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World’s Of Fun Halloween Haunt 2021 Promises More Haunts And Bigger Scares

World’s Of Fun Halloween Haunts is back with even more of what we loved about the spooky fall event. Just like in the past, the entire park is being turned into your home for terrifying treats and frightening chills. The houses are bigger and even more detailed than they have ever been before. We got a chance to tour some of the spaces, including an early backstage tour of Blood on the Bayou. Here’s is everything you need to know about Halloween Haunts and what to expect.

Halloween Haunts opens September 17th and runs through October 31st. The park opens at 6:00 pm and closes at midnight on Fridays and opens at 11:00 am on Saturdays. Season pass holders never have to purchase additional passes to enter. Those passes are good for all of the seasonal events, including Haunts for all of 2021. Anyone who renews their pass for 2022 or buys a new pass for 2022 will get unlimited access to the park for the remainder of 2021 in addition to unlimited visits in 2022. Gold season passes are $89 each, and Platinum passes are $198, with renewals at $192. With the price of a typical haunted house costing $25-30, the cost of a season pass pays for itself in just a couple of visits to haunts alone.

For the Pre-K crowd, the cost is even better. FREE! Although you may not want to take your little one through the scare zones, there is plenty to love about the daytime activities during September and October. On Fridays through October, season pass holders can get up to four additional tickets for friends to go with them at only $32 each. Considering the sheer number of scary attractions inside Halloween Haunts, this is an unbelievable price.

Day passes are available here and on the app for Haunt visitors for $42, and military members get a considerable discount. Fright Lane Passes are $70 each and are the best way to ensure you see every maze and house in one night. The Fright Lane pass is a lanyard that permits the owner one entry into every maze with hardly any waiting. The wait times can often be lengthy, so this is the only way to ensure you can do everything in one night. Those can also be prepurchased on the website or the app or bought at the park.

Be sure to leave the cash home, though, as the entire park is cashless this year. You also won’t find any maps. However, the app will be fully updated with all the scare zones and mazes. So check back here often for tour plans and food and drink locations for the most up-to-date information.

As always, great entertainment adds to the overall experience of Halloween Haunts. The Cryptics Final Farewell Tour should be a perfect send-off to the musical undead, while the Witches Ball will delight with the sights and sounds of the magical spirits and their pet monkeys. The amazing cirque-style show is full of jaw-dropping tricks and heart-pounding thrills. They take the stage on Friday and Saturday, beginning at 8:30 pm with three shows on the hour and an acrobatics-only show that runs 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 6:00 pm. The Cryptics do three shows starting at 8:00 pm on Fridays and four shows starting at 6:00 pm on Saturdays.

Don’t be late to the Overlord’s Awakening, which starts promptly at 7:30 pm during September and 7:00 pm during October. The Overlord is your master of ceremonies and is a real crowd-pleaser. The massive host attracts a huge crowd, so find your spot in the International Plaza early. Usually, it is best to grab a drink and camp out about thirty minutes before showtime.

The houses, mazes, and scare zones this year include Blood on the Bayou, Lore of the Vampire, Ripper Alley, Outlaws Revenge, Blood Shed, Cornstalkers, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Chamber of Horrors Condemned, and Zombie High. I got a chance to tour Blood on the Bayou, and I can confirm the houses have all been upgraded with better sound, bigger effects, and a whole lot more scares. Follow us on TikTok @SignalHorizonMagazine to find all our Halloween Haunts details including walk-throughs.

Although masks are not required in all outdoor sections of the park, Halloween Haunts abides by city mandates, and masks are required once you enter the door of a house. Thus, the screamsters will be abiding by all laws as well while still scaring you silly.

Worlds Of Fun Halloween Haunts

Food, drink, and souvenirs continue to play a huge part in the experience. Special Halloween treats will be available, as well as seasonal drinks with and without the hard stuff. The famous Bags of Blood will be back, so you won’t want to miss a chance to snag one of these fun drinks. In addition, six temporary stations will be set up all across Worlds Of Fun to purchase soft drinks, waters, and of course, whatever poison potion you are looking to ingest. Finally, stop by Cotton Blossom BBQ to try Chris Borden’s American Royal contest dishes or other goodies at restaurants and stands throughout the park.

Halloween Haunts is the best time to ride all the best rides at Worlds Of Fun. The lines are often small, and in many cases, there is no wait at all, even for the world-class coasters. So take a break from the scares to scream for a different reason on the Prowler, Boomerang, the Mambo, the Patriot, Timberwolf, or the Spinning Dragons. Then, take to the skies to see the entire park after dark on the Detonator, Falcon’s Flight, or the SteelHawk. All of the rides will be open, weather permitting, so come for the Haunts but stay for the rides.

World’s Of Fun Halloween Haunts is the biggest attraction in the midwest and attracts visitors from all over. There is plenty to do during the day, and the night is even better. However, things get weird after 6:30 pm, so be prepared to be scared if you choose to stay.