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The 5 Grossest And Goriest Movies On Shudder Right Now

If gross-out horror is your thing, Shudder has a great list of things to easily keep you busy for a few days. Whether you are looking for torture films, appetite-killing gags, or more gore than you can stomach, there is something for everyone. The gory, gross, and wacky world of revolting films has a home on Shudder. There are even a few films that most people will only want to see once just to say they have done it. So here are the grossest horror movies on Shudder right now.

Katharine Isabelle American Mary Courtesy of official trailer screengrab

American Mary

From the twisted mind of the Soska Sisters, American Mary cemented Katharine Isabelle as a Scream Queen. Mary is a med school student who drops out of school after being raped by her professor and begins paying bills by performing body modification surgeries. She finds she has a talent for the more extreme procedures she finds herself doing. Unfortunately, the more she changes her patients, the more she herself changes. Beware the body horror here is graphic and, in a lot of cases, real.

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This Takashi Miike special is not for the faint of heart. Ichi the Killer could have made this list as well, but for pure creepy vibes, Audition wins. Not only does it feature cringe-worthy torture but stomach-turning scenes that you will have trouble shaking. An unsuspecting widow thinks he is auditioning young women to be his next wife but finds instead that the woman he chooses was auditioning him for the unthinkable. There is one particular scene that those with a weak stomach should avoid. The dog bowl holds actual vomit.

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Psycho Goreman

Steven Kostanski’s Psycho Goremon is a repulsive love letter to ‘80s creature films. Siblings find an amulet that they use to control an alien monster hellbent on world annihilation. This is easily the funniest movie on the list that doesn’t take itself seriously and will be sure to make you laugh. If GWAR is your jam, this is the gross movie for you. Read our full review here.

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The Queen Of Black Magic

The 2019 remake is one of the few movies that prove the original isn’t always the better version. The Indonesian film is one of many strong contenders in the last few years. Several men bring their families to the orphanage they grew up in to say goodbye to the man who raised them. Unfortunately, they find something is out for revenge for the sins of their past. It is gory, blood-soaked, and features the best use of a staple gun I have ever seen. Read our full review here, but don’t miss this great foreign film.

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If Audition is the most disturbing gross movie, Kuso is easily the most disgusting. It’s the end of the world, and no one feels anything but sick. Technically the anthology is not really a horror film so much as fantasy, but the revolting nature of the stories and well-done physical effects are so unsettling you can’t catch your breath. There are live-action and animated components, and none of it makes much sense, but it is an experience worth watching once.

All of these movies and more are streaming right now on Shudder, and you can get a free trial by clicking on the link here and entering the code SIGNAL. Find all our Shudder coverage here, including our Shudder’s Secrets series.