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The Best Found Footage Horror Movies On Tubi You Haven’t Heard Of

If you are a frequent watcher of Tubi, you know they just recently added a new Found Footage category. If you are already a fan of their horror collection, you know they have a massive library of films. Surprisingly they have a vast array of Found Footage as well. The subgenre isn’t for everyone, but the realism presented as facts can be awfully engrossing if you suspend reality just a bit. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done with some of the films.

They can’t all be The Blair Witch Project, Trollhunters, or Paranormal Activity. There are plenty of “try hards” that fell too in love with their process and thought too little about the end result. Everyone’s heard of Hell House LLC and Grave Encounters, but you probably haven’t heard of some others that a worth your time. So instead of wading through the muck, I’ve done the work for you. Here’s a list of the best Found Footage on Tubi right now you probably haven’t heard of.

Found Footage
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Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

The film that promises to drive its audience mad is an intoxicating sun-soaked nightmare of backwoods freaks, demons, and creepy kids. The clever mix of History Channel-esque documentary and faded 70’s film is put to good use. There are demons, Greek mythology, and an actual disclaimer and countdown clock to up the proverbial ante. I’ve seen it and didn’t go on a killing spree, but I do admit to being more than a little nervous.

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Be My Cat: A Film For Anne

Wow, this is a weird and impactful film. A Romanian filmmaker becomes obsessed with Anne Hathaway. This critic and festival darling is disturbing and sadistic in the best ways. This was Adrian Tofei’s first film, and he made a name for himself with the new addition to the subgenre. The entire movie is like watching your slightly off neighbor go completely bonkers. The ambiguous ending will leave you wondering what happens after the camera is shut off.

Found Footage
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Butterfly Kisses

This student filmmaker special uses the well-trodden trope and adds a truly unnerving urban legend in Peeping Tom and a cameo by Eduardo Sánchez(The Blair Witch Project), the King of Found Footage makes the most of the often overused narrative. Don’t be fooled by the absurd title; Butterfly Kisses is genuinely unnerving and very creepy. I’m a sucker for urban legend and local folklore, and this film gives you a good one. The Blink Man or Peeping Tom is a Slenderman-style monster similar to the internet sensation. If Marble Hornets’ videos are a ten, this one is a solid 7.5.

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The Possession Of Michael King

Possession movies are a favorite of mine, and I love watching morons get their ironic dues. After his wife dies in a terrible accident, Michael becomes obsessed with proving ghosts and demons don’t exist. He goes so far as to willingly ask to be a victim of possession. As you can imagine, things do not go well. There are some things you should never go searching for. The ending is a little trite, but the rest of the film is pretty good.

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The Conspiracy

Two filmmakers find a crazed conspiracy theorist to make the subject of their film. Unfortunately, the man might have been less crazy than they thought. He goes missing, and the filmmakers find themselves drawn into a globally sized conspiracy. Writer/Director Christopher MacBride weaves historical events and a fictional secret society together in a fevered web of Illuminati-level paranoia. A clever final act makes you wonder just what exactly happened.

If you love Found Footage, Tubi is the place to go. The list is extensive, and best yet, they are all free. So after you have gone through the obvious choices, give some of these lesser-known titles a try. Find all our lists here, including the Best Horror And Sci-Fi On Tubi Right Now.