5 Reasons ‘The Terror’ Season 3 Will be Based Off ‘The Hunger’ by Alma Katsu

After a stellar run Dan Simmons Arctic masterpiece novel turned period piece horror television drama just missed the top 25 last week.  Its ratings are not amazing but seem to be holding strong.   It has a rabid fan base and that same base has been clamoring for a season two.  It won’t happen.  Frankly it can’t happen.  Everyone dies at the end.  While producer Ridley Scott recently discussed a possible second season it still seems unlikely. But what if Season 2 was a whole new story.  A whole new historical event bottled with a hint of something supernatural.  Like an ongoing anthology series ala American Horror Story only for smart literary folk. We think Season 2 should actually be The Hunger by Alma Katsu and here’s why… 

1.  The History Behind The Hunger is Terrifying

As the weather cleared during the Spring of 1846 more than 500 wagons left Independence, Missouri for greener pastures in the west.  The migration of Callistogas out west were a regular occurrence by this point in American History.  The Donner Party and their eight wagons made up the rear of this group.  The beginning of the trip was  relatively easy even by present day standards.   Before they reached Fort Laramie a number of other families joined up with the Donner Party making their group pretty sizable in number.  Its around Fort Laramie the story turns.  The Hastings Cutoff was presented to George Donner (the now leader of the group) as a possible shortcut that would avoid potential Mexican hostility.  The Donner Party took the cutoff and thus sealed their fate.  What followed was a litany of bad decisions, bad luck, and bad omens.  The roads of the Hastings Cutoff were terrible and were not wagon ready.  They often had to cut their way through forest only to come out the other side onto the Great Salt Flats.  The going was slow and time kept on ticking leaving many of the party without pack animals and low on food.  Eventually the party turned to murder, banishment and eventually cannibalism.  

2.  Like The Terror the Personalities Involved Are the Real Story

Those willing to make the trip across the country were truly fearless and the Donner-Reed party was no different.  The dynamic personalities that it took to make the journey also lead to a number of conflicts.  Throughout the entire ordeal there were a number of squabbles between families.  The dynamic of leadership constantly shifted.  George Donner lead the group for a long while but by all accounts was not exactly a strong leader.  James Reed was George’s counterpart and proved to be a a bit of a hot head but a far more capable leader.  His quick temper earned him banishment from the party midway through the journey after he killed someone in “self defense”.  Once the party settled in for the long and hungry winter at Donner Pass things went really south with a number of families calling in old debts, and eventually eating their rivals.  The party was comprised of a surprisingly large number of children.  When things went really south for the party it was a collective promise to take care of one another’s children that ensured so many children survived when the adults did not. Perhaps an uplifting ending could help boost this potential show.  It certainly is not a thing that will happen on The Terror.  

3.  There is a Monster and it Could be a Tuunbaq

Katsu’s book looks at least partially at the supernatural elements surrounding the party.  There were so many missteps and unfortunate incidents that took place it is not hard to presume the entire journey was cursed.  In The Hunger there is more than just a passing glance at witchcraft.  As people go missing throughout the journey people begin to wonder if there is a monster in the woods picking them off.  Indigenous peoples’ also play a large role in the journey of the Donner-Reed Party.  The same supernatural connections that worked so well in The Terror are also intertwined in The Hunger.  In many ways Katsu gives us something to fear external from the party because the actual situation was so dire.  The idea that the party could be under the spell and control of a witch is truly interesting and could make for some really interesting visuals.  The paranoia this brings the group could also be nicely timed as our country seems to be fighting the same tribalism and suspicion.  

4.  The Hunger Has Tons of Critical Acclaim

The Hunger has been included in a number of “best of” lists including.; PopSugar’s 31 of the Best New Books You Should Read in March. io9’s 28 New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Well Worth Checking Out. PureWow’s 20 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018.  NerdMuch’s 20 Best New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books. SyFy Wire’s Out of This World Book Releases.  We have also written about it on Signal Horizon.  The critics love this book.  The readers love this book.  We loved this book. Our bet, the watchers will love this book as well.  It has only been out for two months and already the buzz is building.    

5.   Ridley Scott the Producer of The Terror Has the Rights to The Hunger

A bidding war took place awhile ago for the publishing rights to The Hunger.  Katsu who has penned a number of other novels has proven herself quite the author and both Ridley Scott and Fox wanted a piece of her newest historical horror.  Katsu herself reiterated that Scott has the rights with a tweet last week.  Just a brief reminder that Scott also produced The Terror. It really seems like this is next in the hopper.   Its not just that we think this is a great novel.  The powers that be have already fast tracked it and we would not be surprised to hear and announcement at any time.  

If you liked The Terror head on over to our Facebook Group.  We have tons of Terror related articles and discussions.  We cannot wait to start another group all about this new series.  The Donner Party and their trials and tribulations are often discussed but rarely understood.  The details surrounding it are horrific.  The horror of The Hunger is just beginning. 

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