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The Order Season 2 Ending Explained: Is Alyssa Dead And What It Means For Season 3?

Netflix’s The Order Season 2 was full of all the things we love about the cheesy magical werewolf dramedy. We learned all sorts of things about magic, demons, wolves, and yaltas(sons of whores). It was packed with mystical stuff we have no hope of ever explaining or saying for that matter. There were cameos of every ’90s star you’ve been missing. Ian Ziering, Jason Priestly, who briefly becomes Magus, and James Marsters for all you Buffy fans all made an appearance. It is one of the things I like best about the show. It doesn’t take itself at all seriously and instead chooses to revel in its ridiculousness. That self-awareness makes the stunt casting, and more fantastical plot beats endearing rather than annoying.

When we last saw our gang, the werewolves had all been memory wiped by what we thought were Order friends. As the 10 episode, The Order Season 2 arch continues Midnight and Silverback both vie for Jack as their champion with Silverback eventually winning, Lilith gets lost in the demon realm, Jack receives an unfortunate dye job that he thankfully rectifies. He gets turned into a hive mind syrup-producing living tree by an egalitarian magical order. Additionally, Gabi becomes a werewolf and gets claimed by Midnight to be his champion. That doesn’t even count the explosive ending or the terrorist subplot courtesy of Salvadore Grant that turns Alyssa into a Big Bad.

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In the end, Magus Stone has no magic. Hamish is hot for teacher, even if that teacher has no powers. Gabrielle is still a somewhat terrible human being; only now she has literal and figurative teeth and used them to kill Alyssa. Speaking of Alyssa, she appears to be dead, but Jack has the Vade Maecum Infernal and a heart full of love, so anythings possible. Randall sacrificed annoying Councilwoman Kepler to bring back Lilith, who has become a demon and didn’t want to be brought back. Lilith was rescued but is a demon and not excited about being back in the human plane again. Let’s break down all the major plot beats one by one. Here’s what it means for season 3.

Praxis is going strong.

Without Alyssa to guide them they could be very dangerous. Magical tourists without a guide to wave the flag could be disastrous ask anyone who has ever been to Disney World. Our girl is out of commission at least for a while or maybe forever. Who will fill the leadership role? A large group of magical practitioners without anyone to corral them or steer them from trouble will be catastrophic. Next season The Order may have to spend a fair amount of time rounding them all up and trying to contain the chaos.

The Order Season 2

Lilith is a demon.

Well, her name is Lilith Bathory, so is it really of a shock to find her time in the demon realm turned her into a demon? She basically had one foot in the door anyway. Things for Lilith and Nichole are going to get dicey. Are demons capable of love? In Charmed, they sure are, but in The Order, they seem to be a nastier version. Also, what happens when Nichole remembers or figures out that Randall killed Kepler to bring Lilith back?

That is going to cause all kinds of rifts among the group. I predict next season Lilith will struggle with becoming human again or leaving her friends permanently to become a demon. It is a massive sausagefest over at wolf central, so I don’t mind having another lady around, but a demon isn’t quite what I had in mind. Gabi and Lilith are going to clash big time.

Gabrielle and Midnight have bonded.

Now that Gabi has her first kill, Alyssa, the bond between the wolf and the magical practitioner is complete. Midnight has some bones to pick with Jack, which include some jilted lover type of jealousy, and Jack is going to want revenge on Midnight for Alyssa’s attack. Gabrielle isn’t on board with everything Midnight wants, but she doesn’t have any control of him at the moment. She will need to rely on her relationships with the other wolves to learn how to control Midnight.

The feisty brunette is down with the mutts now that she and Randall(forever Todd to me) are enemies with benefits affair. Hopefully, that situation will continue to grow, and Randall can help her navigate this messy situation. When she isn’t in control, she is locked in the Unconscious Collective, and it isn’t a great place. It is the single most fat-shaming, bullying, extreme, and demoralizing space ever. Gabi is hella confident, but there is only so much a girl can take.

Alyssa is dead.

At the end of The Order Season 2, we watch as Jack carried Alyssa, who is bloodied and lifeless, and the Vade Maecum Infernal. She looks super dead. Midnight/Gabrielle killed her as she was leaving Vera’s chamber, having performed the most powerful spell. If the spell worked and it looked like it did, she would be capable of performing magic without sacrifice except of course for that whole cancer thing Vera talked about.

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Too bad for Alyssa, she didn’t get a chance to do any magic before Midnight iced her. She is supremely powerful, though, and she may be harder to kill than that. Vera is all but unkillable as witnesses by the assassination attempt earlier in the season, so its possible Alyssa is now too. If she was merely unconscious while she was healing, the magic is still intact as well as the cancer death sentence.

If she did die and Jack brings her back, does her original death make the non-sacrificial magic spell null and void? I doubt it. Vera warned her magic is never free. “You pay now, or you pay later. Later costs more”. If she did die, where did Vera’s magic go? It’s also possible Jack performed necromancy or some other spell from the Vade Maecum on her, and she is alive but unconscious as he carries her off.

The Order Season 2

My monies on her being alive just recuperating. Jack and Alyssa will have a terrible time next season defeating Midnight, returning to The Order and giving Vera’s magic back, which was probably lost when she died and dealing with all Alyssa did at the end of the season. Becoming a terrorist in The Order Season 2 is not a good look, and there will be Hell to pay. In the next season, she will continue to be the Big Bad, having lost her humanity to the Vade Maecum. Jack also used the Vade Maecum, but Silverback’s bond with him will protect him some degree from the loss of humanity, or he will completely wolf out permanently. Either solution would be pretty cool.

Grand Magus Vera Stone has no magic.

Could it be possible the toughest bitch around has no juice? She can’t stay bottled for long, or The Order of the Blue Rose and The Knights of Saint Christopher will implode. Hamish is an excellent protector, but he is no match for powerful magic like Alyssa’s, so for now, she needs to stay hidden and rely on her intelligence and memory to guide The Order.

I’d be okay with another genre star showing up to be acting Grand Magus until she can get it together. Might I suggest Tahmoh Pentikett from Dollhouse and BSG? In season 3, she will fight all season long to rule without her magic and reclaim it. She and Alyssa weren’t good before, and they definitely won’t be now. She stole the Grand Magus’ magic and performed a spell, making her the most potent practitioner on the planet before being attacked by Midnight. There will be consequences to both, and Vera will get her revenge.

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There is no way things are as bleak as they appear in the finale of The Order Season 2. Netflix has a hit, and The Order Season 2 was even better than the first thrilling season. There is no word yet on The Order Season 3 but with all the storylines up in the air, and what will absolutely be a popular season 2 I can confidently say Vera, Hamish, Alyssa, Jack, Randall, Gabi, and all the rest will be back bearing the blue rose and a whole lot of angst.

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