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I Came By Explained- What Happened To Toby And Lizzie And Who Is The Prisoner?

I Came By
I Came By. (L to R) Hugh Bonneville as Hector, Yasdan Qafouri as Omid in I Came By. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2022

It’s another Labor Day weekend void of new films. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some quality content on the streamers. Big movie executives tend to avoid Labor Day releases because they are the kiss of death. Any movie released during this long holiday weekend almost invariably dies on the vine of lost entertainment. The same isn’t true for streaming content, though. This is why we have a glut of things to choose from. Prime Video’s Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power was released today, and AMC+’s Pantheon, an animated sci-fi gem that is a must-see, should be on your list. Additionally, Netflix has several things that are worthy of a watch. The limited series The Devil In Ohio is a guilty pleasure, and I Came By is a surprising chiller that keeps your attention from beginning to end.

Toby and Jay are anarchist graffiti artists who break into rich people’s homes and tag their walls with the phrase “I Came By”. It’s part of a rebellious movement to expose the hypocrisy that helps the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Unfortunately, he breaks into the wrong house one day and uncovers a massive secret that puts him and his family and friend in danger.

When breaking into a retired judge’s house, he finds pictures of a man beaten and bound. The judge Sir Hector Blake played perfectly by Hugh Bonneville, is a well-respected man known for helping refugees. The man is not the saint everyone thinks he is, though. He is keeping a man chained in his basement in a hidden room. When Toby finds the secret room, he knows he has to do something to help the man.

He asks Jay for help but with a baby on the way, he refuses. Toby also goes to the police, who investigate Blake’s house but finds nothing. Blake is very connected and casually threatens the policeman who comes to question him. Finally, with no other choice, he tries to rescue the man himself. As he tries to save the prisoner, he slips on some blood, and Sir Blake beats him with a cricket paddle. The next, we see Hector cutting down a bloody paddle and tossing it along with his shirt into a furnace in the basement. We don’t ever see Toby again.

I Came By
I Came By. (L to R) Percelle Ascott as Jay, George MacKay as Toby in I Came By. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2022

The ending of I Came By?

In the final act of I Came By, Jay believes he must investigate Blake with Toby and Lizzie missing regardless of his commitments and the danger to himself. Jay’s ex-girlfriend Naz tells him where Blake will be, and Jay follows him to his new home, where he confronts him. The two have a violent squirmish, and Jay gets the upper hand.

He duct tapes Hector and leaves him for the police to find. Jay next opens the door to the hidden room and finds another victim. He releases the man and tells him the police are on the way. We don’t get a clear look at the prisoner, but he could be Omid or a new man Hector has taken. It would be impossible for this man to be Ravi as he would be much older by this time. In all likelihood, this is yet another young immigrant Hector took after moving into his new house. Keeping Omid confined and hidden while moving would be a difficult task.

Why is Hector Blake killing people?

Sir Blake, or St. Blake as referred to by those who think he is a philanthropist, takes young male immigrants and chains them in his basement. He tortures and beats them until he is through with them and then kills them, disposing of them in his basement furnace. In a terrifying monologue, Blake explains to Omid that his father took in a refugee named Ravi when Blake was a child. He moved the young man in and eventually began an affair with him. Unfortunately, Blake’s mother could not handle the rejection and likely abuse and committed suicide.

Since her death, Hector Blake has blamed the young refugee for losing her and being sent to a boarding school following her death. In reality, that poor boy was probably a victim as well. He was likely held hostage there because he had nowhere to go, and Hector’s father took advantage of that. There is also evidence that Hector’s father was abusive. Hector describes him as a rigid, violent man, and we know he had no trouble abusing the vulnerable. One day Hector snapped and brutally beat Ravi. He describes the experience as transcendent and a killer was born. Now, Blake uses his service to the community to troll for victims. He is a sick twist who blames the victim instead of the villain.

I Came By
I Came By. George MacKay as Toby in I Came By. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2022

What happens to Toby and Lizzie?

Toby’s mother, Lizzie, suspects her son was killed by Sir Blake. After she finds evidence that Toby was in Hector’s house, she begins watching him. She becomes convinced he had something to do with Toby’s disappearance when she sees a young immigrant, Omid, stumble out of Blake’s house in a panic. Omid was drugged and narrowly escaped being held hostage in Blake’s basement. Shortly after Omid is retaken, he disappears.

Lizzie once again turns to the police with no success. Finally, she decides to break into Blake’s house to look for her son and Omid and gather evidence, and gets attacked. We don’t see Lizzie ever again. The implication is both Lizzie and Toby, Omid, and the man Toby tried to rescue were killed by Hector, burned, and tossed into the toilet. Blake tells Lizzie this is what he did with Toby, so we can assume he did the same with all the dead bodies.

The taut thriller is well acted, especially by Bonneville, who oozes entitlement and condescension. I Came By is a good movie with a great classic villain. It is streaming on Netflix right now.