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{Blu Review} Second Sight’s Under the Shadow.

With Parasite winning best picture its the perfect time to explore the horror genre in other countries and you should absolutely start with Babak Anvari’s Under the Shadow Blu release from Second Sight Films. It is an absolute gem and the special features offer an amazing look at how Anvari brought the monsters of Iran to life.

I am a sucker for getting into the head of directors. This Blu release includes Babak Anvari’s short film Two & Two. The short film is a scathing look at education under an autocracy and for obvious reasons it spoke directly to me as a teacher. It also shares space with Under the Shadow in that its not afraid to talk or wear its politics on its sleeve. As you watch the short and than the movie you cannot help but think you are watching Anvari evolve as an artist as you make your way through the special features. The other interviews offered on the release offer different perspectives on how the film was made and how everyone worked hard to create the world of darkness both through the supernatural but also through the world of war and violence. Most important about this Blu release, IT’S REGION FREE BABY!

Second Sight’s Blu’s are different. Almost every release has a directors commentary and Under the Shadow is no different. Rich in detail and anecdotes Anvari’s commentary takes us from scene to scene adding small details that will make any fan of this film incredibly happy. The world is a complicated place. Anvari does not shy away from those complications in the movies that makes nor his commentary about them. He is one of the most exciting up and coming directors and this release helps prove it. His first crack at an American horror movie was Hulu’s Wounds which is equal parts bizarre, Weird, and terrifying. Not entirely unlike Under the Shadow. For full details of the release check below.

Photo Courtesy of Wigwam Films


Director: Babak Anvari

Starring: Narges Rashidi, Avin Manshadi, Bobby Naderi

In 1988 Tehran, Shideh’s attempts to rejoin medical school are thwarted as a consequence of her politically active history. Her husband is sent off to serve in the Iran-Iraq War while Iraqi air raids draw perilously close to their own apartment. As neighbours and friends flee from a city in chaos she is left alone with her daughter Dorsa who becomes increasingly ill and seemingly disturbed. Shideh initially dismisses her tantrums over a missing doll but is soon terrified they’ve been targeted by a djinn – a malevolent spirit that steals from those it seeks to possess.

Special Features 

  • Two & Two – Babak Anvari’s BAFTA Award nominated short film
  • Escaping the Shadow: a new interview with director Babak Anvari
  • Within the Shadow: a new interview with actor Narges Rashidi
  • Forming the Shadow: a new interview with producers Lucan Toh and Oliver Roskill
  • Shaping the Shadow : a new interview with cinematographer Kit Fraser
  • A new audio commentary with Babak Anvari and Jamie Graham

Limited Edition Contents

  • Limited Edition of 2,000
  • Rigid slipcase featuring new artwork by Christopher Shy
  • Soft cover book with new esssays by Jon Towlson and Daniel Bird plus behind-the-scenes photos and concept illustrations
  • Poster featuring the new artwork

Catalogue number: 2NDBR4110

Certificate: 15

Region: Free