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The 12 Best Horror Movies To Celebrate Mother’s Day On Shudder And Tubi

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate that person who cared for you, nurtured you, wiped your nose, fed your belly and soul, and was your biggest cheerleader. Moms are those people you can always turn to for advice, help, or a shoulder to cry on. They are those ride or dies that never disappoint. So if you got your love of horror from your mom, and let’s face facts, the best moms love scary movies, then invite her over, cook her dinner, or bring in her favorite takeout and stream these movies, sure to put a smile on her face. Admittedly some of these movies challenge the concept of “good mother” while others are just a cheeky way to say you care. Here are the best horror movies to celebrate Mother’s Day you can get on Shudder And Tubi.

Horror Movies To Celebrate Mother's Day


This New French Extremity film is an intense watch. Four months after losing her husband to a horrific car crash, a very pregnant Sarah has her home invaded by a crazed woman who systematically kills all Sarah’s potential rescuers. The gore is extremely realistic, and the kill is inventive. This is one mother determined to protect her unborn child. It’s a disturbing film, so make sure your mom is up for this level of horror. If she is of sturdy stock, she has probably already seen or at least heard of this quintessential film.

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This [email protected] starring Rebecca Hall will melt your brain. A carefully controlled woman’s life is upended when someone from her past shows up to terrify her. What is real and what is a construct of a troubled mind will be debated for hours after watching. The acting is first-rate, with Hall and Tim Roth providing chilling performances. This is the very definition of a psychological thriller. The ending will make you question everything you thought you knew about motherhood.

Horror Movies To Celebrate Mother's Day


Even superheroes, or villains, in this case, have Moms. So what happens when a pint-sized Superman-type breaks very bad after being bullied at school? Mayhem, chaos, and murder, of course. It’s not as good as the hype leading up to its release but watching this burgeoning psychopath get even in some super brutal ways is fun, and the showdown with his mother will make even the hardest of hearts feel for the poor woman. We got your answers here if you were wondering if the kid is Red Son, evil, or Bizarro Superman.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

This found footage film has one of the best demonic possession sequences ever. It is an atmospheric slow burner that uses dementia and parental responsibility to define horror. It’s a terrifying film, especially for adults who have aging parents or grandparents. Trigger warning this film is not for those struggling with aging mental concerns. Need to know all the details you missed? Click here.

Huesera The Bone Woman

Huesera: The Bone Woman

The outstanding sound design in Michelle Garza Cervera’s unflinching look at the horrors of motherhood and regret. Valeria seemingly has it all. She has a loving husband who makes a good living and a lovely home; when she becomes pregnant, she should have it all. But, instead, an unseen force begins stalking and impossibly hurting her. The terrifying slow burn climaxes in an unforgettably surreal creature singularly unique in its creation. You can read our explained piece here.

Silent Hill Horror Movies To Celebrate Mother's Day

Silent Hill

How far would you go to save your child? When Rose’s daughter goes missing in a strange town, she must face the unspeakable and uncover a decades-old curse. From the Silent Hill game franchise, this film largely was maligned by fans, but the visuals are well-imagined and horrifying, and the adaptation is mostly faithful. It’s a good movie with nightmare fuel to spare.

A Banquet

A Banquet

A Banquet is a very different type of horror movie. It is a supernatural, magical realism, apocalyptic study of spirituality and mental illness. A young woman on the verge of going to college sees something at a party one night and becomes convinced she is the only person who can protect the world from the end. Her horrified mother is forced to watch as she stops eating and drinking, believing it is what has to be done. Of course, what really happens is up for interpretation, but a fascinating interview with writer-director Ruth Paxton sheds some light.



With the news of Blumhouse’s evil Drop Dead Friend movie Imaginary coming out early next year, Z seems even more timely. It’s a solid addition to the horror movies to celebrate mother’s day list. An eight-year-old boy is either possessed or stalked by his imaginary friend, Z, who has evil intentions. A heartbreaking and ferocious look at domestic violence and the wounds it leaves behind, Z is haunting. What really happens at the end is still hotly debated. Luckily we’ve got you covered there too.

The Babadook

One of the first of the glut of grief as horror movies, Jennifer Kent’s look at a mother and son desperately trying to deal with the loss of their father and husband is as sad as it is scary. This is a punishing look at what it means to be a mother and the responsibility we carry. When a children’s book monster comes to life, the pair must come to terms with their loss and face the beast together. It’s a beautiful film that paved the way for Kent’s even more intense The Nightingale.

horror movies to celebrate Mother's Day


This black comedy is as vicious as it is hilarious. A pregnant woman goes on a killing spree when her mean-spirited unborn child starts dictating her actions. He’s irritated that his father isn’t in the picture, so he tells her how to trap and kill unsuspecting men from the womb. A clever spin on pregnancy mania and postpartum psychosis is a skewering satire that is sure to make you laugh.


When her young son becomes gravelly ill with a mysterious disease following a harrowing home invasion, Laura must decide how far she is willing to go to save her child. The familiar themes provide a backdrop for the emotional and grotesque plot beats. There is a lot of blood vomiting so consider yourself warned. There are relatable primal fears and exceptional effects.

Horror Movies To Celebrate Mother's Day


The strong mother-daughter relationship in the Adams family witchy story is perfect for this list. Its a lot of things at once. It is a supernatural creeper, a family drama, and a coming of age story. The music is killer and the impeccable editing keeps the pacing moving. Special effects are stellar especially on a shoe string budget. It’s a family made movie made about a mother and daughter. It couldn’t be more perfect for the best horror movies to celebrate mother’s day list.