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The Perfect Halloween Cocktail

Cheers and Happy Halloween from Signal Horizon. Courtesy of McCormick Distilling Company and Holladay Distillery in Weston, Missouri we bring you a cocktail that everyone will love. Nothing pairs better with a night of fears and frights like a good drink. The Goblin is that perfect mix of sweet, tart, and spooky. It is as delicious to drink as it is pretty to look at. It’s super easy to make as well which makes it ideal for a party. With only three ingredients it is an easy one to make and you could even premix a batch and reshake it as needed throughout the night. Grab your pals, a few martini glasses, a drink mixer, and some ice, it couldn’t be simpler.

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360 Goblin Cocktail


1.0 oz 360 Mandarin Orange Flavored Vodka
1.0 oz KeKe Key Lime Pie Cream Liqueur
2.0 oz Lemonade


Add ice, 360 Mandarin Orange Flavored Vodka, KeKe Key Lime Pie Cream Liqueur, and lemonade to a shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

If you are having a quieter night in, this cocktail would pair great with a double feature of Goblin and the David Bowie classic Labyrinth. Even the Goblin King would approve. You can stream Goblin on Amazon Prime or on Vudu free with ads and Labyrinth is on Netflix and Tubi TV.

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