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Raised By Wolves Episode 10 The Beginning Explained- Is Mother The Harbinger Of Death?

Raised By Wolves Episode 10 was as emotional as ever as it explained what is happening to Mother and the others while opening up so many questions for Season 2.

Raised By Wolves Episode 10 ended with one mother of a cliffhanger(pun intended). Our group is separated. There is a giant flying serpent on the loose and another Ark in the sky. Paul has shot Mary, and Father has developed feelings for Mother that complicate a messy relationship. Not only did she cheat on him, but the child of that betrayal may be the undoing of all their human charges. It’s a big problem. What does it all mean for Season 2?

For weeks now, I have speculated that Campion Sturgis did not impregnate Mother but something “other.” The planet seemed to delight in messing with almost every human on Kepler-22b. There is probably a reason this Goldie Locks zoned planet that has symmetrical crop patterns, and humanoid creatures doesn’t have any humans. That reason is that Kepler-22b, unlike Earth, has the ability to destroy humans. It tells them what they want to hear to drive them towards their own extinction. Humans are selfish, inherently entitles creatures. The planet uses that knowledge to make the weak-minded mad and the strong vulnerable. Pulling every trick out of the bag, Raised By Wolves Episode 10 showed us exactly what we are up against.

What happened to the previous humans?

The strange hooded creatures we have seen several times now are indeed de-evolved humans. Something on the planet or the planet itself is destroying humanity. It would seem at some point, more advanced humans landed or evolved on the planet and worshipped the giant worms. Mother has those visions, and we have no reason to doubt their truth. What is in question is what do they mean and were they sent by the same lifeforce that impregnated Mother. What if more than just one lifeform on Kepler-22b has the ability to communicate telepathically? If that is the case, one force could be trying to warn Mother while the other is trying to manipulate her.

We know there was early man on the planet from the skull found and the pictures Paul found in the cave. We don’t know if they grew there as humans evolved on Earth or were drawn from another planet. Someone knew Mother and Father were coming and knew they would be the key to the giant snake’s rebirth.

What are the religious undertones?

From the beginning, there has been a ton of religious theming in this series. Raised By Wolves Episode 10 took those themes and delivered a pay off that is both expected and wildly surprising. It is a difficult thing to pull off. Creator Aaron Guzikowski has developed something uniquely fresh and audaciously bold. The oppressive religion and thought heavy social morays could be boring and trite. Instead, they are thought-provoking and resonant.

Kepler-22b is Eden. It is paradise found and lost again. The proverbial snake that convinces Eve to bite an apple from the tree of knowledge is the newly born and now impossibly large flying serpent. In all likelihood, the giant holes on the planet have been snake holes all along. For some reason, the snakes became extinct sometime before, leaving only giant bones and equally massive holes. Something wanted the snakes reborn with heightened abilities thanks to Mother, and now that one exists again, our group and everyone else is in very real danger.

Mother is both Eve and Mother Mary. Her pregnancy should not be possible. The creature was born of immaculate conception, just like Judeo Christain beliefs of Christ. If the snake is Jesus, who is God? Sol is just a tool used by the intelligence to control Marcus and Paul. When necessary, God uses Tally’s image, a mouse, or Campion Sturgis. It’s all connected and all designed to isolate and destroy everyone. If Mother’s visions are true, Marcus and other Sol believers may come to worship the serpent.

Raised By Wolves Episode 10
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Campion and Paul are both Romulus and Remus and Cain And Abel. Paul has shown a propensity for violence, having hurt multiple people already, so it’s only a matter of time before he attempts to kill Campion. Even the Ark, which is very on the nose religious imagery, is named Heaven. With the appearance of a second Ark, it begs the questions. Is the second Ark Hell, and how many are there? We were led to believe there was only a single ship. What else have we been misled about?

What did Mother give birth to?

Mother gave birth to a snake. A toothy horrifying monstrosity that she instantly realizes is an abomination. Campion Sturgis did not task her with protecting the human race as a trial run for raising a snake baby. It was all a well-designed ruse to ensure her cooperation. These creatures lived on the planet before, but thanks to Mother, there is one now that has leveled-up. The snakes, at least this one is telepathic. Along with some of Mother’s enhanced weaponry, it may be unstoppable.

How did Mother and Father survive?

They somehow shot through the planet to the other side. Instead of burning up in the core, they kept going onto the other side. Presumably, this is the tropical zone they have been trying to reach. The children are still back with Sue on the other side. It will be interesting to see how they handle the separation and what the tropical zone looks like. What other creatures live there?

Season 2 has already been ordered of the hit HBO Max show. Marcus, Sue, the children, and Father and Mother will be back. The cliffhanger of the ending means we are only beginning to uncover the mysteries of Kepler-22b, Sol, and those scary alien snakes. Find all our Raised By Wolves coverage here while we wait impatiently.