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Science Fiction Epic Infinite Sea Gets New Trailer

Infinite Sea

The spring and early summer will be rich with post-apocalyptic drama, with Apple TV’s Silo set for the end of the month. Buffalo 8 has their own end-of-the-earth epic set for launch about the same time. Infinite Sea comes out March 24, 2023 and it seems to be a slightly smaller, more intimate story surrounding the end of the earth and the relationships that the event might create. Infinite Sea seems to use earth’s dying days as a way to examine human relationships and the drive to connect and survive through the absolute worst of times. Finding beauty during the end can often be our only solace.

Infinite Sea comes out March 24th on Amazon. See below for the details.

Written and Directed by: Carlos Amaral

StarringNuno Nolasco, Maria Leite, Paulo Calatré, António Durães,

Pedro Galiza, Júlio Alves, and Angela Marques

In a parallel existence where once proud cities now lay in ruins and Earth becomes a desolate wasteland, those who remain find themselves caught in the loneliness and despair as they watch their loved ones depart — leaving them to a hopeless existence on a dying planet. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Miguel (Nuno Nolasco) tries to hack his way into joining the human exodus to the distant, sustainable world. While he dwells in his dreams and frustrations of being left behind, he meets Eva (Maria Leite) — a gentle and independent woman who challenges his every belief. As Miguel grapples with the reality of his situation, he embarks on a journey that takes him to the far reaches of the universe, searching for answers and a sense of purpose as the Earth gasps for its final breath.

Set against a stunning backdrop of a flooded new world, this thought-provoking sci-fi film is a poignant meditation on the human condition. With mesmeric cinematography and a gripping narrative, writer/director Carlos Amaral takes audiences on a cosmic journey that will leave you questioning the very fabric of your existence.

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi

RT: 78 min | Not Yet Rated

Language: Portuguese (English Subtitled)

INFINITE SEA is written and directed by Carlos Amaral. Cinematography by Jorge Quintela. Produced by Rodrigo Areias and Ricardo Freitas. Composed by Miguel Santos. Edited by André Guiomar. A Bando à Parte production.