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EXCLUSIVE BOOK EXCERPT Book of Demons by Kevin Moore

ILet us turn you on to one of horror’s rising stars. Kevin Moore’s supernatural thriller The Book of Souls (March 3, 2022) was an Amazon Editor’s Pick for Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, and this Halloween he’s releasing the epic climax to his duology described as “Harry Potter meets the Exorcist!” (American Online Radio), THE BOOK OF DEMONS (Books Fluent, Oct 11, 2022).

Inspired by years of lucid dreams about conversing with ‘Shadows’ and the dead, Moore has drawn from his eerie dreamworld to craft a twisty, gripping duology praised by lovers of supernatural horror. The story follows Jack Kelly, a family man who, after a near-death accident, wakes up in his 13-year-old body. His doctors say his memories of his wife and children are false–and his “reality” becomes even more terrifying when he realizes he now has paranormal powers and the ability to see demons and ghosts. Jack must come to grips with who he really is–and if it’s possible to get back to his “real” life–while confronting unspeakable evil that only he can see.

We have an exclusive look at the chapter that introduces the villain of Book of Demons. Dr. Phillips. One part shape shifter. One part heart eater. Entirely evil. Check out below for the excerpt and preorder the newest novel today.

Getting to his feet, Seymore started to make his way out of the cave until he was hit with seizures. He tried to fight through them, but they rolled through him violently like continuous earthquakes. The cave shook beneath his feet. He fell to the ground in a maddened state, rolling in pain, crawling. Hallucinating. The walls in the cave called his name. He twisted in pain, for how long he didn’t know… hours? Days? He hoped and prayed to die. “Kill me already,” he screamed.

Seymore felt his body being torn apart from the inside out like an intensely primal birth. He screamed in pain; his chest ripped open; his legs shriveled into his body. He reached for his chest but found his arms and hands were now wings.

He fully exploded, metamorphosing into the albino bat. He flew around chaotically, bouncing off walls before disappearing deep into the cave.

The room was dark. Seymore tried to sit, but his head was heavy. He was on a bed, maybe a cot. Still feeling confused, he found the floor with his feet, realizing his hearing was never this good, this clear. Seymore touched a small table with a lamp on it and turned on the light. The cot, table, and lamp were the only furniture in the room. There were no windows, nothing on the walls, and one small door. He could not remember anything but a vague memory of flying. Must have been a dream. Images of feeding on mice, rats, and maybe even a cat flashed before him.

            He got to his feet and walked like a newborn fawn to the door. Outside the room was a long hallway; its walls were filled with art. A beautiful chair sat at the center of the blue foyer. It was a complete contrast to the dull room he had left. At the end of the hallway, there was a red door that he presumed led outdoors.

            He opened the door. An older couple sat on the porch, surprised to see him. “You’re up,” the man said.

             Seymore nodded his head.

 “You’ve only been getting up at night,” the man said.

 “I don’t mean to be rude, but who are you?”

 “I’m Philip Philips. P. Philips. This is my wife, Victoria.”

“Where am I?”

“Scotland.”Scotland? How the fuck did I get to Scotland?