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Deep Cuts Horror Trivia: Back to School

It is almost that time again. Its getting darker earlier. The weather is starting to get a bit cooler and of course all the kiddies are putting on their backpacks, grabbing their number two pencils, and preparing for the grueling ritual of BACK TO SCHOOL. Join us this Friday September 10th for 7 petrifying periods of fun! Registration and preshow starts at 6:30 and questions start at 7:00. Winners get a horror prize pack and of course a 25.00 gift card to The Big Rip Brewing Company.

  1. Jennifer’s Student Body
  1. A Day in the Life at Horror High (Audio Visual Clue)
  1. Mr. Morbido’s Math Class (Visual Clue)
  1. Music Appreciation (Audio Clue)
  1. Anonymous Amazon Users Leave 1 star reviews of our Favorite School Based Horror
  1. School Spirits From Abroad

7. Mascots of DEATH