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Servant Season 2 Episode 3 Pizza- Clues, Hints, Theories, And Things You Might Have Missed

The devil’s in the details and Servant Season 2 Episode 3 served up a host of interesting theories to chew on.

Servant Season 2 Episode 3 was a departure from the oppressive creepiness of the series overall. The series to date has had moments of comedy sprinkled in between whole sequences of unsettling imagery and disturbing conversation, but the general mood has been eerie. That was decidedly different with Pizza. As darkly comedic as it was, between the laughs, there were many clues that nothing is as it seems, and we should all doubt what we believe. Here are all the little details worth examining.

Dorothy’s flyer

The flyer lists the babies missing date as of 10/24/2019, and you can see a line that says the child is eight months old. Julian, Sean, and Turner all say Jericho and Leanne have been gone for one week. This doesn’t make sense considering the infant that was removed from the house by Hazmat was tiny. We also know Sean left Dorothy to film the cooking show just two weeks after the baby was born. There is also a picture of Dorothy holding a baby that is roughly six to eight months old on top of the flyer. That baby looks like it could be Jericho from last season. There are too many inconsistencies with baby sizes, ages, and dates for everything we see to be strictly linear.

Time is manipulated

Many have speculated, myself included, that time is not linear in Servant. In Servant Season 2 Episode 3, that is especially true. There are several scenes of a heavily pregnant Dorothy that one would assume are flashbacks, with the pizza scenes being current. It is possible we have three(or more) separate events being presented. The scene at the very beginning of the episode could be a flash-forward, and the scenes of her on bed rest are flashbacks. Sean is missing a tattoo on his arm in the scene with a bell that he has later in the events we saw last season, and now so at the very least, we know this was a flashback.

The other fact that doesn’t fit with a home birth is Dorothy’s diagnosis of Placenta Previa. This is a serious condition that usually would require a hospital birth and a cesarean section. We know Dorothy gave birth in her house in the living room in a pool to Jericho. At least, Dorothy remembers this. With everything else in question, it’s possible nothing we see is real. If we accept Dorothy gave birth to Jericho at home, that means the baby she was on bed rest with should be another pregnancy.

Dorothy’s first scene is meant to make the viewer believe this is how Dorothy was diagnosed, but it could be a misdirect to unraveling the entire mystery. Sean tells the nurse in their bedroom that they had too much experience with hospitals. If Dorothy had had miscarriages later in the pregnancy, it would require a lot of hospitalization. This theory would also explain why she had so many years off from work, as detailed by the recording dates. Dorothy experienced multiple miscarriages that required hospitalization.

Where is Natalie?

This question is more straightforward, Natalie is not in the picture right now, and Julian is defensive about her because she touched a nerve last week when she accused him of not caring about anyone or anything. She isn’t dead or proof of another time jump. It is just a raw breakup.

What’s with the hole in the basement?

There are so many things our trio ignores or overlooks. One of the biggest is the massive hole in the basement. At the end of the last episode, the pipes burst, and the floor cracked. A few days later, there is a hole and a ton of water being pumped out of the basement. Coincidently the pipe pumping the water out looks like a black snake or very long eel as it trails up from the basement and through the kitchen. Later in the episode, Julian drops a bottle of wine into the mud after almost falling into the hole. Roscoe claims there was a bad smell where he was taken and that he never left.

One of the most interesting theories is that Dorothy is driving the narrative with the news reports she hears. If that’s the case, the news story about tunnels being used throughout the city is the piece we have been missing. Uncle George had filthy feet as if he had been living underground. Maybe they are using the underground tunnels to kidnap children, and there is a tunnel directly under the Turner’s house? In the scene with Julian in the basement, there is a strange clinking sound as if there is work going on below the dirt.

The foundation is cracking in Servant Season 2 Episode 3

The basement hole could be more symbolic than literal, and as the family and their carefully curated facade crumble, their house cracks. The more they lie about what happened and what is still happening, the more fissures will form. Whether the damage is supernatural or physical doesn’t matter if they don’t address this issue immediately. The entire house could collapse in on them reasonably soon.

Who set the fire in the kitchen, and why didn’t Dorothy call Sean or 911?

Dorothy exhibited one of the strangest reactions to a house alarm and a dangerous pregnancy in Servant Season 2 Episode 3. Instead of calling Sean on his cell, she chose to make her way down several flights of stairs to the kitchen. Sean had left to go to the market, which is why he didn’t hear her calling from the bedroom. Dorothy finds a dishtowel on the stovetop on fire. It feels very out of character for Sean. He is either stressed from doting on Dorothy and had a mental lapse, or someone broke in and intentionally set the fire.

The religious importance of clean feet

There was a lot of attention paid to feet in Servant season 2, Episode 3. Dorothy was instructed not to let her feet hit the floor after being diagnosed with Placenta Previa. There is an End Times prophecy that foretells a red female cow being born and the sacrifice of an innocent who has never touched the Earth. Walking the Earth makes a soul unclean, so Dorothy walking around could risk her child being born evil. It’s a stretch, but there has to be something to all the foot focus.

The importance of food

This week pizza and calamari were the essential food groups. As hilarious as it was watching the trio start up a fake pizza delivery business to gain access to a mansion where Leanne might be was, the weirdness of Sean’s lesson to Tobe was highlighted. Pizza is where the pack eats together. If that is the case, Julian and Sean are complicit with Dorothy and the drugging of Leanne at the end of servant Season 2 Episode 3.

Dorothy asks for a second batch of calamari from Sean in one of the flashback scenes. Calamari is fried squid, which is safe for pregnant women if it is cooked properly. Squid are symbolic of resilience and cleverness as they can fool most enemies with several defenses. In the bible, they are often represented as the Leviathan. The Leviathan breathes fire and is incapable of being killed by humans. Only God can destroy the Leviathan. This clue begs the question, who is the Leviathan, and who is God?

Leanne ate very little besides tomato soup while employed at the Turners. She has a tray with a soup bowl when Tobe first finds her at the Marino’s. Additionally, she orders a Margherita pizza from Chezus Crust, which is tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese. Tomatoes are critical in the bible and are thought to be the fruit of Christianity.

“Don’t worry, I handled it.”

Dorothy spends a lot of time telling her husband and brother she handled the situation. She desperately wants to exert control over her life. Every detail, no matter how tragic or painful, must be guided by her. This obsessive desire to control everything stems from heartbreak and personality. It is what leads her to drug Leanne and force Tobe into kidnapping her. She was tired of waiting for something to happen and tired of their situation hampering her child’s reunion. After not controlling her own body in pregnancy and losing her baby twice, she isn’t willing to let anyone or anything take charge anymore. She has too much at risk.

There is a ton to digest in Servant Season 2 Episode 3, and not all of it is palatable. The episode was fun as hell but left me reeling. Maybe I have food poisoning, or I’m somehow being drugged through the television? Only Tony Basgallop knows where we are headed for sure. Find all our Servant coverage here.