{Podcast} Summer Session #1

Hey Everyone. While The Horror Pod Class is on Summer break I thought I would share with you what I have been reading and watching here at the start of the summer. Here is what I have for horror this summer.

1. Spare Parts

directed by Andrew Thomas Hunt who co produced Psycho Gorman

So a bit like I summoned the devil with some battle royale thrown in there. Really Gory. It could be fun. Highlight are these jail cells made out of half buried cars. A Bit like a hamster cage. Felt like it could exist in the Walking Dead world. Worth checking out if any of that sounds interesting. out on DVD by RLJE Entertainment 

2. Caveat

directed by writer/director Damien McCarthy. McCarthy’s first feature and its a banger. Very scary. Great moments if the premise is bonkers. The scenes in between the walls are absolutely terrifying. The Dog Lives.  streaming now on Shudder

3. Goblin by Josh Malerman.

Recently released. While I loved house at the bottom of the lake I struggled a it with Goblin. Goblin is a spooky town where spooky stuff happens and it rains all the time. I really enjoyed a few of the stories (namely the stories about two boyhood friends and the story about the magic show. It is really uneven and I found a few of the stories a bit tedious. It is sold as a collection of novellas around the town of Goblin but I think it would be better described as a collection of short stories (some longer than they needed to be) that may exist in the same universe. Its like it was oversold when I think looser thematic expectations would have helped situate it in my mind. If you liked Malerman’s Dollhouse creepshow episode you will dig the book. 

4. The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It.

Directed by Michael Chaves. He also did The Curse of La Llorna which was NOT VERY GOOD and its politics were pretty murky. This is better mostly because Vera Fermiga and Patrick Wilson are great. The writing is solid and its a great summer movie to see in a theatre. It is out on HBO Max and in theatres- Directed 

5. The Babadook Limited Edition Blu and HD release from second sight films.

It has a TON of special features including an absolute amazing commentary track by Alexander Heller Nicholas and Josh Nelson. It is smart and the two have great chemistry. All kinds of sharp observations including a super thoughtful conversation about the trauma of losing a partner and how Jennifer Kent inverts the parent as savior/sacrifice trope. Comes with collectors cards and a 150 page book filled with essays about The Babadook. It is available for pre order and comes out on June 28th. Of all the things I have seen lately this has been my favorite. I enjoyed the movie but the context of all of the extra behind the scenes stuff makes it a MUST OWN. Also the HD is REGION FREE!!!!