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Signal Horizon is Going Dark Today

Signal Horizon Magazine was created to foster intellectual conversations about horror in an out of the classroom. We proudly stand with our friends, colleagues, and most importantly our students of color. Stop Murdering Them. #BLM #GeorgeFloyd. #ICantBreath

Today the crew here at Signal Horizon will be participating in Black Out Tuesday. You won’t see any recaps, reviews, or editorials from any of us today. Instead We will spend the day reaching out to students of color both the ones we have now and the ones we have had in the past. We will be discussing with them a path forward. A path that clearly indicates that Black Lives Matter. We are here as educators, writers, editors and most importantly for this moment as allies.

Here are a list of links where you can help.

Here is a link to our favorite Black Horror Literature Podcast. Give them a listen.

Nightlight Pod Cast