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Season 3 Episode 28: Max Brooks and Mysterious Monsters

Welcome to the Junior Year Episode 28 of the Horror Pod Class. My name is Tyler and I am the editor-in-chief of Signal Horizon, a magazine dedicated to exploring horror both in and out of the classroom. When I’m not managing Signal Horizon, I am a teacher at a local high school here in Kansas City, Missouri. Tonight, as I am every night, I am joined by my co-host and monster ambassador here at Signal Horizon, award-winning writer Orrin Grey! Today we have a very special guest. 

Max Brooks is arguably the father of the modern zombie renaissance. His novel The Zombie survival guide inspired Zombie Scholars Academy of which We cofounded 15 years with Truman State University. His subsequent novel World War Z was optioned into a movie starring Brad Pitt. He is a non resident fellow at the Modern War Institute at Westpoint. I call him the Studs Terkel of horror literature. WWZ might  also be my favorite book of all time. He has a new novel Devolution coming out shortly that we will get to in a minute but before that a very eager Welcome to the Horror Pod Class Max!

Hey Max What you are watching or excited about.

Dark Corners of the Web:  You can watch tonight’s documentary for free on Youtube. 

Essential Question: Does the documentary The Mysterious Monsters prove or disprove the existence of Bigfoot. 

  1. Where did your relationship come from with this doc Max
  2. Sooooo many reenactments.
  3. Welcome to the Peter Graves show!
  4. How does Devolution fit into the Bigfoot Mythos
  5. Why Bigfoot

Go Buy Max’s Book. It is really good!

Psychologist argue..

We fear the wild and we miss it

  1. What is your favorite Cryptid?

  1. Do you have a history with cryptids?
  2. Are cryptids real?


Max mentions Beasts in the Garden.