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Horror Pod Class: Season 3 Episode 27: Event Horizon With Brock Wilson

Welcome to the Junior Year Episode 27 of the Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler and I am the editor-in-chief of Signal Horizon, a magazine dedicated to exploring horror both in and out of the classroom. When I’m not managing Signal Horizon, I am a teacher at a local high school here in Kansas City, Missouri. Tonight, as I am every night, I am joined by my co-host and monster ambassador here at Signal Horizon, award-winning writer Orrin Grey! 

Tonight we have a very special guest. Brock Wilbur is a writer, musician, comedian, actor, amatuer tapdancer and perhaps most importantly a journalist. For Orrin and I that Journalist part is most important because it has led him back to Kansas City where Brock is now the Editor in Chief of The Pitch the cities independent newspaper. He has two incredible cute cats (Woodward and Bernstein) he is twelve feet tall and a super nice guy with a heck of a lot of things to say so we are thrilled to have him on the show this week. 

What have we been watching or reading or are excited about:

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Dark Corners of the Web. 

R.I.P. Richard Sala:

Essential Question: Why is Event Horizon so scary. 


Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill) is a scientist who has designed a spacecraft called Event Horizon the ship employs a special transport mechanism that, in effect, creates a black hole that the ship can pass through, allowing it to travel tremendous distances in a few seconds. The Event Horizon mysteriously disappears in the midst of a mission with no trace of either the ship or its crew, but it reappears in Neptune’s orbit after a seven year absence and it’s sending out a distress signal. The spaceship Lewis and Clark, and Dr. Weir, are sent to investigate; the crew — are already tired and unenthusiastic about this assignment, and somewhat confused by Weir’s reports. The crew of the Lewis and Clark are convinced that Weir is not telling them something, and when they discover the Event Horizon, they find that things are not what they seem, and an evil presence has taken over the ship.

 Hieronymus Bosch’s hellscapes

Production was cursed

Memory: The origin of Alien


The Jaunt-Stephen King


This is a radically stupid space movie, and a worse horror flick. Gory purely for the sake of gore, it invokes no terror and only canned suspense. It is basically a haunted house in spaceThe plot, what there was of it, was not reasonable. The movie was a string of pearls made of the individuals’ nightmares but the string was missing. It is a movie to be endured in the expectation that something will happen to make sense of the story, or rather even make a story. For reference, I consider 2001: A Space Odyssey to be excellent. Clear story line and you came to know and like the characters – even HAL.

Orrin: Ah yes, 2001, that movie famous for [checks notes] the clarity of its plot.

Check out Brock at the Pitch.