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Silo Episode 3 Explained- The Important Detail You Might Have Missed And What Happened To Mayor Jahns

Grief is not a luxury that Juliette can indulge in. She’s struggling to deal with the loss of Computer George, and the political machine has already started turning again. She has become part of a conflict she didn’t even know existed, whether she asked to be or not. The biggest bombshell dropped in Silo Episode 3 was not a central character’s death though. It was in a quiet moment just as the generator was shutting down. Instead, it was a blink-and-you-missed-it scene that hints at major things to come. Here’s everything you need to know about Silo Episode 3, the Mayor’s death, who killed her, and the detail you might have missed.

Silo Episode 3 Mayor Jahns
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We now know Juliette climbed down the rope but couldn’t go into the water because of her fear. Whatever George wanted to show her will have to wait until another day. Instead, she spends the night drinking and mourning George’s loss. The morning brings a terrible hangover, a boatload of regret, and a generator on the brink of breaking down. She also will meet with the Mayor even if she doesn’t know it yet. No one understands why Holston selected her to be the next sheriff, but Mayor Jahns is willing to entertain the suggestion because she doesn’t like the power Judicial has. It also gives her a chance to spend time with Deputy Marnes.

By the time the thrilling episode ends, Juliette and Cooper have fixed the generator, Mayor Jahns is dead, and Juliette has accepted the position. Tense and dripping with heat that scorches and sizzles with danger, Silo Episode 3 is keeping the pressure applied. A major character has died in each episode, making us question if anyone is safe. There are dangers everywhere, from the soft-spoken and menacing Bernard, Tim Robbins displaying his dastardly side, to the mysterious Judge Meadows, who seems to have eyes everywhere and a hand in every powerful faction in the silo.

Judge Meadows and IT want Paul Billings, an IT guy, to be sheriff because it gives them control, but it isn’t up to them. The Mayor gets to make that call, and after meeting Juliette, she knows she is the right choice. Juliette agreed to be the sheriff if she was allowed to fix the generator, and luckily she didn’t blow the place up or drown in the process. Just before collapsing on the floor and spewing copious amounts of blood from her mouth, Jahns signs Juliette into office. With or without her moving forward, Juliette is now the sheriff.

What happened to Mayor Jahns in Silo Episode 3?

More than likely, Mayor Jahns is dead. Judging by her appearance and symptoms, she was poisoned shortly before returning to her office. Despite Judge Meadows delivering a strawberry tart to Marnes and Jahns at lunch earlier in the trip, she is not the poisoner, or at least not directly. In the book series Wool that Silo is based on, Bernard poisons both Marnes and Jahns’ water bottles(canteens in the books) because he is angry about Juliette’s appointment.

Almost certainly, he is responsible for her death and wants Marnes dead as well. With the two of them gone, he will have control over everything with Judge Meadows. The IT division that he runs can literally shape reality for everyone in the silo. His calculations mean he not only looks at things from a purely cost-benefit analysis, but because he controls the computers, he can skew the numbers any way he wants to.

It’s a scary amount of power that no one should have. Bernard barely hides his disdain behind a placid smile and soft-spoken words. He’s terrifying and someone that everyone should watch out for. He is angry about Juliette’s appointment and seems downright panicked about the generation shutdown. The reason is evident in a seemingly unimportant scene of a safe zone right as the silo went dark.

The detail you might have missed about the viewing screen.

Just as the mechanics were switching to backup power and shutting down the main generator, the screen showing the outside flashed to the same vibrant sunny day with lush plant life. It was jarring and bizarre. This is the same image Holston saw, and probably everyone that cleans sees. It is also probably why Bernard was so angry about the generator shutdown. He knew he couldn’t prevent that flash and was concerned about how the masses would react. Yet, oddly, no one even acknowledged it. They should have at least wondered what that glitch was.

Those who have read the series know more is going on with Bernard, IT, and the screens. They show both the truth and a lie about what is happening outside the silo. I won’t reveal any additional spoilers but suffice it to say Silo Episode 3 is giving away secrets that continue to unfold in unexpected ways.

Silo Episode 3
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Additional details to pay attention to.

The second crucial detail to come out of this episode is the doctor who handles all the maternity and obstetrics is Juliette’s father. He is not the physician who treated Holston’s wife, Allison, in the pilot episode, but he has to know how those who are allowed to get pregnant are selected. He will become a very important character moving forward, and his ties to Juliette are intriguing. Allison was right about the limits on pregnancy, but not for the reasons she thought. Juliette’s father is very connected, and his allegiance will be tested.

Holston carved the word TRUTH into the badge that he ordered given to Juliette. It was his way of signally to her that he had found answers and that she should continue to look as well. It is the reason she agreed to be the sheriff.

A major plot beat and potential hint about what is really going on in the silo is Juliette’s cooling of the steam tunnel. She should not have survived the heat generated by the steam tunnel closure. The hatch would have been scorching, and once she blasted it with water and the hatch filled with water(which would have been boiling, assuming it didn’t all turn to steam), she should have drowned or cooked to death. Of course, she doesn’t, which is another clue that there is something special about the people in this silo.

As quickly as we are moving through the events in the books, it shouldn’t be long before the true purpose of the silos and those that govern them will be revealed. If you read the books, you know it’s a hard science twist that provides all kinds of freedom for the story to continue. Silo Episode 3 delivers in a big way. The pieces are now in place for a major showdown, and Juliette has lost an ally. Now the silo needs another government head. Mayor Jahns was very popular and extremely fair. I doubt her replacement will be as honest, unbiased, and independent as she was. Find all our Silo coverage here.