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The Ark Episode 7 A Slow Death Is Worse Recap And Review- Space Is A Dangerous Place, And Trust Is Hard Earned

The Ark Episode 7 is diving deep into the weird wormholes of space espionage, terrorists, potential alien technology, and faster-than-light engines.

The Ark Episode 7
THE ARK — “A Slow Death is Worse” Episode 107 — Pictured: Pavle Jerinic as Felix Strickland — (Photo by: Ark TV Holdings, Inc./SYFY)

This week, the typical crisis du jour formula was altered to favor larger mysteries. Who attacked the Ark I? Why did they attack them, and why is Trust on board? In a thrilling The Ark Episode 7, we gained a lot of answers, one new potentially dangerous crew member, and a whole lot of questions. The back half of Syfy’s space drama is heating up. Will the crew of Ark 1 figure out what is happening before it is too late?

The spaceship our crew saw behind the planet last week is the Ark 3. This ship launched after Ark 1, but because it had a faster-than-light engine, it was ahead of them. They were initially directed towards Proximal B because it gave humanity the best chance at survival. Unfortunately, no one responded to their messages, and Lt. Brice went on board in his continued effort to risk his own life. When the search and rescue mission uncovered only two living people, it became a salvage mission. The surviving members of the Ark 3 were brought on board, but Dr. Kabir could not save the badly injured man. That left only Kelly to inform everyone what happened on Ark 3.

As with most mysterious newcomers, she is cagey. We later learn she may not be the innocent victim she claims to be. She is quick to tell a version of events where seven surviving members of Ark 3 attacked her after almost the entire ship was suffocated in an accidental lockdown and oxygen vent. Poor Felix gets the brunt of her manipulations when she tricks him into jettisoning all of the guns, but the one she has hidden.

Pavle Jerinic(Felix) continues to be a surprise star. We are used to seeing the steely-eyed, deep-voiced head of security calmly handle everything. Cracks showed when the crew was poisoned by contaminated water, but largely he is a steady presence. When his husband was discovered dead on Ark 3, his facade crumbled. He is a father and a husband who instantly lost his entire family. Kelly used that to her advantage, which makes me question whether the story she told about Felix’s daughter’s death is true. Could she have survived somehow on another ship? Is it possible that this ship went through a wormhole and time affected it differently? Could Kelly be Felix’s daughter, all grown up? Did she kill his daughter?

Lt. Brice and Ava are getting closer after his confession last week, and despite nearly getting killed in a booby trap, they are a good team. As much as I love them together, I question the logic of continually putting the best engineers and only leaders in danger. The search almost cost them, Sasha, when a room locked down. Later, it nearly cost Ark I their pilot and Lieutenant, and brightest engineers.

Luckily Ark 1 had one person who could disable the trap and another who knew about his secret position. Trust is awake, which could mean big trouble for everyone on board. Will he be a help or a hindrance? Time will tell. What Lane’s actions will do to erode the fragile relationship between Lt. Garnet and Lt. Lane, we will have to see. There is no way Lane’s deception will be ignored. He betrayed the entire group by keeping Trust’s presence a secret. We also don’t know how Trust will feel about being woken up. He will have questions and probably won’t be thrilled at the state of his fleet.

Kat’s small addition this week seemed reasonably trivial, but it highlights just how political assignments on the Arks could be. This dangerous piece of news, coupled with Kelly’s strange behavior, is worrisome. Is it possible she is one of the terrorists who has made it their mission to stop the Arks and potentially find and kill Trust? Just because Baylor, Susan, and potentially Lane are zealots doesn’t mean they are entirely wrong. There is a reason we call some people evil geniuses. They can be both brilliant minds that save the day and evil humans who destroy everything. Many times the distinction is infinitesimally tiny and impossible to distinguish. Based on what happens at the end of The Ark Episode 7, it may make Trust more friend than foe regardless of how surly he is.

Now that Trust is in the picture, it will provide some much-needed tension. The limited information we have about him paints a vivid and unpleasant picture. Trust is intolerant, demeaning, cranky, and intelligent. He will undoubtedly knock heads with the crew and disagree with lots of things. Will he demand that their democratic approach to decision-making change? I can’t imagine Brice and Garnet letting him.

The essential takeaways from The Ark Episode 7 are there are potentially twelve other ships out there. Ark 3 will be gutted, and everything will be used to retrofit Ark 1. The footage that the always adorable pair of Angus and Alicia repaired revealed Ark 15 deployed weapons at Ark 3. We don’t know why, but considering how much Kelly is holding back, I wonder if she is from Ark 15. Did the collapse on Earth create a vacuum where fear and hate were allowed to grow?

Our space survival story has become more intriguing now that humans seem to be fighting against humans. Unfortunately, we have a nasty habit of getting in our own ways, and this looks to be the latest in a long list of messy decisions. Political intrigue and social dynamics always add a level of complexity to any story. We don’t watch these shows for the effects. We watch them because they provide a framework for examining relatable human flaws and issues. The Ark is honing in on those now. The only things we know for sure are Kelly is hiding something, and there is no turning back now. Find all our The Ark coverage here.