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The Best Bermuda Triangle Movies You Can Stream Right Now

The enigmatic Bermuda Triangle is as strange as it is beautiful. It is that patch of sea in the North Atlantic Ocean loosely bordered by Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Miami. Dozens of ships and planes have disappeared while traveling over the Devil’s Triangle. Countless more accounts of bizarre instrument malfunctions, eerie lights in the sky, and odd animal behavior plague the history of the area. Just as many films have been devoted to one of the least understood but most talked about part of the world.

Bermuda Triangle movies are a very specific subgenre. They tend to fall into one of two camps. They are either completely cheesy or mindbendy AF. Most of them fall into the cheesefest arena but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a watch. Since most of us feel like we are living in the Bermuda Triangle already minus the ocean and tropical drinks there is no better time to take a trip to the most mysterious patch of ocean and air combined.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea-loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster-hating Van Helsing family.

This genuinely cute family film falls definitely in the funny category. There is nothing scary about it at all. What is does have going for it is a ton of heart and laughs. If you are introducing your kiddos to horror, this is a great franchise to start with. The third installment of the franchise is as good as the original. Stream it on Netflix.

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Best Bermuda Triangle Movies
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Gulliver’s Travels(2010)

Travel writer Lemuel Gulliver takes an assignment in Bermuda but ends up on the island of Lilliput, where he towers over its tiny citizens.

This story has been done a ridiculous number of times for a good reason. It’s a compelling story rich with details and kooky characters. Jack Black stars in this adaptation that is just as silly as you think it will be. It’s not the best movie on this list, but if you like Jack Black, you will like this movie. Watch it on Vudu or Amazon Prime.


Yacht passengers encounter mysterious weather conditions that force them to jump onto another ship, only to have the odd havoc increase.

By far and away from the most mindbending of the films on this list. The Australian horror film is fantastic and confounding. Michelle George is incredible and a very young Liam Hemsworth yummy. It is my favorite of the Bermuda Triangle movies and certainly in my top three time loop films. Click here for a full explanation of the folding time bender after you watch. Watch it free on Tubi or Crackle

The Island

Skeptical journalist Blair Maynard (Michael Caine) is assigned to explore the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Thousands of boats have disappeared in a three-year span. When he leaves the Florida coast with his adolescent son, Justin (Jeffrey Frank), their boat is shanghaied by a group of pirates led by the tyrannical John David Nau (David Warner). The pirates, who have lived undisturbed in the area for centuries, see father and son as new blood for their increasingly inbred clan.

This one has a cult following because of its overall insane nature. Inappropriately funny, weirdly oddball, unexplained nudity and mud sexplay are just a few of the crazy things you can expect to see in this movie. Watch it without judgment or pretense. It is an experience. You can rent it on Vudu or Amazon Prime.

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Best Bermuda Triangle Movies
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The Dark Side Of The Moon(1990)

Astronauts’ discovery of a derelict 20th-century spaceship brings them face to face with the devil himself.

Pieces from 2001 A Space Odyssey, Event Horizon, and Sphere are sampled to create a unique entry into the subgenre. As far as space thrillers go, this one is well made. A surprising Triangle twist pulls everything together. Chad and Carey W. Hayes of The Conjuring franchise wrote a great script. This is a B movie to be sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible. Catch it on Tubi.

Time Under Fire

The skipper (Jeff Fahey) and crew of a U.S. submarine travel through a time portal and try to stop a nuclear war in 2077.

Jeff Fahey is excellent. The story is original, but the effects are subpar. Go into it expecting pretty poor TV effects, and you shouldn’t be too disappointed by the quality. Look past the obviously low budget and enjoy the performances and the plot. Get it on Netflix and Hulu.

Bonus Film


In Los Angeles, a colorful assortment of bohemians try to make sense of their intersecting lives. The moody Dark Smith (James Duval), his bisexual girlfriend (Rachel True), her lesbian lover (Kathleen Robertson) and their shy gay friend (Nathan Bexton) plan on attending the wildest party of the year. But they’ll only make it if they can survive the drug trips, suicides, trysts, rapes, mutilations and alien abductions that occur as one surreal day unfolds.

LGBTQ+ positive this disaffected youth film is full of ’90s sensibility and young angst. You won’t soon forget this unreal movie with killer cameos. The late John Ritter and Shannon Dougherty. It’s lite on sense but heavy in style. You can’t stream it anywhere, which is a shame but buy the DVD from Amazon.

Whether you are into a good alien conspiracy, timewarp, or something completely unexplained, Bermuda Triangle Movies are the way to go. Warmer days are ahead and if we can’t head down to the ocean at least we can think about why that might be a good thing. In our Best Bermuda Triangle Movies list, there are comedies, horror movies, and straight science fiction. If you are looking for some good spooky fun load one of these up. Then fall down the rabbit hole that is the Bermuda Triangle. See you down there.

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