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The 7 Scariest Horror Movies On Shudder Right Now

The spooky season is fast approaching, and there is no better time to start making your Halloween watch lists. Luckily, there are more horror movies than ever before readily available to us. Shudder makes things easy by offering all horror all the time for those of us that love a little blood and guts and guts with our entertainment. Whether you are scared by psychological torments, ghosts, demons, or something unexplainable, there is something for everyone. Here are the 7 Scariest Horror Movies On Shudder Right Now.

Grave Encounters

Every scary horror movie list needs a found footage film. Yes, they have been so overplayed that most aren’t worth your time anymore, but that doesn’t mean they are all pointless. Grave Encounters is part of that old school regime that knew how to do it right. When a Ghost Hunters-style documentary group picks an asylum as their latest location, they find some things shouldn’t be exposed. Admittedly the ending isn’t great, but the jump scares are fantastic. It’s a guilty pleasure, cuddle up in the dark kind of movie.


Brian De Palma’s 1976 classic is still one of the scariest films I have ever seen. The portrait of this poor, isolated girl is heartbreaking, and the devastation she reigns down is chilling. A few images I can’t ever get out of my head. Piper Laurie’s final religious pose and Carrie’s bloody twisted body I still see in my nightmares.

Leila Sykes as Olga – Caveat – Photo Credit: Shudder


A down on his luck drifter takes a job watching over his landlord’s niece. The only catch is he has to be strapped and chained into a leather contraption to do so. Things escalate fast in this nightmare hellscape. If for no other reason, Caveat deserves to be on the list for the most unique and horrifying toy bunnies I have ever seen. After watching come back here to help make sense of that creepy ending.

The Dark And The Wicked
Courtesy of Shudder

The Dark and the Wicked

Siblings return to their family farm to help their ailing parents only to watch as their mother commits suicide. Something evil is haunting the house and is after them next. Marin Ireland who is currently in Y: The Last Man on F/X, is amazing, and the claustrophobic horror is relentless. Find our full review and a full explanation of the horrific ending here.


A group of hooded strangers break in and stalk a young couple in Romania. This French film is along the lines of High Tension and The Strangers, and for lovers of home invasion horror, you won’t find much better. There is nothing worse than not feeling safe in your own home. This is one of the often forgotten films that deserves a place on the 7 Scariest Horror Movies On Shudder list.

They Look Like People

Wyatt begins getting strange phone calls about monsters who look just like humans. The more he hears, the more he begins stockpiling weapons and questioning his own reality. Similar to Bug, this is an extreme view of mental illness and scares in a different way. It isn’t about bumps in the night or ax-wielding fiends, but the demons that lie within us.


In an ordinary Buenos Aires suburb, evil is lurking. It’s heard in the sink pipes and seen in floating bodies. This unconventional horror brings plenty of unexpected scares and non-traditional frights. You will jump at least once or twice by the end, and you won’t ever look at your kitchen sink the same. If you still aren’t convinced read our full review here.

Shudder is the perfect place to spend your Fall weekends. The 7 Scariest Horror Movies On Shudder are just a place to start. They have both classics, slashers, sci-fi horror treats, and hidden gems. The streamer is bound to keep you busy from now until it’s time to break out your costume. Shudder even offers a free trial to let you test them out. Click here to get a free trial. So grab your boo and dim the lights; let the scares begin. Find all our Shudder lists here.