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Servant Season 2 Episode 4 2:00- 5 Important Takeaways and 1 Crazy Theory

Dorothy is beginning to remember what happened to Jericho at 2:00 in a creepy Servant Season 2 Episode 4, which changes everything.

All roads led to this. If Season 1 was creepy, Season 2 could best be described as darkly funny. Things are still weird; it’s just that there have been as many funny bits as disturbing ones. Servant Season 2 Episode 4 changed everything with a straight horror episode and blew so many theories out of the water. Here are the five clues you have to pay attention to.

Dorothy did work as a journalist in 2015 on a drug rehabilitation piece.

Dorothy has lost it. What little sanity she was clinging to is long gone. Her memories appear to be coming back between the kidnapping and torture of a young girl and outright burial alive. Leanne is doing everything in her power to convince Sean to tell her before it is too late. Julian and Dorothy’s father says there are too many ghosts in their house, which makes me wonder what happened in that house other than Jericho Prime’s death? It was heavily hinted Dorothy had a work stoppage between 2011 and 2017, leading to theories that there were multiple miscarriages and potential babies. This week that was questioned when it is revealed there wasn’t necessarily a large work gap from 2011 to 2017.

There is a massive gap in Dorothy’s news recordings that spans roughly six years. It has been widely speculated that this is proof either a string of miscarriages cause her to be off work, or a mental breakdown caused by Jericho’s loss led to her work absence. We know Dorothy obsessively records any story she is in, making these two possibilities the most plausible. A random comment to Sean changed everything we thought we knew.

Dorothy did a news piece in 2015 on drug rehabilitation. Assuming she isn’t making things up or remembering it wrong, she was working in 2015. Sean acts like he knows what she is talking about, so it must have happened. The tapes from the missing years may be stashed elsewhere in the house, or during this time, she did print journalism only and was not on the air. It might explain her exposure to many dangerous elements and the missing gap years if she was an investigative journalist.

Someones’ buying up all the tomato soup in town? Who and why?

Leanne obsessively ate tomato soup while in the Turner’s house. We also saw her carrying a bowl of soup in her new employer’s home. Dorothy mentions she had trouble finding tomato soup because the stores have been bought out. I’m sure the Marinos bought plenty of soup for her, but in a city as large as Philadephia, I find it hard to believe they were able to clear the shelves of Campell’s tomato soup. Who else is buying all the soup and why? Uncle George doesn’t eat tomatoes, so it’s not him, but maybe the rest of the cult are fans.

Sean has his taste and feeling back.

Leanne prayed for Sean using her bible that he placed on her bed in the attic. Shortly after, he had both his taste and sense of touch returned. Sean lost both senses in Season 1 after Leanne wrote his name in her bible. Now that she is praying for him again, he gets both senses back. Coincidently the pain his hand gave him was what probably saved her life. When Sean got up to address his hand, he discovered what Dorothy had done and dug Leanne up. With the odd way Julian looked at the hole last week and Dorthy burying Leanne this week, it is likely someone or something else is buried in the ground down there.

Three people came out of the basement in Servant Season 2 Episode 4

When the builders arrived to fix the foundation and plumbing, there were two people in uniforms granted access. Later in the episode, three people leave. Is that relevant?

Leanne remembered Jericho at 2:00.

There are literal ghosts in this house, converging realities or Leanne is finally beginning to remember what happened to Jericho and is compartmentalizing it. In Season 1, we saw Jericho’s demise. That may not be all the story, however. Julian and Sean helped in a cover-up that remains unexplained. If there was an autopsy and she was cleared, what exactly did they cover-up, or was there something else to hide. Forgetting Jericho in a hot car is tragic but hardly requires a full-blown coverup. The final shot of Servant Season 2 Episode 1 indicates that she woke up and realized Jericho in the car or dead at 2:00, which is why she is plagued each night at 2:00 am.

One crazy theory.

Leanne finds a metronome in the attic, among other things. She turns the metronome on while still in the attic. Metronomes are used in music, of course, but they also have been used as a hypnosis tool. We know very little about Dorothy and Julian’s mother. Is it possible she was a psychiatrist and used hypnotherapy on Dorthy? Maybe we are looking at this all wrong. The odd camera angles last week and this have a decidedly dollhouse-like aspect to them. Perhaps Leanne is the primary viewpoint, not the Turners. In a St. Elsewhere kind of way, she imagines all of this. There is a moment when the camera focuses on two snowglobes, which is how the medical drama pulled back to reveal the entire series was a figment of an autistic boy’s imagination.

One final thought, is it possible, Leanne is Dorothy’s daughter? I’m not sure why I keep coming back to this idea, but I do. Are they all stuck in Purgatory? Does Leanne see dead people? When it comes to Servant everything is on the table. Follow all our Servant coverage here.

Stray Straws

Dorothy’s new station must be the most forgiving bosses on the planet after her on-air meltdown that resulted in her cooing to the camera through the entire show. She is back on the air doing a new story about Chicken Sandwich Mania, which coincidently is the sandwich Julian eats in Season 2 Episode 1 Doll.

Sean gives Leanne a Tumeric shot to help with her under-eye circles. Tumeric does have high levels of antioxidants and is an antiinflammatory. Additionally, it increases brain function and is used on Alzheimer’s patients to boost memory. Leanne slowly begins remembering what happened at 2:00. Is it possible the Tumeric helped?

Century eggs are made by soaking them in black tea, salt, lime, and ashes for seven weeks to five months. They tend to smell terrible and are an acquired taste. Eggs have been used often in Servant. Fried eggs, hard-boiled, poached, and scrambled. This is a nod to Dorothy and her dysfunctional eggs, making me question if anything we see is real.

Who is Angela the mannequin, and do the clothes belong to Dorothy’s mother?

Leanne is searching for a word that means porous but insists it isn’t porous. Here are the other options: permeable, pervious, penetrable, passable, perforable. I actually think the word she is looking for is malleable.

I’m with Sean, I love a good charcuterie board.

I still insist time is not linear.