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The 21 Scariest Found Footage Movies On Tubi Right Now

Tubi has quickly become one of the best sources for horror. The free streamer has amassed a massive library of horror films, many of which are found footage. Unfortunately, they don’t currently have a found footage category. It can make it hard to suss out the gems from the trash. We are here to save the day.

Found footage films often get a bad rap. They are usually thought of as the cheapest of all scares, relying on nausea-inducing shaky cams and moody atmospheres to elicit fear. For every bad one, however, there is one well worth a look. Well-known films like Hell House LLC and Grave Encounters are genuinely chilling, and Lake Mungo is desperately emotional and terrifying. Mixed in with those films that everybody knows and the ones that everyone wishes don’t exist, there is a treasure trove of found footage hidden gems waiting for a larger audience. Here are the most underrated found footage horror films on Tubi right now.

Butterfly Kisses

A filmmaker finds a box of footage from a college student researching a local legend. Determined to use the footage to make a movie of his own, he and his crew lose themselves in the work and something unexplainable and horrifying.

Ridiculous names aside, this is one of my favorite found footage films. It sneaks up on you. The utterly fictional legend Peeping Tom is scary enough you may find yourself researching it after watching the movie, and the realistic story holds your attention throughout. It reminded me of the Marble Hornets stories in the best way possible.

Crone Wood

A couple makes the unfortunate choice to camp deep in the creepy woods early in their relationship. All manor of eerie figures, witch covens, and ruins destroy their romantic date until the two are fighting for their lives. Crone Wood is a cool little folk horror-found footage film that uses its setting well to craft an unsettling vibe. The Irish micro-budget film manages to make something from almost nothing. There are echoes of The Wicker Man that enhance rather than detract, and the characters are likable enough that you actually care if they survive.

Final Prayer aka The Borderlands

The Vatican sends an elite team to rural England to scrutinize stories of paranormal activities at one of their churches. Throughout their investigation, strange things happen that defy rationale, and the team is left wondering what is a hoax and what is something otherworldly.

Faith and possession films and found footage go hand in hand. The Taking of Deborah Logan is a prime example. Final Prayer is another one. This found footage film also benefits from a sneaky complexity of themes, including demonic possession, cosmic evil, and folk horror. The acting and pacing are great, and the scares, although fairly expected, are well-timed. What is entirely unexpected and terrifying is the horrific ending which will haunt you long after the credits roll.

Horror In The High Dessert

In 2017 an experienced outdoorsman went missing without a trace. On the third anniversary of his disappearance, a group of his friends gets together to discuss what happened. This is a pretty believable mockumentary that keeps you tense and engaged the entire runtime. As with most found footage films, the last act is where the money is, and it delivers. This is one of the newest found footage films on Tubi, and it has consistently good reviews from viewers.

Found Footage


There is something disturbing about the sun-soaked grimy quality of the 70s-era film that is touted as the scariest film ever made. According to a disclaimer at the beginning, everyone who watches this film ends up dead. The filmmakers were committed to their story, which adds to the fun scares. You know you won’t turn into a homicidal monster if you watch, but you cant help but say a little prayer before hitting play.

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Capture Kill Release

A couple decides to kill a random stranger for the hell of it. However, things take an even darker turn when one of them changes their mind. This is a brutal little film with an outstanding performance from the female lead. She is hypnotic and terrifying in the same way as Juliette Lewis in Natural Born Killers. This film isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you like things rough, give it a go.

The Conspiracy

Two people set out to make a documentary on a conspiracy theorist who believes a secret society called the Tarsus Club exists. The deeper they dive, the more they find themselves in danger of losing their lives and sanity. Cults and found footage also work well together; this one is an excellent example of a symbiotic relationship. This movie feels like it could be a real conspiracy that requires hours of Reddit research, making the ending plausible and unnerving.


A group of students thinks they are investigating a recent string of bear attacks but find instead that they are hunting monsters. This Norwegian masterpiece from André Øvredal is one of a kind. The effects and performances are good, and the story is just believable enough to stretch plausibility. It might be my favorite found footage film of all time on Tubi or anywhere else.


When an unsuspecting couple moves across the country, they become the target of a dangerous stalker they unwittingly captured in their video of the trip and marriage proposal. This found footage film requires a little patience, but the incredible twist ending and good lead performances solidify its place among the best-found footage films on Tubi.

Howard’s Mill

A young man hires a documentary crew to investigate what happened to his missing fiance. The more they find, the weirder things get. What starts as a crime mystery spanning decades and multiple victims becomes something that leans heavily into the cosmic dread territory. The acting is believable, and the film feels like you are watching a real documentary. This is one found footage film that sucks you in and manages to convince you(at least for a while) that it is all true.

found footage

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

A graduate school student documents a woman over several months as she struggles with a devastating Alzheimer’s diagnosis. What she and her crew capture on film are not what they expect. The performances are grounded and believable, and the effects are worth their weight in gold. There are plenty of genuinely creepy moments sprinkled throughout, and this is one of the few found footage films that doesn’t make you wait to be scared. While the ending is horrific, there are beats throughout that will keep you on edge.

Gonjiam Haunted Asylum

A crew of Youtubers film inside an abandoned asylum reported to be haunted. They play tricks on their unsuspecting guests until something begins tricking them back. Think of this as a mix of Grave Encounters and House on Haunted Hill. It has a good setting, and the second half is exceptionally well done. It may not be the freshest take on the sub-genre, but it provides more than a few quality frights.

In a Stranger’s House

A man answers an ad to house sit and goes missing leaving only a camera and a smartphone to be found later in a recycling center. Director and only actor Richard Waters creates oodles of atmosphere in this creepy chiller that makes good use of the setting. The nighttime footage is where all the magic happens, and each time it gets dark, you will find the hair on the back of your neck raising.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

New York police officers find thousands of hours of footage showing a serial killer’s sadistic love of killing. This is easily the most disturbing film on this list. The film is grainy, and it makes you feel dirty just watching it. It is not for the faint of heart, and it will leave a lasting stain. However, it shows just the right amount to leave your imagination turning tricks, and one particular story carries the entire film. Clips from the movie remain a constant over on TikTok for a good reason.

Behind the Sightings
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Behind The Sightings

Two filmmakers plan to make a documentary about the creepy clown sightings popping up all over the United States. They find that some things should be left alone. If you are into homicidal clowns, this is the film for you. The clowns are scary, and the end is suspenseful enough to allow you to overlook some of the early pacing problems. The clown phenomenon is real and weird enough to make the movie more than watchable.


When everyone from an Arizona-Mexico border town goes missing, the lone survivor, an undocumented man, becomes the prime suspect. His photographs tell a different story, though. The mockumentary, which includes interviews and fake footage, stays with you long after the credits roll. It is intense and genuinely scary.

Death of a Vlogger

When a vlogger catches proof of a ghost, his video goes viral. He soon learns the dark side of internet fame comes at a steep price. It will surprise you with its unpredictability. The first half is a little slow, but this tiny budget film deserves a look for lovers of found footage on Tubi.

Digging Up The Marrow

A documentarian is contacted by a mysterious man who claims he has proof that monsters are real. Ray Wise, Dave Brockie of Gwar, and Kane Hodder are in it, so that alone makes it worthy of a position on this list. This is an odd addition, to be sure, but the stunt casting alone makes it worthy of being on the best found footage on Tubi. It is more meta than scary, but it is definitely unique.