Signal Horizon

See Beyond

Drinkaway Camp: Follow The Rules, Survive the Night

Pick your archetype. Do you want to play it safe and easy or risk everything by stretching those brain cells? No two characters’ experience is the same, and you can always come back for more if time permits. Locate your character’s tasks using the colored numbers and symbols around the room and record all your answers in your Necronomicon. Make sure and take pictures of all your best moments for prosperity. Remember to tag @Signal Horizon and @The Big Rip Brewing Company on Facebook, @SignalHorizonMag, and BigRipBrewingco on Instagram.

Jock Difficulty Level 1

Task 1- Every stud needs a beer to start the night right. Pick a brew and get to chugging.

Task 2-Yo dude….It’s been a whole ten years since your glory days as Captain of the high school football team. Relive your athletic milestones. Find a previous victim’s letter jacket and put it on. Write the victim’s name in your guidebook. Take a pic to prove to your fans that you still have the looks and the moves. Remember to tag @SignalHorizon and @BIgRipBrewingco to show everyone how cool you are.

Task 3- A real man smells like a man. Take a whiff through some of the killer’s “mementos”. Sniff until you find a scent that seems off. Record which “flavor” of man our killer enjoys most. Be sure to have a friend take a photo of you with your face in another man’s package.

Task 4- Do you still have what it takes to be a man? Show off your feats of strength by doing some exercise. Hit the ropes and find the right workout equipment to reveal your clue. Since you like team sports so much, you may need assistance recording your clue.

Task 5-Time to show off your brain…what little there may be. Our killer takes pride in inflicting pain on the athletes who tortured him when he was younger. Identify the sports teams in his Voodoo Doll collection. Record all dolls that you recognize.

Task 6- You’ve shown you have the balls to help save your friends. But you might not be the biggest man our killer has mutilated. Our killer likes to take home parts of his victims. Find the hidden trophies and determine which previous camper had the biggest cajones.

Task 7- Buy and drink a Mai Boom Stick or whatever gives you liquid courage to numb the pain.

Extra Credit- Answer my riddles and record them at the bottom of your character’s page in your Necronomicon.

What’s white, sticky, and better to spit than to swallow?

I’m spread out before being eaten. Your tongue gets me off. Sometimes, people like to lick my nuts. What am I?

Fool- Difficulty Level 2

Task 1- Locate and drink a La Fou 75 or whatever will scramble your brains the best to put yourself in the right mindset.

Task 2- You enjoy botany, especially plants of the cannabis variety. The answer to your first task is hidden in the leaves. Watch out. It may give you some bad memories of the doctor’s office.

Task 3- You have your brain… and then your brain on drugs. Hopefully, you’re feeling a little buzzed. It’s time to see if your vision is up to a little physical activity. Grab the “foggy” glasses and take a stroll over to the recreation area. Have a friend record your attempts at ring toss and add up your score.

Task 4- Our killer is also a huge pothead, and every stoner knows that weed is better with food. Find the killer’s lunch box and identify the munchies. Write down the first letter of each snack and find what the killer really thinks of people like you.

Task 5- Now that we have you in a good headspace, take a psychedelic trip to the killer’s shack. Only a fool would walk in there. Stare into his artwork and find the word for your next answer.

Task 6- You’re a nasty little pervert for looking at that shit….but it does have you hot and bothered. We know your dirty little secret and how you like to stare into people’s windows at night. Why not take a look at our killer’s window? Use the flashlight and your peeping skills to unscramble your last clue.

Task 7- Now that you have exhausted yourself, grab a drink and thoroughly pollute yourself.

Extra Credit- Answer my riddles and record your answers at the bottom of your character’s page in the Necronomicon.

What do you call a stoner when they are horny?

What four-letter word begins with F and ends with K? If you can’t get it, you can always just use your hands.

Nerd- Difficulty Level 5

Task 1- Find and drink a Side Quest or whatever your little dorky heart desires.

Task 2- Our killer has many interests that you yourself share. Check out our killer’s Sci-Fi, Comic Book collection, and shrine to his favorite TV character. See if you can find the message hidden amongst the lot and take a picture that corresponds to the answer.

Task 3- Like you, our killer loves scary movies and has been studying them for the perfect way to kill you. A true geek like you knows their horror trivia. Only the correct responses will allow you to unscramble your final answer.

Task 4- One of our killer’s nerdy hobbies is to gaze at the stars. The only problem is that these stars are a little more on the occult side. Look up at the night sky and see if you can find a few stars with anagrams. Unscramble them all to advance to your next task.

Task 5- While our jock was on the football field, you were in Chess Club. You might have even played against our killer back in the day. See if you can decipher the message the killer left for you on the chessboard. Remember that the color and order of pieces matter.

Task 6- It’s 1986, and we are all at the height of technology. Our killer has been playing this awesome new game on his Apple II called Number Munchers. Kick your feet up over by the lake and see if you are a math genius, too. Record your answer in your guidebook.

