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Netflix’s Curon Ending Explained- Doppelgangers, Flooded Towns, Wolves, And Hidden Meanings

Anybody who watched Netflix’s Italian series this weekend was treated with a surprisingly entertaining series. It was originally billed as a The Shining homage with twins and a haunted house, but that wasn’t even close. The series centers on Anna and her two children Mauro and Daria, who are twins. Anna has stayed away from her childhood home Curon, Italy, for seventeen years for unknown reasons, and shortly after, arriving back home goes missing. That leaves the twins with their grandfather whom they just met to sort things out. Curon is about a town tragedy that keeps repeating itself and the duality of man.

Along with a wildly creative setting, gorgeous setting, and killer soundtrack, there were all kinds of questions. If you watched all the way to the dark ending, you ere likely left with more than a few questions. Here are all those questions answered.

Is there an actual Curon, Italy and is it underwater?

Schnals, Italy, where Campanile Di Curon remains, exists precisely as it is depicted in the series. The original town was flooded with nothing but a tower left above water. Reschensee is the German name for this area. The lake was created during the building of a dam. Just like in the series, the tower no longer has bells, but legend has it that victims can hear bells ringing before their deaths. It is an equally terrifying and stunning place. It isn’t the only town with a similar fate, however. There are additional flooded towns with churches peeking out in Russia, Venezuela, and Spain. Although each tower is different, they all share the same eerie feel.

What is the myth of the two wolves?

Early in the series, school teacher Klara(Anna Ferzetti) who is also mother to friends of Mauro(Frederico Russo) and Daria(Margherita Morchio) Miki(Ju Ju Di Domenico) and Giulio(Giulio Brizzi) tells the story of two wolves. It is a Cherokee legend that is used to explain the complexity of humankind. All the jealousy and rage we commonly feel as well as the deep sympathy and kindness make sense through this lens. Both wolves are parts of one person. The violent, greedy wolf and the kind, caring one. The wolf that is fed is the one who grows strongest. Therefore be careful which animal you nurture. The lake acts similarly. If the lake senses vulnerability, it is awakened and produces a darker half. When anyone is conflicted, their wolves are out of balance, and a second entity is created to divide the warring parts.

Courtesy of Netflix

So is Curon about doppelgangers?

In Curon, each of the people in the town could have a twin. Someone who looks exactly like them but has none of their memories and zero gives a shit. They are all the darker parts of our personality. It is wish fulfillment at its best or worst depending on how you look at it. When the two competing sides of our nature become overly conflicted, the lake triggers a pod on the lake bottom(I’m speculating) to release the evil twin. That’s why all the doppelgangers come from the lake, and the end shows two twins fighting to get out of the frozen lake.

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Much to my delight, I found that the likelihood of finding another me running wild on the streets is very slim. In fact, it’s been determined that to find someone who is even close is one in 135. So I guess if I want to be a dick, I need to own up to it and not blame it on my other.

Why did Klara get two doppelgangers?

This is an interesting question that could mean important things for season two. If the doppelganger dies before the original person, as in Klara’s case, it seems at least one more doppelganger is at the ready. Klara’s repression after all those years of abuse at Albert’s hands caused the Klara2 to be formed. Albert killed Klara2, thinking he was helping Klara1 and also because he isn’t fond of mouthy chics. Another Klara2, or I guess at this point, Klara3 shows up, and she is the one who exists at the end. How many other doppelgangers there are is unknown, but it could leave room for all kinds of people to come back. Anna, Albert, Lukas… you name it. Death wouldn’t be permanent in Curon.

What happened at the end?

Both Anna’s are dead. Fake Albert killed one, and the other fell off a cliff. Fake Albert is dead, and Klara3 survived to care for her children, who now know they are the product of a doppelganger. What that means for them is unclear. Does it make them more or less human? Daria and Mauro are left with their grandfather Thomas. Before anyone can come to terms with the tragedy, both Miki and Daria have a terrible headache, and two doppels swim up from the bottom of the frozen lake. Since the lake is frozen, the others cant break through and would, in theory, die releasing two more others until the Spring thaw comes. How pissed will those two be after all the deaths? Miki and Daria can’t live with the intense headache we know exist until the twins are born, so what will that mean for them?

Courtesy of Netflix

What does it all mean?

Are the doppelganger just different sides of us. In Klara’s case, it wasn’t all bad. For Anna, Albert, and Lukas, it was mostly bad. If the doppelgangers aren’t inherently monsters just different sides of the original person, then they are no better or worse than the person was, to begin with. The children find a bunch of human remains in the tunnel. They think they might belong to soldiers, but that’s not accurate. The bones might belong to many of the townfolk’s original people. If that’s true, twins are running wild around town, and they could be anyone. The only thing we know for sure is anyone who has a conflicted personality will trigger a doppelganger.

With Miki and Daria’s fate in the balance and so many questions left unanswered, let’s hope Netflix’s surprise hit delivers season two in short order. I know I’m going to look over my shoulder and think differently about the church bells in my small town. Everyone can hear them, too, right?

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