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Neil Blomkamp’s Demonic Behind the Scenes

Neil Blomkamp’s newest film Demonic is gaining speed as it hurtles towards its August 20, 2021 release date. Written and directed by Blomkamp Demonic tells the story of A young woman who unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed. If the behind the scenes footage above is any indication Demonic is going to be a banger.

The behind the scenes footage seems to focus on the technical aspects of shooting during a pandemic. Specifically Blomkamp mentions that some of the footage was shot in Super 8 mm which should provide a visual style quite unique to the project. We can tell from the footage that the movie will involve at least one floating woman which would jive well with what we are hearing about the movie. I mean who doesn’t think of floating folks when dealing with demonic possession.

The final bit of the BTS footage gives us an idyllic look at the suburbs with a drone catching a bucolic look at the world that Blomkamp is going to introduce. While we see these suburbs the footage also catches a number of props which seem to indicate some folk horror elements of the film. We see a lot of ancient weapons and other iconography.

Blomkamp is perhaps best known for his post apartheid alien flick District 9, and the less critically acclaimed Chappie. Demonic looks to be a hard turn into horror as opposed to his more science fiction oriented filmography including the aforementioned District 9 and the Matt Damon vehicle Elysium.

The cast of Demonic includes Carly Pope, Nathalie Boltt, Chris William Martin, and Andrea Agur.

Demonic, which is part of IFC Midnight’s fantastic collection of horror, comes out in theatres on August 20th and VOD a week later.