Castle Rock Season 2 Episode 7: The Word-Recap And Review-Everything You Need To Know About The Kid, That Phone Number and Weavers

Everything old and dead gets reborn in Castle Rock season 2 episode 7 where The Kid makes a surprising return and everything we thought we knew gets twisted.

He’s back……… Coming as a pleasant shock to almost everyone, Bill Skarsgard is back with his thousand-yard stare, chiseled cheekbones, pillow lips, and evil ways. This event spirals down and causes everything he said or did in season two to be questioned. Did Henry help him escape? Did he kill Henry? Is this even the same universe that our Henry is holding The Kid in?

Season two has required a lot of patience. The reward was the first real shocker of the season. Annie Wilkes’s origin story has been captivating so far, in large part due to an incredible job by Lizzy Caplan who so perfectly captured all the restrained madness of Annie while mixing in doses of likability and relatability. It has been a slow burn to be sure though. Violence erupted in episode five as we watched Annie’s childhood, and episode six brought Joy, Annie, and Rita together for a showdown, but the majority of the story beats concerning Annie were devoid of supernatural elements. In a town as odd as Castle Rock it hardly seemed possible that would last. Ace and his crew have been operating in the shadows. We finally know who they are and what their end game is. It was worth the wait.

Before all the questions there were some major answers. Jerusalem’s Lot started as a settlement 400 years ago. Le Neuve Jerusalem was a terrible place. All those years ago nothing would grow, animals withered and died and the settlers who came searching for God and a new home found only corruption and death. The original settlers were not evil just rigid and pious.

An argument could be made that is in its own way wrong, but they definitely weren’t in league with The Kid in the beginning. Amity and her lover begin their fall from grace shortly after being exiled for blasphemy and promiscuity. They are vulnerable and impressionable. The settlers learn a tough lesson. Be careful what you cast out. In this case, it might have been better to keep your enemies closer. Keen eyes recognized the stabby woman from the schism in season one as none other than Amity. She is The Kid’s first disciple in Jerusalem’s Lot.

Amity found something powerful on the cliff, just not an innocent angel.

Amity did not find God out on that cliff but the true face of evil. Just as the priest was perverted by evil so now is Ace. In all honesty, it wasn’t a far fall for him though. Just as Henry pushed his Dad off the stark cliff in season one, Amity finds her Angel on the same cliff in season two. The Kid keeps busy and seems to have a penchant for destroying everything and everyone around him.

It seems everything he told Molly last season was a lie. He is the deceiver and he does so with ease. The upside-down crucifixion burnings should answer any questions about The Kid and which side he is on. If there was even a shred of truth to his story and he has been in the wrong universe for so long he became evil, then the result is still the same. Power corrupts absolutely, and he is absolutely corrupt. More likely he is Randall Flagg/Crimson King/Man in Black and a thousand other names.

The serpent is who corrupted Eve in the garden with an apple. Amity brings apples grown in her land to the settlers to convince them her angel was the way to salvation. The sly nod to the Judeo-Christain story was not an accident.

The Many Faces Of Randall Flagg-A Theory of Castle Rock’s The Kid

With the 400 year anniversary upon them, Amity’s congregation is back searching for a vessel for her to call home and Annie is their choice. There are currently thirty-eight reincarnated souls with only Amity remaining. Annie is safe for now in the police station and heavily medicated. Time is running out for both her and the season, though. As one of the few people not under The Kid’s swoon, it will be up to Pops to unite the good guys and come to her aid. An odd pairing for a dynamic duo, Annie and Pops both are flawed heroes who appear to be all we’ve got.

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Annie has confessed to Rita’s death to keep Joy safe. This Annie has a dark streak, but she may be more naughty than monstrous.

“I don’t know why a crazy person does what she does.”, Annie quips at the police officer who is questioning her. An Ironic statement knowing what happens in her future.

There’s been a lot written about Joy and why she saved Annie. This is the only Mother she has ever known. Joy is just as damaged as Annie despite her best efforts and it should be no surprise she ultimately chose to save her and not Rita.

What you need to know about the weaving.

Annie’s medication has two benefits it seems. It keeps her sane(a huge plus), and it guards against the “weaving”. The medication which keeps her sane also messes with the ‘weaving” process. Another convert Heather is having similar trouble as a former junkie. If they are able to get Annie they will need her to be clean before the process can continue. Unfortunately for them, an off her meds Annie is not something to mess with. The locusts fed to each of the converts before their settler counterpart reincarnates perform a function called weaving allowing for the previous spirit to come forth.

Locust represents rebirth and death. In the past, these creatures have been used as agents of wrath in the Bible and the rhythms of biological life are associated with Circadia. There are hints that Annie may have been selected for her role because of her lineage. In a season with so many angel references it is too coincidental that her father’s book, a historical romance is called The Ravening Angel. Many of the scenes including the sunrise scene on the cliff instantly are reminiscent of passages from his book.

The schism is calling.

If it wasn’t enough that the Kid is back, Annie might be his acolyte’s vessel, and there are tons of bugs in town, there is a creepy ad asking for people to call if they see something hinky. When you call the most disturbing sound runs for thirty seconds and then repeats. The schism is loose and it sounds ominous.

Pops knows there is something coming. The cage in Shawshank is empty. The Kid has been released and he is about to reign chaos on the people of Jerusalem’s Lot. hopefully Annie and Pop can stop the coming war for the town’s soul. If Castle Rock continues to deliver episodes that appreciate the past with visits to Shawshank from Tim Robbins while looking to the future we are in for a hell of a sophomore season.

Easter eggs galore as the season comes together. Little girls with bad clown paint jobs holding balloons, apples, locust, and slime as if breaking free from a cocoon, it’s all there leading us to an inevitable conclusion that this is Castle Rock’s world and we are all unwittingly living in it.


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