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Till Death Ending Explained- The Many Twists In The Megan Fox Thriller

Till Death is a surprisingly fun horror romp. It has more twists and turns than you expect, and even though it first presents as a Sleeping With The Enemy story that morphs into Gerald’s Game, it becomes something even more fun. Megan Fox is tough as nails and funny. You will be surprised by all the curves in the road, and the fast-paced story is an easy watch. Here’s what you need to know.

Megan Fox’s Emma is in a terrible marriage with Mark(Eion Macken). Both of them have been unfaithful. Mark evidently has had multiple affairs over the years while Emma has fallen in love with an employee of Mark’s, Tom(Aml Ameen). She recently broke it off, but it seems she was too late. Mark found out about the affair. Instead of divorcing her, confronting her, or having another affair himself, he decided to drive her to their Lake House in the middle of nowhere, handcuff himself to her, and shoot himself in the head. Not only that, he left her with no exit strategy. Essentially they are going to be together till death do them part.

It seems straightforward enough. Mark was a hyper-controlling guy who thought of everything. Her phone was broken, the gun had no additional bullets, and all the tools in the house had been removed. The car was out of gas, and anything even kind of useful was taken out of the house. Tom did think he had thought of absolutely everything. He even was kind enough to leave a message explaining he didn’t kill himself because of her affair but because he was being “called away.” But, of course, that makes very little sense until Tom shows up at the cabin later that day.

Mark sent a message to Tom, luring him to the house. Tom is freaked out because Mark is being indicted on several counts of evidence tampering, and it didn’t look good for him. Before Tom can call the police or go for help, two guys show up and kill him. This leads Emma to make a mad dash, with her dead husband still attached to her arm, to a boathouse outside. She finds a boat anchor in the boathouse and begins hacking off Mark’s thumb to remove the cuff.

Here’s where things get really wild in Till Death. One of the two men who broke into the cabin and killed Tom is Bobby Ray, who attacked Emma years ago. This attack is how Emme and Mark first met as Mark was the prosecutor back then. Mark is a special kind of tool and decided to tamper with evidence to get Bobby released from jail ten years later. This is why Emma found the case file on his desk. He told Bobby there was a safe with $200,000 worth of diamonds, and he could consider it payment for his time served.

Till Death
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Emma manages to elude Jimmy and Bobby for a good time but eventually, they do catch her. Bobby knocks her out, handcuffs her back to Mark, and waits for her to wake up. He needs her to open the safe. Jimmy promises to let her go if she opens the safe, and she puts in the combination. Unfortunately, there is nothing but yet another cryptic note and a bone saw. This one reads that the diamonds are close to Emma’s heart. The diamonds have been on Emma the entire time in the steel necklace he gave her at their anniversary dinner. The necklace is locked on her, so the only way to remove it is to saw through her neck. This has been Mark’s plan all along. He wanted Bobby and Jimmy to come to the house and kill Emma.

Jimmy tries to stop Bobby from killing Emma, and the two fight until Jimmy is accidentally impaled on a coat hook. Now a very angry Bobby fights with Emma, and she manages to handcuff him to Mark’s dead body. She runs out of the cabin. Bobby follows, dragging Mark’s body out onto the frozen lake. The ice breaks, and all three fall into the water. Emma stabs Bobby in the eye, and he gets dragged down by the weight of Mark. A nifty bit of foreshadowing in Till Death showed someone was going to lose an eye before the film was over. Mark had a photo of Emma with a bloody gauze patch over one of her eyes that he framed and put up on the lake house wall to taunt Emma.

She crawls out of the icy water as police sirens are heard in the background. Her call to the police earlier was actually successful. Presumably, she was rescued and will not be blamed for anything considering the other dead bodies on the property and the charges against Mark. She also has $200,000 worth of diamonds around her neck if she can ever get the necklace off. In Till Death, love may not be forever, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Till Death is well worth your time, and Megan Fox proves she isn’t just a hot body. She does a fair amount of fighting, and her “over it” demeanor makes for a believable resolution. It’s funny, bloody, and satisfying as hell. It is streaming on Netflix right now.