and ask to be sent back some time with a longer timeframe to work on the robots.

Ashley, eager to complete the impossible task, uses the tiny key she was given to enter the Backdoors. More doors and two new robots are found, including a grey rabbit and Billy, the Clown, who has a cassette tape player in his belly. Ashley plays the tape labeled 6/11/7_ Discard in Billy’s stomach and a list of names is presented. Jack, Susan, Charles, Rosemary, and Sophie are listed. These are all missing or dead people, and some are family members. Near the cassette tape was what appears to be Bon schematics, a picture that says 6/28, and a yellow note with Bon and lots of other line items crossed out. In the animation that next plays, Bon attacks Ashley, and Billy the Clown’s face is removed to reveal Ashley’s bloodied face as she screams. A large text paragraph flashes on the screen that says:

They left the next day, they thought Ashley left early, but she was in the backdoors, screaming as much as she could, but no one heard her screams, the following days the caretakers would complain about an awful smell coming from the backdoors, company decided to shut down the facility until new advice, the relocate project was unsuccessful. Ashley is still there, but she’s not screaming anymore, she saw something she wasn’t supposed to see, and now she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful, she’s beautiful

Reddit user Sonicski56 realized the music that Billy the Clown was using on the cassette tape in The Walten Files Tape 2 is Percy Platypus’s Reindeer Happy Birthday song. The song features Dancer, Prancer, and Nervous, and they are lined up the same way Hillary, Kevin, and Ashley are in their photo.

Whatever sicko is inside Bon thinks the melding of the two forms is beautiful. The only other details of importance are the second part of the hidden link is revealed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and a cryptic message that the next workers to arrive at the facility noticed a strange smell. Why the peculiar grey bunny, which looks more like a puppet than a robot, is hanging from the wall on what appears to be a meat hook, we don’t know.

The comments and the hidden tape of The Walten Files Tape 2

If you are patient through the credits, you are rewarded with one final message.

Shadow Man sees me when light go off.

A comment from everyone’s favorite cipher Sy05 is another code in BASE64 which when deciphered reads:

More puzzle pieces have been laid out for you. Others are more significant than others. Two elements are crucial to achieving the solution. Find the pieces, return them to me, and meet at the intersection. See you soon.

The Walten Files Tape 2 Relocate Project was just as confounding as Tape 1. The more details come out, the more we realize we don’t know nearly enough. So be sure and follow our ongoing The Walten Files series here. Next, we will tackle the Lucky You hidden video.