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From Season 2 Episode 6 Pas de Deux Explained- What Are The Blood Worms And What Happened To The Smiling Man?

From Season 2 has been slow to build. New characters had to be integrated into the town, and new mysteries were revealed. All of that while old mysteries were left to fester like rotting wounds. They taunted us with ambiguity and unresolved answers. From Season 2 Episode 6 marks the shift from the meditative setup of the front half of the season with the more frantically paced, addictive back half episodes. So hold on to your amulets; things are about to get wild.

Several things boiled over in From Season 2 Episode 6. Boyd started sharing his experiences with those he is closest to, and the looming food shortage is the backdrop for some revelatory events. Old emotional injuries are forgiven when Dale stabs Ellis in a fit of panic. It’s hard to be mad at someone in the middle of a life or death situation when one of you has things wriggling around under their skin.

Boyd and company are losing control, and the problem is only going to get worse. With trees beginning to turn for the first time and a possible pregnancy, things are changing fast in Fromville. Why it’s happenballerinahat it means for everyone are just a few of the pertinent questions. Here’s everything you need to know about the blood worms, the ballerina, what happened to the Smiling Man, and some possible theories.

Why are the trees changing, and what it might mean for Fatima’s pregnancy

Bombs were dropped frequently in From Season 2 Episode 6, and if you weren’t paying attention, you missed one. It was hard to focus on the forest for the trees when trees were falling all around us. Boyd is right. Things are changing, and mostly not for the better. Things weren’t great before, what with the smiling monsters tempting and mocking everyone nightly, but at least there were clear rules that everyone, including the carnivorous vampiric people, had to follow. Even the most concrete rules could be in question now.

After Boyd collapses on the ground in the diner and Kenny begrudgingly walks with him to Kristi’s, the pair notice that the trees are changing. Prior to this, time worked differently in this town. Days seemed to work the same as outside the invisible walls, but nature didn’t react the same. Judging from their conversation, leaves hadn’t changed like this before. From this statement, we can conclude that the weather remained constant, and the proverbial “winter” never came. This meant their growing season never ended, and as long as the ground didn’t become contaminated, they could always provide food.

Now that seems to be changing. Is it just the trees that are withering, or are the seasons changing too? Not all of nature is affected because Kristi’s hair grows, and they experience time like they would outside the town. The trees have always been important because they provide literal shelter and safety with their ability to teleport. Although unpredictable, they are a vital part of the mysterious ecosystem. Did they start changing after Boyd got infected with Martin’s blood worms? If so, might that mean that the worms aren’t meant for everyone, and maybe Boyd having them has tipped the balance somehow?

Martin, Victor, and the Boy In White understand the importance of the trees. They may not know how they are critical, but they know they are essential. Both Martin and the Boy In White have indicated that the monsters are not the most terrible things in this place. Almost certainly, whatever is worse than the monsters is concerned about Boyd’s blood worms. If the Smiling Man that Boyd infected with his blood worms is either dead or reverted to human, it could mean big things for the entire community. Maybe the monsters are victims just like the humans, and even though they are sadistic killers, they are stuck in Fromville? It’s also possible they were “created” by the worse entities for whatever experiment Jim posits is being conducted on them.

The second big shocker is Fatima might be pregnant. What a baby born in Fromville looks like, I can’t imagine. But, there is magic here that messes with people’s minds and changes reality as we know it. Will Fatima and Ellis’ baby be the chosen one to lead them out of town? Will the baby be born a night creature?

A handful of secrets come out like Mari is a drug addict(sigh), and Donna has a heart, after all. Her scene with Ethan, although unproductive in the propulsion of the storyline, is incredibly tender and humanizing for the ballbusting leader of Colony House. As much as I would love to think this was a moment for Elizabeth Saunders(Donna) to shine, I worry it sets us up for her eventual death. Newcomer Elgin steps up ballerinas needed most to save Ellis, who gets stabbed by Dale accidentally. I’m absolutely down for this plot beat as Elgin could be a pivotal character.

Boyd’s music box and Ballerina

Before Boyd bravely rushes out into the night to try and give his ballerinams to a monster, he has visions, lots of horrific visions that shake him to his core. Although we don’t understand why the music box scares him, the enigmatic ballerina is creepy, especially when she opens her mouth and worms come crawling out. Now that he has gotten rid of his worms, I wonder if his visions will stop. Not everyone with blood worms has visions. Sara has visions and worms, and Boyd does after being infected, but Tabitha, Ethan, and Victor all see things that others can’t and have no worms. The items that come back are crucial to a specific person in town. Could Boyd continue to be plagued by scary dancers because he is tapped into something psychically now? Only time will tell.

From Season 2 Episode 6
Courtesy of MGM + pictured: Harold Perrineau

The importance of the blood worms in From Season 2 Episode 6

Boyd tells Kristi and Kenny about the worms and his visions because he has no choice, but the result is the same. They are fballerinaaring information. Although they don’t believe him at first, by the end of the episode, they see the worms crawling under his skin and know he is telling the truth. We can assume everything with the ballerina didn’t happen, but it is worth noting that the cellar door in the woods she came out of was closed but not latched. This leaves the door open for her to have been real in some fashion.

Boyd’s declaration about Martin and his worms are initially met with skepticism, but after they are witnesses, his rash decision to march out to the monsters and try to pass his worms into one of them doesn’t seem as foolhardy. The fact that Boyd thinks the worms kept Martin alive like some kind of Prometheus doomed to have his liver painfully eaten over and over is both horrific and hopeful. The worms both fed on Martin and kept him alive in pain and isolation. Boyd didn’t want to live the way Martin did. He tells Kristi the worms are hurting him, and he feels something coming. What if the worms are the key to everything?

“Sometimes crazy’s the most rational response you can have.” Father Khatri says in From Season 2 Episode 6. Jim may be right, and everything happening is designed to dissect stimulus and response. For the first time, the residents of From have an active weapon assuming the Smiling Man is really dead or made human again. We don’t know what that means for them yet, but it could be a game-changer. It might also mean things are about to get way worse before they get better. They are almost out of food, and although they know the blood worms are a powerful tool, they no longer possess them. We will all have to hope the Smiling Man’s body is still there in the morning for them to dissect. Find all our From coverage here.