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Silo Episode 10 Outside Ending Explained- How Did Juliette Survive, The False Display, And The Significance Of 18

What is it with people in power that think ignorance and manipulation are the best way to govern? Why is fear so often employed as a controlling device? You would think we would eventually learn. It seems we never do, and those pesky human mistakes are catching up to Bernard in Silo Episode 10 as he loses control of the Silo when he arrogantly pushes too far. Be careful creating martyrs. When they survive, they create a power imbalance that no longer tilts your way. The Season Finale of Silo was a shocker setting up an emotional wide ride for Silo Season 2. Here’s everything you need to know.

Juliette tried to get the Carmody video out to the masses. She managed to get it onto the lower level screens, but before hardly anyone could see it, Bernard shut it down. His hysteria over the video being displayed is telling. He demanded everyone turn away and cover their eyes while he did it himself. He thinks the truth is so dangerous he would kill anyone that might have even a piece of it. Despite her best efforts, Judicial found her in Mechanical and blackmailed her into cleaning. They would all be safe in exchange for admitting she wanted to clean and not saying anything different to her friends and family.

That brings us to Bernard’s second problem. Love is making it hard for Bernard to predict people’s behavior. Sims’ love for his family supersedes his desire to please Bernard. He was very angry with Juliette because she threatened his family, but he may be thinking differently by the end of Silo Episode 10. Everything he has seen, including part of the video, will make him question what Bernard has been telling him. I predict a redemptive arc in the coming seasons. This would be a significant departure from the books but one that could still happen, considering how much larger a role Sims plays in the series versus the books.

Silo Episode 10
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How does Juliette survive going outside in Silo Episode 10?

Juliette survives because she has brilliant friends in low places. After realizing Juliette was going to be sent outside, Walker overcame her agoraphobia and asked for assistance from Supply. Bernard was myopic to overlook those in the Deep Down. They are smart and resourceful, and very loyal to each other. Juliette survives because Walker and company built her a superior suit that could withstand the elements better than anyone else. Walker’s love for her adoptive daughter allowed her to overcome her phobia and unite the forces.

Shirley’s message to Juliette was a hint that they were trying to rig her a better suit and to trust they would help her. She didn’t piece that together until she was outside and had survived longer than anyone else ever had, though. After Bernard cut her false feed and she saw the desolation of the land, she realized the air was toxic, but her suit was saving her. Although she couldn’t explain to her father what was happening, her refusal to clean and subsequent survival will undoubtedly spark hope in him.

Billings gets to keep his job despite Sims knowing he has the syndrome and thinks he is in the clear. Whether this is true or not, we must wait and see. He is honest and will be just as hard to control as Juliette, especially after seeing Juliette refuse to clean. Not everyone gets off without a scratch, though. Lukas is being sent to the mines for ten years for his cooperation with Juliette. He didn’t help her very much and, in fact, assisted Bernard in finding her, but his curious mind is dangerous for Bernard, and he knows it.

Bernard’s biggest problem is hope. That nasty double-edged sword of faith and determination can’t be controlled once it takes root. Before he sends Juliette outside, he tells her the trouble didn’t start with the heat tape. Her trouble started at conception. Intelligence and curiosity are not positive attributes in Silo. She and others like her are liabilities to the Silo, but Juliette retorts that there’s something inherently wrong with a system that is so okay with death. Bernard is analytical to a fault and can’t understand that people are machines and purges or cleanings can’t keep things from boiling over indefinitely.

One crucial detail easily overlooked is Bernard’s face when Juliette talks about the massive door below the water. Either he didn’t know about the door, or he didn’t realize she knew. This will become a significant factor in Silo Season 2. It also might be important to note Bernard destroyed the hard drive but not the disc that holds the files.

Why did the Silo show a false display to those who go outside?

The false display was finally revealed in Silo Episode 10. Juliette at first thought the display showed what was really going on outside. Just like Alison and Holston before her, she was fooled initially. The display always shows the cleaners green, lush surroundings because it convinces them to clean. They think they are helping those inside see that it is safe to go outside by cleaning the display. This is why everyone cleans even though they say they won’t. The cleanings are carefully orchestrated ceremonies designed to keep the citizens scared. They watch as everyone cleans, solidifying the importance of staying in the Silo, and then promptly die because of inferior suit supplies. It is nothing more than a good magic trick.

Bernard knows he is in trouble. Everyone saw Juliette refuse to clean and walk off unscathed. The ones who didn’t see will hear about it shortly. Her survival gives the Silo citizens hope of a different kind. It isn’t a manufactured truth or manipulation but actual proof that life is possible outside of the Silo. He tried to cut her feed and destroy her hope but failed to account for her resolve. It’s the same thing Juliette saw on George’s face just before committing suicide. It’s about sacrifice and persistence, and Juliette knows this. Showing her George’s last minutes and cutting her feed only strengthened her. The truth is a powerful thing.

As Juliette walks towards a ruined city, a barren wasteland of circles lies before her. It seems to indicate that there are lots of other Silos, presumably with survivors. Bernard’s blinking 18 beacon is a key to the most secret places. That means there are at least 17 other Silos, and theirs is number 18. Those who read the books know that is a truth, Bernard definitely doesn’t want to get out. Find all our Silo coverage here.