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Servant: Season 1 Episode 6: ‘Rain’, Recap, Review, Questions, and Answers

It’s time for Servant Episode 6 Recap and Review.

Here is the Story Thus Far

It’s raining….because you know the title is Rain. A delivery man gives Dorothy a package and makes a comment about the baby being cute. In her typical clueless and rude way, Dorothy dismisses him. Sean is gathering supplies because he is off on a business trip. He is cooking for the Eagles. The package is actually a letter for Leanne. He does not like flying. This is amusing because he is normally a big asshole and this is one of the rare times he looks vulnerable.

The letter to Leanne simply says “Found You”. Yeah, that is normal. Later Leanne is cooing at the baby who seems to be set up on some sort of palette on the floor. The doorbell rings and she answers. The man who is at the door says “Hello little flower”. Gross that seems a little sexual. She knows him, and he comes in and asks if they are home. She says no, and he comes inside but not before she admonishes him to take off his filthy shoes which also seem to be falling apart. His feet are grade A gross. He then holds the baby. Uhmm weird just got weirder.

Dorothy finally gets home and see’s the “Found You” card. She walks upstairs and finds Leanne up with the baby and the weird guy who introduces himself as Uncle George. Huh, uncle huh….Like in the Pornhub sense of the word or what. He is giving off major creeper vibes. He has brought a gift for the baby. Dorothy opens the box, and It’s A FREAKING PUPPET. Of course, it is. It’s a puppet chef you know for Sean. Dorothy is not remotely creeped out and invites him to stay for dinner.

While cooking dinner for Uncle Creepo, Sean FaceTimes and Dorothy tells him about Uncle George. Sean ain’t having it and tells her to kick him out. He is worried. Dorothy, as usual, is totally clueless. She has cooked a big meal and as they sit down to eat George insists on saying grace which appears to be a mix of Aramaic and Pig Latin. As they begin to eat George takes his napkin and wipes off all the sauce….like all of it. Dorothy asks what George does for a living. He says salvage. She then asks ships and he says sometimes. It reminds me of the shipwreck scene from What Dreams May Come. George says Leanne needs to leave and because Dorothy does not have a contract then he will insist on it.

Julian arrives. Don’t worry, Ron Weasley is here to solve all of these problems. He immediately grabs a wine glass which seems super on-brand for Julian. They have been waiting for this though. Julian is prepared to pay off George. Julian wants to know who he really is. George now shouts to Leanne to find out if she has scraped the dishes and then tells her that he will wash, and she will dry the dinner dishes.

Later Dorothy is feeding the baby and Julian looks dumbfounded. She is worried that George will take Leanne away from her. Dorothy insists that George spend the night….as you do with weird strangers with nasty feet. Julian calls Sean because he does not agree with Dorothy’s decision.

As Dorothy sets up the spare bedroom for George she tries to talk him into letting Leanne stay. He shows her a picture of her dead mother and calls her Dottie which is what her mother called her. More normal shit happening at the house. Despite all the weirdness, Dorothy is still worried about retaining Leanne and brings her a contract she drew up which includes a pay bump. Using a little guilt Dorothy really gives Leanne the hard sell on staying with the baby.

Julian sets the home alarm and heads to bed. He is sleeping on a couch. Up in her room, Dorothy calls Sean and is worried about keeping Leanne. Sean wants her to pack a bag and stay at the Marriott. I am with you Sean. The rain continues throughout the night. Julian is woken up by a noise and slowly ascends the staircase. Uncle nasty feet is gone. Julian sneaks into Dorothy’s room to give her the bad news. He isn’t in any of the rooms. The only one they have not checked was Leanne’s. Just before they get there they hear a noise and Jericho is laying on the floor and WTF!! Uncle Pedo is laying in the crib. I mean come on. This is almost absurd.

Courtesy of Apple

The next morning Dorothy is wearing all white and looking quite chaste. Julian fell asleep and Georgie must have gotten up. Dorothy leads grace for breakfast. Now we get some more of the Aramaic/Pig Latin. More on that later. The rain has stopped. As George prepares to leave, Dorothy gives him a nice pair of Sean’s shoes. He is now calling for Leanne to leave. Leanne grows a backbone and says she wants to stay. George is pissed and says he is bringing Aunt May next time. He then tells everyone that they have a godless house. No shit Sherlock.

Sean arrives home. For real though he picked a good time to be gone. Dorothy was on the phone and surprise… has planned a baptism…because you know it is a godless household. Now, how is this gonna work with the people that know Jericho died? Sean spies the new weird chef puppet when he is holding Jericho. George seems to be just hanging out across the street and when Leanne sees him she grabs her necklace, and we get the credits.

Random Thoughts

  • Funny line: Dorothy says, “Not all families are as normal as we are.” The always self-aware Dorothy with the episode winner.
  • Maybe there is something to George wiping off the tomato sauce? Tomatoes are thought to be the fruit(not a vegetable) of Christianity. The sauce Dorothy prepares is obviously tomato based so this might be one more clue to Leanne and company’s makeup. Leanne has no trouble eating but Uncle George removes all of it before taking a bite.
  • This show makes great use of these slow lingering pans that really add to the creep factor.
  • Aunt May and Uncle George totally normal people I am sure.
  • A really rough translation of the Aramaic prayer reads “something has been woken up” and “it comes at nighttime”. Also, it could be Pennsylvania Dutch and Spanish in his prayer. Pretty sure he referred to Jesus as Yahweh. Yahweh has been translated as both God, but also the fallen angel as in the Devil. Uncle’s George’s toenails alone are giving a massive Beast vibe.
  • Sean mentions sumac in the beginning. Sumac can be poisonous or tasty. It also has protective qualities. It has an evil poisonous twin sumac plant. Maybe there Uncle George is the weird, old evil twin to Jericho?
  • There is finally some puppet shit. I knew it was coming.
  • We’ve had some end of days signs in the titles, Crickets-locusts, Rain and the Great Flood, Eel can be a serpent, Reborn may be a reference to the Antichrist. I am not sure what to think of Wood and Bear.

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