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Deep Cuts Trivia September 1, 2023: Cabin in the Woods Edition

Come get a sneak peek at Drinkaway Camp a Pop+ experience. Keep teams under 6 players, please. The first question begins at 7:00PM. Register early and grab a beer at The Big Rip Brewing Company and some BBQ! Here are the categories for Friday, September 1st, 2023. It is free to enter and we are giving away two passes to Drinkaway Camp along with a grand prize pack. Play for free and win some stuff!

  1. I survived Camp ????
  2. Sequels Suck!
  3. 1 Star Reviews of our Favorite Horror Films
  4. Your Archetype Says A Lot (Video Category)
  5. Bring Your Donuts (Photo Category)
  6. Did you hear that? (Audio Category)
  7. Final Girl Before and After