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Servant Season 4 Episode 10 Fallen Explained- what Happened To Leanne And Jericho And What Is Julian?

A stunning Servant Season 4 Episode 10 broke our hearts while staying true to what the series has always been.

Over four seasons, we watched and dissected every prop, every word, every bit of clothing, and every damned nuance until we were exhausted. Countless hours were spent discussing on Reddit where this could all be headed. What is Leanne? Was this some modern-day retelling of The Wizard Of Oz? Is this all a delusion of someone in a mental institution? Will Dorothy ever wake up and remember what happened to Jericho 2.0? Most importantly, how will Servant end, and can the incredible, creepy series stick the landing? Servant Season 4 Episode 10 likely gave us the only ending we could have gotten. Everything was answered with no ambiguity, and as heartbreaking as it was, the end was cathartic.

Finally, we have answers, and they will likely polarize fans. There’s been a lot of talk recently, thanks to Sean’s research on Faustian bargains, that Dorothy must make a choice. In the Servant series finale, she made that choice. Despite Dorothy’s break with reality. she has always been the strongest of the group. Julian and Sean both admit it. They also knew the choice would have to be made by her alone. They couldn’t do it for her. After facing the truth about Jericho’s death in the last episode, she was finally ready to make that choice.

It was always about two women—one desperate to be a mother and another desperate to be loved by one. Smartly Sean understands this and trusts Dorothy to make the right decision. When Dorothy walks back into the house to find Leanne has sent Jericho away, she knows what she has to do. She tells Leanne she can’t let her bring Jericho back because it isn’t right. The love she feels for Jericho includes the pain of his death. To let Leanne bring him back would diminish that pain and thus her love.

The Faustian bargain was rejected, and heartbroken and angry, Leanne rails against God. These women aren’t so different. They just ultimately made different life choices. Dorothy has the support of a brother and husband who love her unconditionally, while Leanne didn’t have anyone but parents who were cruel and later a strict cult.

Leanne turned out to be powerful after all. Maybe not the Devil, but a demon born from neglect and sadness. Nell Tiger Free and Lauren Ambrose give masterful performances on the roof in the rain deciding their fate. Dorothy gives Leanne the only thing she can: her understanding, wisdom, forgiveness, and love. As the storm raged, the truth about Servant was revealed in those powerful moments. This was a character study about grief. There were certainly supernatural elements, but it has always been about trauma, pain, and love. The clues have been there as early as Season 1; this would be a biblical story about sacrifice.

The ending of Servant Season 4 Episode 10 explained

The moment Dorothy told Leanne she would have been proud to call her her daughter, Leanne made her own decision. Almost religiously, she dried off Dorothy’s feet and said goodbye, even if Dorothy didn’t understand it then. Leanne tells Julian and the Turners she needs to go into the house to retrieve something Uncle George left her and prepared to save the world by ending her life. It was the only way to keep the family she had come to love, even if it was a twisted love. She poured gasoline throughout the main level of the house and retreated upstairs to prepare herself. An impactful shot of the Reborn doll acting as the flashpoint for the fire brings everything full circle. This doll, that child, and that spot were the source of so much pain. In the fire, it was baptized.

While the fire grew, she listened to her favorite music and danced. She also called sweet Tobe and made plans she knew she would never keep. It’s a poignant reminder that most of us are capable of great good and evil, and tomorrow is never guaranteed. She finally makes peace with her mother, using the mannequin as a surrogate. The shadow of her mother(the mannequin) loomed large in the light of the fire over Leanne, just as it always did in her memory. Leanne did terrible things with her power, but she wasn’t a horrible person and deserved better. In a beautifully symbolic moment, Leanne uses Dorothy’s perfume to blind herself and then cuts her arms to continue the ritual. In a scene that finally captures all the terror and horror Servant has been bottling up, Leanne burns to death, sacrificing herself for the world.

Is Julian now a member of The Church Of Lesser Saints?

After the fire destroys the brownstone and the skies clear, the Turners and Julian pick up the pieces of their lives. True to Leanne’s word to Tobe, the storm passed. However, Sean, Dorothy, and Julian are reeling from what happened, not because of their house. This flawed trio had already forgiven Leanne and wanted to find a solution that wouldn’t require her death. When the policeman tells Sean the tragedy could be a blank slate for them all to start fresh and fix things they don’t like, he means the house, but it applies to their personal lives more. Sean and Dorothy are connected again in a way they haven’t been since before Jericho’s birth and probably long before that, and Julian has needed help for a long time.

One final surprise is in store before Servant Season 4 Episode 10 concludes. Officer Reyes has been important from the beginning. She was just like Leanne, and her path was to help people as a police officer. When Julian exits the coffee shop, she tells Julian he has a higher purpose now and that she will be there when he is ready to talk about it. The night Julian overdosed and was brought back by Leanne, he became a member of The Church of Lesser Saints whether he wanted to be or not. Julian has been through a lot over the last year. Hopefully, those experiences will help him make better choices so we can avoid another apocalypse. Just because he is now a holy entity, though, doesn’t mean he will be pure. A tiger can’t change his stripes.

One last thing I can’t ignore. After their house burned down, Dorothy had no trouble sitting on the hard concrete stoop and stepping into the back of the car to go to a hotel with Sean. Did the pain of losing Leanne make her back pain insignificant, or did Leanne’s death somehow cure her? It’s a minor detail but one I can’t stop thinking about. Maybe Dorothy survived the fall because she’s an angel and not just very lucky. She was undoubtedly Leanne’s angel.

The emotional series finale of Servant was everything I hoped it would be. It did justice to the story’s core theme and allowed all four of the central characters, moments to shine. Whether you love it or hate it depends on your experience. Those with children probably felt the touching weight of Servant Season 4 Episode 10 the most. If you were looking for a stranger mystery, you were likely disappointed. Ultimately, a mother and daughter chose to do the right thing, even if it meant great personal pain. You can find all our Servant coverage here if you want to revisit all the theories and religious details.