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3 Amazing Coast to Coast Episodes That Will Keep You Up at Night

We love Pseudopod.  We have made that clear.  In honor of the absolutely bonkers but incredible new episode of Pseudopod, titled ALARM WILL SOUND, which uses a a late night talk show as a vehicle to tell a ‘new weird’ tale we decided to return to our roots.  Coast to Coast AM has been been around for a really long time.  Its episodes are really hit or miss but when they hit it they really freaked us out. Here is our list of the creepiest episodes hosted by the one and only Art Bell.  

1.  Sounds From Hell

Yes we are well aware there are lots of ways to recreate theses noises.  However the back story, coupled with the satanic scare of the 80’s and 90’s created a climate where not only did we believe that we had heard recorded voices from hell but that someone had the ability to record them.  The entire story reminded me of a urban legend in Kansas revolving around a thirteen sided church and a stairway to hell.  It just pushed all of my buttons and the adult me is still terrified of that recording.    

2. Frantic Area 51 Caller

Ok.  This dude is a hell of an actor.  Or he genuinely believes he is in mortal danger.  The near frantic nature of his voice makes us genuinely concerned for his well being.  If you believe Coast to Coast is really just a dramatized soap opera than this doesn’t really phase you.  However having listened to Coast to Coast for a long time there is just so MUCH material it makes it virtually impossible to script it.  Thus, this call was really weird….The fact that the radio station lost power and the ability to transmit is downright creepy.  What happened to the caller and what happened to the station.  I live in a population center.  Things don’t bode well for me.  This episode serves as the inspiration for the Psuedopod story mentioned earlier.  Having listened to it a ton its still REALLY unsettling.  

3.  Shadow People

 The shadow people episode really seems to connect with the episode of Pseudopod from a few weeks ago titled The Fertile Dark .  The idea that there exists an entity that is just on the edge of our vision and they influence the way our world works is not a new concept.  Ball has a way of engaging in a conversation about these shadow people that is both creepy but familiar.  All of us have seen something on the edge of our vision.  Something just outside of our narrow focus.  Now imagine those things are real and are working hard to stay out of focus.  It was enough that we didn’t sleep well.  

What are your favorite moments from the radio show.  Coast to Coast is still running every night from 1AM to 5 AM.  I have taken many a road trip and in the middle of the night sometimes the only thing on is this lovely/creepy/campy show.  It has kept me company through difficult stretches of road and darkness.  It has also stuck with me and creeped me out long after the road trip is over.  Sure most of the things are probably fake but then again maybe they aren’t.  I just noticed an ALARM WILL SOUND written in red on my dry erase board.  I gotta go.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  Or subscribe so we can talk more C2C sometime