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Netflix’s The Old Guard Ending Explained- The Post Credits Scene, A Sequel, And Andromache The Scythian

Netflix’s latest, The Old Guard is an action-packed superhero story about the interconnectivity of flawed people and the Butterfly Effect.

The Old Guard has an exciting cast of diverse characters and actors, including Chiwetel Ejiofor(Copley), who is everyone’s fangirl crush. The movie, which felt very much like the set up for a franchise, is heavy on build-up and emotional investment. Thanks to a stellar cast and an intriguing origin-story, this device is effective instead of irritating. It may just be the pandemic fatigue talking, but The Old Guard 2 and 3 are films I am excited for.

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A group of fighters who can not die throws themselves into battle, again and again, to make the world a better place in ways they don’t begin to understand. The team of four including leader Andy(Charlize Theron), Booker(Matthias Schoenaerts, Joe(Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky(Luca Marinelli have been together for centuries. After nearly 200 years, a new hero has been awakened. Nile, Kiki Layne, who delivers a star-making performance as a tough but believable soldier turned immortal mercenary struggles with everything she thought she knew and what she stands to lose. Saving the world isn’t easy, especially when Big Pharma wants to capitalize on your unique DNA. When the group is predictably captured through a double-cross we saw coming a mile away, Nile must harness her newfound powers and save the group.

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The female-led immortal saviors’ movie is an interesting spin on ancient warriors that needs a sequel to flesh out the backstories of all the heroes and the people they have saved. Here’s everything you need to know before the inevitable The Old Guard 2.

What Does That After Credit Scene Mean?

A short scene at the end of The Old Guard shows Quynh(Van Veronica Ngo), who is not still drowning in an Iron Maiden. She reveals herself to Booker, who has been forgiven but is no longer part of the group. Quynh and Andy were the original two immortal besties and had been together for lifetimes. They were captured and tortured for being witches sometime during the Spanish Inquisition. Andy escaped, but Quynh was placed in an Iron Maiden and left to drown over and over again for eternity.

Andy vowed to find her but was never able to. She feels guilty about it, but she had a world to save, so what’s a girl to do? From the looks of Quynh and the fact that she came to traitor Booker instead of Andy spells trouble. I’m guessing she is not into bygones. She will undoubtedly be the villain moving forward as the only other living thing with as much power as our group. Old loves die hard, I guess?

What Is Andromaove Or Andromache Or Scythia?

Andromache is a figure in Greek mythology that is best known for her virtue and fidelity. She frequently symbolizes the suffering of women(mostly at the hands of men) and the ability to endure and overcome that abuse. Originally married to Hector, when Troy fell, she was given as a concubine to Neoptolemus. After his death and several children, she married Helenus(Hector’s brother). In the novels, she is the badass leader of the group who has fought since ancient Greek times. Knowing what we know is coming for Andy, it looks like our long-suffering hero is in for more pain.

The Old Guard
THE OLD GUARD (2020) – Charlize Theron as Andy. Credit: Netflix ©2020

How Closely Does This Follow The Graphic Novels?

The first five episodes of the graphic novel The Old Guard by Greg Rucka, who also wrote the film and artist Leandro Fernandez is the source material for the film that premiered today. Being immortal isn’t easy. Loves come and go, family feels betrayed and ages without you, and it’s tiresome to fight with no explanation why continually. The comic book series deals with all the trauma left behind by an eternity of battle, both emotional and physical. The first arch titled Opening Fire is the basis for the initial film. There is a continuing arch titled Force Multiplies that would allow for future films. The main difference between the film and the novels is Nile. Layne’s Nile is given more depth to expand on then in the books. Between the performance and her potential character growth, she is sure to be a fan favorite.

The Old Guard

Will There Be A Sequel?

There is no confirmation on a sequel to The Old Guard but with plenty of additional stories already written and the intriguing idea of ex-CIA shifter Copley(Ejiofor) it would be all but impossible for this not to get green-lit. Early buzz has been great surrounding The Old Guard. Charlize Theron has developed into the go-to female action star so expect to hear something soon. You don’t waste talent or writing on the cinematic scrap heap.

The Old Guard
THE OLD GUARD (2020) – Chiwetel Ejiofor (“CopleyÓ). Photo Credit: AIMEE SPINKS/NETFLIX ©2020

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The Old Guard is an entertaining twist on unkillable mercenaries carrying lifetimes of baggage. It is well cast and written and delivers more than enough to all but guarantee a sequel. Surely there is someone they have saved in the past that will end up inventing a vaccine for COVID, right? It’s out on Netflix now.

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