WandaVision Finale Explained: Post Credits and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

(The following article contains major spoilers from WandaVision finale episode. Proceed with caution)

The finale episode of Wandavision was a major Whew for many MCU fans who had been sure that Wanda Maximoff was gunning to be the next Marvel baddie by embracing her comic-book roots. But by the end of today’s finale, she had not only released the residents of Westview from her Hex but did so at the cost of losing her family– Vision and her twins. But if you stayed behind for the episode’s post-credits scene then you’ll know that the Avenger still has all the potential of going over to the dark side. 

After all is dusted and done in Westview, we see Wanda secretly living in a quaint little cabin in a serene hilly destination. While she is moving about her day, quietly sipping tea while making more of it, her astral self, in the form of the Scarlet Witch, is reading the Darkhold (The Book of the Damned). 

We can’t say for certain that Wanda is doing this willingly

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In WandaVision, we saw how Wanda unleashed her powers on the people of Westview and suppressed their identities without being aware that in the process she is causing them immense pain. It appears as if Wanda’s powers, or precisely the powers which stem from her origin as the Scarlet Witch, have a mind of their own and she is not always aware of what she is doing through her powers. 

So now, it could be that Wanda is consciously astral projecting herself or once again her darker powers have taken hold of her leaving here unaware that her magical alter ego is going through the darkest, most evil book in existence to find out more about herself. 

In any case, Wanda can still be heading for a life of villainy in future

While she is reading the Darkhold, Scarlet Witch hears the screams for help of her twins, Billy and Tommy. She is understandably shocked– it had earlier appeared that both her children and Vision’s life force was tied to the Hex and as long as it was maintained, they would be alive. But she willingly took the Hex down and watched Vision die all over again. The same fate was expected for her twins as well. 

Somehow the twins survived the removal of the Hex but not in their human form. It is their essence, their soul, which is trapped somewhere because remember while both Vision and her kids were the results of her chaos magic, Wanda literally created Vision as an after-image of her buried consciousness while the kids were born with their individual souls. 

Disappointingly, contrary to many predictions and expectations, WandaVision did not provide a single sign that the multiverse has been ripped open, but seeing the Scarlet Witch becoming aware of her children’s existence is certainly a bad omen. We already know how unhinged Wanda can become when it comes to saving the ones she cares for and this time it’s her children’s life at stake as well as the possibility of being a mother again and living at least a part of her dream life. 

It is obvious that the Scarlet Witch will search all the parallel universes and realties in her quest to find the twins and perhaps in this frenzy, she will end up tearing the fabric of reality herself, allowing multiple universes to bleed into one another, thus becoming responsible for the Multiverse of Madness in the second Doctor Strange film. 

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