Task 7- Give that big brain of yours a break and relax by grabbing a beer. Bonus points if you get one that scratches your nerdy itch.

Extra Credit- Answer my riddles and record your answers at the bottom of your character’s page in the Necronomicon.

I assist with erections. Sometimes, giant balls hang from me. I’m known as a big swinger. What am I?

What gets longer if pulled, fits snugly between breasts, slides neatly into a hole, chokes people when used incorrectly, and works well when jerked.

Whore Difficulty Level 1

Task 1- Find and slam a Harlot(or whatever makes you horny) because what else would you drink?

Task 2- You look underdressed for this party. Take a hike to the pond and find the artifacts of past bimbos. One swimsuit belonged to our killer’s favorite plaything. Find the top with the name of his best whore. Record that name in your guidebook. Be sure to try a suit on for yourself and have someone take a picture for you. Time to show off all your Glamour Shots moves.

Task 3- If the bathroom walls don’t lie…you should be pretty good with your hands. Since you like “gearing” boys up, see if you can play with our killer’s gears to find the name of his current infatuation. You have to remember what year it is.

Task 4- We know you’re a tramp, and so were the other pretty ladies who came to our cabins. Can you spot and record the killer’s favorite animal in his collection of tramp stamps?

Task 5- Our killer likes pictures of pretty girls…but he keeps them hidden. Look low and check in hidden places for your next message to unscramble. Make sure you have someone take a picture of you in a position in which you are quite familiar. We’ve heard you like to get down on your knees.

Task 6- Our killer is a man… a very large man, but you’ve never backed down from a large task. For this challenge, you will measure the killer’s girth by finding a matching specimen. Once you have groped all you can, kneel before the altar and match our killer’s girth to those hanging. It’s best to do this on your knees as well. Record the correct number in your guidebook.

Task 7- Take a shot, you dirty slut.

Extra Credit- Answer my riddles and record your answers at the bottom of your character’s page in the Necronomicon.

Over 1000 people went down on me. I wasn’t a maiden for long. Something really big and hard ripped me open. What am I?

You stick poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do. What am I?

The Final Girl Difficulty Level 3

Task 1- Find and drink a Camp Estivo or whatever will keep you pure.

Task 2- Being the responsible one in the group means you have done your fair share of babysitting. Our killer likes babies, too. Try to find the hidden scrambled message in his baby dolls.

Task 3- You’re here for a fun time, so it’s game night! Find a friend, go to the bar, and order a shot of your favorite poison. Play the ring game, and whoever loses gets to down the shot. Record who won in your guidebook and take a picture doing it.

Task 4- Just because you are pure and clean doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes have to do the tough and gross shit. Reach into the holes of the dead tree, feel around, and reveal the message. Don’t forget to record the answer in your guidebook.

Task 5- Our killer likes to slaughter the virgins last. This means you are the final victim tonight, and our killer has already planned how you will die. Look through his murder cabinet. This will reveal how he plans on killing your friends. Poke your head into his house to discover what is in store for you. Record all the answers in your guidebook to save you and your friends and win.

Task 6- Now that you have found out what the killer intends to do, it’s your job to rescue everyone and GET HELP!….but you can’t seem to remember the number. If only there were letters on the phone.

Task 7- Order and drink a Strode for obvious reasons. If you know, you know.

Extra Credit- Answer my riddles and record your answers at the bottom of your character’s page in the Necronomicon.

All day long, it’s in and out. I discharge loads from my shaft. Both men and women go down on me. What am I?

I go in hard, come out soft, and you love to blow me. What am I?

If you see me in bed, you whack me off. The bigger I am, the louder you will scream. Seeing what’s between my hairy legs will make your skin crawl. What am I?

The Killer Difficulty Level 5

Task 1- Order and drink a Wood Chipper. It may be messy, but it’s an effective way to get rid of a body.

Task 2- There are reasons for your insanity. Though not your first kill, your parent’s deaths were by far the most gratifying. Read your journal entries to remember their method of execution. Then, find the appropriate picture that matches both of their deaths and record the message in your guidebook.

Task 3- These voices in your head have been talking to you for some time. Time to go to the shack and pray at your altar. Record the name with which you cry and to whom you give all the glory. Be sure and take a picture of your altar.

Task 4- Every killer needs a good disguise. While in your shack, find a mask that fits your craziness. Take a picture to instill fear in others. Record the message inside the mask in your guidebook.

Task 5- Your treasures and artifacts of past kills can be found everywhere in these woods. Your favorites are the bones of your victims. Translate the runes and record your answers.

Task 6- Like many killers before you, You have saved many pieces of your victims. The pieces you didn’t save, you burned. Sift through the ashes to find the answer and your final destination.

Task 7- Grab a Deadite and down it because birds of a feather should flock together.

Extra Credit: Answer my riddles and record your answers at the bottom of your character’s page in the Necronomicon.

When you have more of me, you can see only less. What am I?

The person who built it sold it. The person who bought it never used it. The person who used it never saw it. What is it?